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ACLU Sues Los Angeles Sheriff's Department On Behalf Of Photographers

• Photography Is Not a Crime

One photographer was detained for photographing a subway turnstile and accused of being in cahoots with Al-Qaeda.

Another photographer was detained for photographing a courthouse and investigated for terrorist activity.

And another photographer was detained for photographing refineries at night and placed in the back of a police car for 45 minutes.

Now all three men are suing the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department for unlawfully detaining them for the legal act of taking photos.


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Comment by Anonymous
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If you research modern-day "terrorist" law, you will find that many photographers and videographers might fit into that realm.  Some may be real truthers, but MANY, I mean an extreme amount, are terrorist, working for enemies of the American people as a whole.  Fabrications are rampant in the fearmongering media today to the point where no one knows what to believe, who to trust, they just blindly see that someone is rebelling and think that they are credible.  Understand, that this couldn't be further from the truth.  Many of these so-called "documenters" and writers, or even videographers who address these issues are part of a filthy dog and pony show to manipulate you as to how to think and they are recruited by a corporatized government.  The purpose, in general, is to make you afraid to stand up, to keep you feeling powerless, or if not, much of it teaches you to rebel and that getting arrested and paying into the system as noble, which also lets the regime know who is a rebel and who should go on certain lists.  These strategies are often to get you to find FBI division 5 (low-lifers of society recruited for free rent or drugs, etc.) credible who will take a very small pay off to take out a huge hit on humanity in general by misleading or fabricating to keep the American 'beehive' lost in minutiae.  

 Think people. 

Comment by Anonymous
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While on the surface, one might assume that "documenting" something seems like "truthing"... yet at times it is fabrication, and I have to think about the Israeli's photographing and/or videographing the twin towers (A STAGED/embellishment INCIDENT TO MANIPULATE AMERICANS)... so do not be so naive to assume that people with cameras or video cameras are necessarily documenting a "truth"... but perhaps an American enemy's controlled version of so-called truth.  Always keep your eyes open.  I do not believe that all cops are really as bad in general as we are taught to believe, I believe that perhaps a lot of this is smoke and mirrors corporate facade BS staged fear-mongering for profit.  Just like these groups. It keeps people from seeing who swings the pendulum from left to right.


When I say 9/11 was staged embellishment, I believe that when Clinton bombed Muslim communities, their men were there to infiltrate and give certain Jihad control group rope to hang themselves... so that the event could be embellished for local corporate gain.  Allegedly the Mossad/Mormon/CIA connection.  Do the math.  Even a retired lawyer writes about what my educational background, experience, and geneological history will shed light towards the true perpetrators to America and the planners of its' current state in this economic collapse.  This was certainly not an accident.  Research the protocols of the Elders of Zion.  We are all constantly being deceived.  Especially by those who hide behind quoting the bible to shield themselves by seeming self-appointed 'righteousness'....  Unfortunately.  Which is where I remind people that this is what Jesus was against, so don't throw him out with the dirty bathwater.  Organized religion hijacked Jesus' good name for profit and the money-changing he hated so.

Comment by David Jackson
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     What do you get if all the bad cops go to jail, where they belong?

      Overcrowding and a real police force.

      Hope the photogs win big-time! 

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