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Let’s Not Make This Stupid Mistake: No Conservative Ran Against Obama

   The Conservatives are not necessarily Republicans who lost in the 2008 election to Obama and the party of the radical Left. edwin a. sumcad/11/15/08.


      Don’t be surprise if I tell you that Conservatives did not lose in this 2008 election. Only McCain and the Republican Party were bludgeoned to ignominious defeat.

       The Conservatives did not put up a candidate against Obama … the Republican Party chose a Republican to run against Obama.

       Post election lab analyses are still polluting the air.  Some are drab and dry as biscuits, some are interestingly rhetorical, and still others were written by angry but sincere faultfinders in panic. Those were all focused on the defeat of the Conservatives in the hands of the Liberals and their victorious leftist entourage. 

       Right now even as I write this eye-opener, a lot of saliva is flowing out of the drain instead of flowing down the drain. It is hard to sleep this out and put this political rumbling behind us when a flood of spits and dribbles drenched our consciousness we could hardly breathe!

       This editorialized rejoinder may soothe the faultfinders’ nerves and help them to calm down and relax instead of self-immolating in a state of bedlam and chaos. 

      Conservatives shouldn’t unwittingly forfeit their cool.  They didn’t lose the election.  Their cause is intact.  It was not played out in the campaign trail.  The Republicans would have won had they played out the Conservative agenda. America is not prepared for Obama and what he stands for, but in the last election the Republicans did not play out the American values opposed to any form of hate-filled liberalism and dictatorial socialism to rule the land.

       And as sure as the sun sets in the West, the Republicans lost the election.  With their defeat, they more than deserved their own folly. 

       The Republicans did not campaign for what Conservatives stand for.  Their only objective was to prevent a Liberal candidate from becoming president of the United States. In the campaign, they have to betray their own party and turned Liberal because in their mind they have to.

       Look who the Republican Party fielded in this election to stop Obama – Sen. John McCain, the “Maverick”!  A “Maverick” is actually a Liberal only using the name Republican. 

     The fundamental mistake here is to think that our world is veering away from the “old” American values of conservatism, which is the marching mantra of “change” for modern liberalism. So the Republicans invented their own paradigm of change.

       When McCain way back in 2004 started to attack the Republicans on campaign reform, the party thought that it was a permissible behavior in the name of liberal “change” within the party. Encouraged, McCain went on attacking the Republicans for their “excesses”.  He was a more destructive force to the Republican Party than the Liberals have been.  He was an “insider” who knew the worst mistakes of the GOP better than any outside radical attackers did. Still, it was all right.  The party rewarded him with the Republican nomination to run for president of the United States!

      But Americans have a good memory.  The main characters in the 2008 election were “first time voters” and “the undecided voters”. They voted for Obama. Party choice for them was so easy.  In their mind, the Republican Party must be so bad that even their own candidate went politically nuclear in attacking it worse than the bombers of Hiroshima and Nagasaki!

      President Bush couldn’t help McCain win the election because he had attacked this president in many occasions.

      For example, he pulverized to irredeemable disrepute Bush’s campaign against terror when he accused him of “waterboarding” captured terrorists. McCain attacked Bush for the “torture” of incarcerated Al Qaeda murderers in Guantanamo, just like what the Liberals and the radical Left did. He was a genuine radical Liberal wearing a Republican mask. 

       In case you might have forgotten, let me remind you that “waterboarding” is a military interrogation technique used on captured terrorists in Guantanamo that saved millions of Americans from discovered worse than 9/11 terror plots. Both sides of the hostile combat zone – the terrorists and our soldiers -- used it to extract vital information from hostile prisoners of war as it has been used by combatants in centuries of so many bloody wars.

        You and I are probably six feet below the ground by now had it not for “waterboarding” captured terrorists into revealing their ungodly plots to kill more Americans.

       This explains why from the time 9/11 exploded up to now we have had no terrorist attacks.  The enemy’s plan of destruction and murder were exposed and their execution stopped right on track, thanks to Bush who received all the flaks instead of appreciation from ingrates who are still alive today to continue their Bush-bashing activities!

       Islamic terrorists used it too on our captured soldiers in a manner even worse than our military used it on them, before they cut their genitals, kneeled them and shot them pointblank, then hanged them half-dead by the bridge for the world to see.

      Scientists of moral values had justified the “torture” of cold-blooded assassins to save millions of lives, over the morality of deliberate murder and destruction of the human species. Bush fought the ugliness of terror by standing pat on the old traditional value of preserving lives – the call of conservatism McCain as a Republican, cannot and should not, even attempt to destroy!

       Republicans didn’t help McCain either when he attacked their party of so many terrible abuses.

       For example, while in power, Republicans with murder in mind tried to pass an immigration reform legislation to declare some 12 million or so illegal immigrants in the country “criminals” so that in hiding, they could be hunted down like animals, and shoot them dead if they resist arrest like any other criminals. They probably thought that by using Hitler’s tactic of instilling fear in the heart of immigrants, it would stop aliens from crossing our borders illegally. 

      To the chagrin and incalculable annoyance of the Republican Party, McCain the “Maverick” campaigned to instead give illegal aliens amnesty like what the Liberals and the radical Left wanted [don’t forget that he is a Liberal in a Republican clothing] but it was not good enough to prevent a backlash.  Millions of immigrants only remembered the mean-spiritedness of the Republicans in the polls and executed the anti-Republican quo de grace in the 2006 election, and now in the 2008 presidential election. The resounding Republican defeat in 2008 just ran McCain down the road with a devastating force without mercy or clemency, just like he was ran over by a crushing juggernaut.

