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Father God and Holy People, thank you for being here with us.

Father God, Holy Ones, to the 4 directions, to the ones Below who always listen and to the Ones Above who see everything,
I understand this day a shooting is taking place in Binghampton NY where nothing interesting is supposed to happen and Holy Ones, I can feel the prayers of a mighty nation rising up. With all of this focus, please look down favorably upon these poor frightened humans and minister to them. Please look in on their attacker and see
 what can be done. And please try to stop another trigger from getting pulled. It sounds like there has been enough killing for one day.
I am thankful to feel a nation praying together on this day because where we pray together we might just stay together. And I pray that we might indeed one day become one nation, under God with liberty and justice for all.

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Comment by Anonymous
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How do you expect the god that you are praying to help anyone when it has no history at all of helping anyone in the past? Where are your people with thier lands today? When the blood of thousands of warriors covered the ground from the east to the west the god you are praying to was silent and unmovable. (Not to mention the "holy people" also)

Comment by foundZero
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You are quite correct! I could have used Wakan Tanka or Tunkashila but on this occasion I chose Father God because most people can easily understand what it means.

Comment by Sharon Jarvis
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I prefer "Wakan Tanka" (Great Mystery) instead of Father God. God has no gender. You also could say "Father Sky, Mother Earth" as well.