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Raw Story has been temporarily blacklisted without notification in a malware index. We’ve detected no actual mal-ware on the site, nor have we received any specific reports. Our techies are working to resolve the issue and have re-submitted the site for review. 
(Publisher: I couldn't help but notice the Full Screen Warning that was a threat... even though the analysis page showed _no_ threats. I was looking for more information about the Occupy Oakland arrests on RawStory and was threatened with computer damage if I visited Two or Three clicks later through the maze and I was able to get to the site. But this is just the beginning IMNSHO. We should all be concerned about and ready for an Internet switch flipped to OFF.
This morning my oldest daughter said that for at least 3 hours they were pulling off of the highway in Scottsdale, Arizona all Commercial Vehicle Traffic and searching the vehicles, hoods up etc. I contacted the Scottsdale Police and have not received any communication back via email or returned phone calls. My fear is that when the police state really really starts to clamp down,... they won't tell us and they won't allow us to tell anyone else. What did you expect was going to happen?)

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