       So what did the Republicans actually do to McCain in this 2008 election … to this rebel with a cause of party disloyalty?  Not too many Republicans campaigned for McCain because it would “kill” the party if McCain wins. McCain’s revolt had turned Americans against the Republican Party that in his “maverick” mind had gone mad!

        Thus instead what the Republicans did knowing that McCain could not win the election, was sacrificed him in the altar of dissent – a judgment of execution of a party maverick, which unquestionably to the Republicans, was a gesture of poetic justice!

      The only Conservative who ran against the Obama-Biden ticket was Gov. Sarah Palin.  Because she was a Conservative – not a Republican who should run like a Republican – the Republican Party gagged her. Remember Republicans didn’t want McCain to win and write a requiem for the party’s demise.  

       As expected, Palin was forced to run as a Republican, not as a Conservative. She was not permitted to campaign for the American values that our forebears fought and died for, so that the generations to come would be proud to call themselves “Americans”. That would have been a tremendous appeal to American patriotism more than enough to thwart the abhorred attempt of the Left to take over America and control the lives of the beleaguered American people!

        Palin therefore was not a Conservative who lost the election for vice president of the United States, but a Republican the party had sacrificed along with McCain, the Republican “Maverick”.

        Now that the 2008 election is over, the Republicans are collecting the tab. They need someone to blame for their own folly. Don’t be surprise why dirty attacks on Palin by the discredited Republican Party are now in the air everyday.  Poor Palin …  she could not defend herself against anonymous attacks of cowards within the Republican Party!

       Since last year I wrote and published several editorial reports predicting why the Republicans would lose -- and why they deserved to lose -- in this 2008 election.  It was so easy for me to do so. 

       I would have probably hanged myself for an unforgivable error had the McCain-Palin political adventure won this 2008 election.  There was no way the Democrats could lose because in the campaign trail, both McCain and Obama were attacking the Republican Party! 

      Just think about it using just a little bit of something above your shoulder and you couldn’t miss it.  That’s how easy it is to predict this Republican defeat.

       Yet, many Americans did not notice this rumbling tsunami of defeat that was coming. The Republicans set a foot wrong from the very beginning to keep the door ajar for a resounding defeat.

       There is a stark difference between the Conservatives and the Republican Party.  Probably most Conservatives and Republicans didn’t know the difference. I am inclined to believe that probably they don’t. 

        Notice carefully a lot of this foul saliva oozing out of their post election analyses that fly out high in the sky and drop on our face.  If you are a Republican or a Conservative in the wake of this election, you feel sorry and dirty.  You don’t wish to be called either name, unless you take a shower first, and feel clean again.  That’s a figure of speech one could interpret miles off the mark, and rub a sore the wrong way.

       But the tragic irony of all these is that many Republicans and Conservatives do not actually know who they are.  To understand why the likes of Obama rose to power with jaws dropping in total disbelief, they should start not only knowing themselves well but also understanding what their role is in protecting the American people and preserving the ideals of our great forebears who sculptured a nation into becoming the greatest creation on the planet.

       Conservatives adhere to principles, the Republicans only to party goals of preventing the Liberals from ascending to power.  This goal and party rules are more important to Republicans than the conservative ideals and values are to them … traditional values enshrined in the First Amendment and Second Amendment that withstood the onslaught of time.

      Read those amendments one more time and know deep down the bottom of your heart why conservatism holds sacred life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, the right to bear arms to protect the family and the invasion of the home and property rights. To the Conservatives, these are ideals not only worth defending but also above all, worth dying for!

      Contrast this to what the Republicans really are. To make the party win, the Republicans are Machiavellians in seeing to it that the Liberals lose the election. They would even mock their party rules by becoming a Liberal underneath a Republican clothing. 

       For example, Republicans believe like the Liberals do that the world is changing and only a liberal Republican can win an election. The case of McCain, a liberal Republican “Maverick”, is a classic example. They would even appear leftist to defeat the Left. On the other hand, this is taboo to the Conservatives who would die first defending the American values before the Left can take over.

        To the Conservatives, electing a Republican party candidate who discarded conservative idealism for the purpose of winning the election would be no different from electing a liberal-radical like Obama. The Republicans ran the show and abandoned the true conservative idealism of the Right in this election in their obsession to defeat Obama. The rest is history.

         The raison d’e’tre to defend this country from turning into a radical neo-socialist state is the force of conservatism, not this army of Republicans that use American values like toilet paper to clean up their soiled behind. 

         Let me express this raw, down to earth frustration of Conservatives across the land addressed to neo-liberal Republicans: We are electing a new leader of the world, not just a figure of command in local politics, dummies!

         The next surprise is, I am neither a Conservative nor a Republican.  I could be a registered Democrat or Republican without becoming either of them.  I am just my own Republican, my own Conservative, my own Democrat, my own Liberal, and in the corrupted Media, can never be somebody else's radical stooge.  I am just an ordinary American like the rest of us, a journalist committed to the commonweal of this nation in particular, and to the common good in general. This speaks of my more than 45 years of spotless career in journalism and diplomacy.

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Freedomsphoenix.com access November 15, 2008.

The writer is an award-winning journalist. Know more about the author by reading his published editorials and feature articles or you may e-mail your comment at ed.superx722@yahoo.com.sg

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