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Ron Paul in 5/5/2011 Debate (Video)

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Ron Paul's replies in the 5/5/2011 Debate

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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A group of us watched the debate together last night. I had an excellent time. We are a diverse group, no stereotyping the R3VOLUTION. 

I am looking forward to hearing Ernie's take on what transpired last night, the debate on stage, what was playing off stage/behind the scenes.  

Make no mistake folks, we have much more work to do, it never ends...I strive not be a mere Summer Soldier and/or Sunshine Patriot.

Thomas Paine wrote first pamphlet of the series "The American Crisis" (also, commonly called just "The Crisis") in December 1776. The opening line was designed to remind the soldiers, many of whose enlistments were about the expire in January 1777, that there was a difficult, yet rewarding, road ahead of them.

Hence, a Summer Soldier, Sunshine Patriot refers to someone who only wants to fight when it is warm and easy. 




Comment by Powell Gammill
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