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Never, Ever, EVER Talk to Cops

October 19, 2011 Never, Ever, EVER Talk to Cops

Don’t even say “hello” to them, and never but never ask directions.

Some poor sap in Twinsburg, Ohio sought help in locating the local Walmart from one of our public masters — sorry, servants. “The quick-thinking officer [sic for ‘parasite hoping for even more of the taxpayers’ money via a promotion’] ran the man's license plates for good measure” — I love that — “and found a warrant out for him from the Bedford Police Department for failure to appear in court.

“The man was arrested and handed over to Bedford police.”

And they wonder why we call them pigs. (Apologies to Sus domesticus.)


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Comment by Venancio Tan
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Plenty of wrongs in our world, Virginia. Bakadude said this first: The wrong starts from those who really think and sincerely believed that the United States of America they hate is Cambodia run by Pol Pot … and that’s when not only to hate Cops but to shoot all of them dead, deserves a medal. That’s how our world had turned upside down!

Comment by George Voit
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Yeah, never, ever, ever talk to Cops, except when your butt is in trouble or criminals try to harm you and you call 911 and talk to them to save you or your family! I guess this is a "fair" deal Cop haters want, although it is loaded against Cops and in favor of ingrates. They won't even talk to Cops, except when they want Cops to put their life on the line to save them. What's wrong with this world, Virginia???

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Calling these drones hiding behind a gun and badge pigs is only the beginning.

What about thugs with guns who commit the crime of perjury  and boarder line treason every time they put on a uniform. These are men and women who have supposedly sign an oath of office to protect and honor the constitution of both country and state and yet they don't even know the first article of the constitution. Most of these drones grew up in an enviroment of violent video games and watching swat team movies.

Their mission is to do what ever it takes to generate revenue and keep the slaves in line. They are the blind brainless hinch men for the criminals dressed in suits and ties and black robes disguised behind respectability.  

It is an out of control over the top justus system that is drunk lust for money and power.


Comment by Ace Karter
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I am Happy to see things like that Happen. It's the ONLY thing that wakes people up as to What a police Department actually does. As stated prior, What can one expect from a Number 2 Hat and a 44 Coat who's ONLY goal in life is to get a Pat on the Back from the other Mental Retards they call, MY BUDDIES

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