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Yang Lan: The generation that's remaking China


Oct 9 2011: Currently, social networking is taking China and Chinese people onto a better track, but, just better than before. Yes, it impoves human rights, gives people opportunities to know more truth, to express real opinion and to participate governmental management. Yes, it boosts govermental works, political democratization and democratic movement become a wish now.
However, as a Chinese, I also think it's far far away from the inner problem: TYRANNY. For people, most of us do not know what we live for or what's the meaning of life, cos education taught us we don't need (religional) belief.
Consequently, there're so many problems of foods, medical, education and others since the lack of moral. That's what I'm afraid of. For government (national and regional), they killed and are still killing Chinese culture (like the old buildings and true history) and human rights (like blocked facebook and twitter).
It's breathless to live in a country without traditional culture and liberty. What's the good or bad choice for citizen and country? Seriously it's just dictatorship's choice about immediate interests rather than sustainable development. Additionally, social networks made some changes but in the meantime the enterprise and government do not change. All they tried to do, was changing the way to whitewash problem and then earn interests as well. The changing on social media is good, but superficial, especially still so slow.
Because, the GOVERNMENT do no want to change ITSELF. That's the reason I still think China and Chinese people need global pressure about human rights. We need third-party in every aspect of national management. We need a chance to feel how boring facebook is in our short rest of life.

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