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10 Myths That Politicians Want You to Believe

10. Quantitative Easing Helps the Economy Yes, quantitative easing is “printing” money. No, it won’t help the economy. Make no mistake, quantitative easing is a gift to bankers and nothing else. The Federal Reserve is giving bankers risk-free trading profits and causing food and gas prices to surge (making it even harder for Americans to get out of debt). 9. Republicans Are Fiscal Conservatives From 1946-2010: Democratic President * Total Years: 29 * Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $150.73 billion Republican President * Total Years: 36 * Average Inflation Adjusted Deficit: $202.28 billion 8. President Obama Is an Enemy of Wall Street * The two men who served as principal negotiators for banking deregulation: Gene Sperling and Larry Summers. * The two men who President Obama appointed to become his top economic advisers: Gene Sperling and Larry Summers. * Two guys who happen to be paid millions of dollars in consulting and speaking fees by “too big to fail” banks: Gene Sperling and Larry Summers. 7. The Financial System Is Safer Today Than in 2008

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Comment by David Jackson
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   Mr. Gregson is 100% correct. One wonders why this isn't a "lead story" in the mainstream Fourth Estate. (That's because the majority of the "news" media were bought and paid for at least 50 years ago. There is little cause to believe that news is anything but propaganda and slight-of-mind, intended to placate and brainwash the masses. I've said it a hundred times: It's nearly impossible to manipulate and control a population that is educated, informed, healthy, financially prosperous, and looking forward to a productive and resonably secure future for themselves and their children. Why would manipulative traitors and cowards ever protect or promote the well-being of their human [chattel] cattle?)

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