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Arizona Police Departments Hiring Officers


Police departments across Arizona once again are hiring new officers despite the continued sluggish economy.

When the economy began to tank about three years ago and agencies faced shrinking budgets, police hiring plummeted. But now small and medium-size police agencies are starting to hire more officers, though not nearly at the same level as in 2005.

There are 40 recruits from 13 agencies in the current class at the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy in Phoenix, the state's largest police academy. Fifteen agencies have reserved all of the maximum 56 spots in the class that begins Nov. 28, and one more recruit is on a waiting list.


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Comment by Ace Karter
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When there are masses of ego maniacs with a IQ level not exceeding 75,WHERE ELSE could they get a job and keep it.

Comment by Ed Price
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Who knows if this is the current norm for larger cities across the nation? - hiring more police, that is. But it does make sense.

If Government can be allowed to borrow more from the Fed to pay for all kinds of things - hiring cops one of them - that will make up for the average citizens who don't have enough good credit to borrow anymore. The Fed will get to create more money out of thin air (money that it gets back at full value as loan repayments), the cities get more strength - larger police force - to make slaves of their citizens, and the economy is stimulated in general.

Makes sense.

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