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An Invasion of Iran is Imminent

Dear Mr. President,
What I am about to articulate in this letter is a decision I do not come to lightly and a Google search will confirm the previous activities I participated in prior to writing you.
Free countries have a right, though not a duty, to invade and attack dictatorships since they enslave, strike fear into and intimidate the people who live under them and support subversive activities abroad that further their philosophical or religious ideology on which they are based.
Neither the Afghan Taliban nor Saddam Hussein posed an immediate threat to the United States. However, if the events occurring in Iraq and Afghanistan are any indication our invasions and occupations of both countries are/were a mistake.
Not because they were illegitimate or immoral (they were not) but because it's clear that Iraq and Afghanistan were the wrong countries to invade.
Our occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan have placed our military in a precarious situation where they are vulnerable to attack from Iraqi insurgents supported by a vastly funded radical Islamic network.
This is the result of a lack of resolve on the part of Congress and the Executive Branch to allow our armed forces to complete their missions with the resources they need.
This practice needs to end and, with all due respect, you need to ensure they do. By not adequately funding missions of the U.S. military is a prescription for failure and I am sure you would agree our missions in both countries should be conducted with the resources the U.S. military needs to do it's job or our armed forces need to be brought home.
I originally campaigned against both incursions mainly due to my concerns about the growth of government power as a result of war, my initial concern for the lives of the innocent Iraqi civilians and the lives of U.S. military personnel. At the time I also thought the U.S. lacked a legitimate reason to invade either Iraq or Afghanistan due to the U.S. government’s covert and military involvements in the middle east.
As you may know, the Iran is the 4th largest exporter of oil. As a result, the regime is able sustain itself via massive amounts of revenue generated from oil export sales. Not only can the Iranian theocracy sustain itself but it can also fund other endeavors such as terrorism.
Iran committed an act of war in 1979 when Iranian Revolutionary forces took over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and held its personnel hostage.
As you may also be aware, since that time Iran has funded terrorist groups that have mainly attacked Israel, U.S. installations overseas, our allies and their citizens.
Though they will not openly say it, it’s abundantly clear that Iran has been and is still at war with the United States, its people and its allies. Therefore, we should bring the fight directly to them and take the regime down.
In light of recent circumstances with the near bombing of Times Square on the part of a sympathizer of the Pakistani Taliban (who is supported by Iran) and extensive, further research on my part I have concluded the only way to halt terrorism in the West and put the brakes on radical strains of Islam would be to invade Iran.
Taking out the Iranian regime would drastically defund terrorist groups and send a message to radical Islamists that the United States will not sit by and allow states that support terrorism to exist or continue supporting seditious activities.
Iran's pursuit of nuclear technology should make a military attack and invasion of the country even more of an immediate priority. With nuclear technology in their possession, Iran can and will be able to assist or educate terrorist groups in the construction and usage of dirty bombs.
With all due respect, diplomatic efforts in this regard are futile. The Iranian President and his government’s representatives are only putting up fronts in their dealings with you and U.S. diplomats. The Iranians are lying if they make promises or deny their activities. Unfortunately, diplomacy cannot and will not stop Iran from continuing its support of terrorist groups and from obtaining nuclear technology.
I respectfully urge you to discontinue diplomatic negotiations or dialogue and support a full-scale military action against Iran. Air strikes, imposing sanctions, or supporting dissident groups in the country (while legitimate and moral to do so) are only a band aid on the overall problem.
The Iranian regime is an outlaw nation and an enabler of terrorism. The Iranian government must be directly taken out with the full force of our military. Military action is the only way to ensure justice for the past and present victims of terrorism and to ensure the long-term safety of the United States, its citizens and our allies.
Thank you.

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Comment by German Prophet
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Dear Mike Renzulli, I just want to thank you for taking my words seriously, and I might come back to you later, if I have some more free time again. My answer to Philly Dave: Why do you think I could be a troll? I have another perspective then you. Of course I know that USrael makes all these wars for strategic reasons and for controlling the resources in other countries. The discussion about Islam is just something politicians are bringing up to hide their real agenda. But I oppose you strongly about your opinion to kill people. I do not really care about as much who has the power in the world, and I would agree that USrael has it if they would take it with responsibility and out of love and compassion for all the people everywhere. But unfortunately these power games are played just for selfish reasons and without any compassion for the victims of these murderous games. I know how much Iranian love their children and how much the children love their parents, and how much they will suffer, if they loose them throe USrealie bombs. And I seriously have a lot of compassion for them. It makes me suffering, if I have to see good and pure-hearted people or animals suffering, and this and only this is my reason to spend my valuable time and energy to post this comments here. I just hope that I can make at least a small contribution for the peace in the world and for love and compassion as the basis of all our action. I know that I am not perfect in this way too, but at least I am trying my best. That’s all.

Comment by A N
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You are a fucking moron! Get your god damned head out of your ass and realize that you are being programmed by a war machine that doesn't give a fuck about you nor anyone else except to kill, kill, kill! You, and people like you, are the root of all evil! I only wish that karma comes upon you!

Comment by Freed Radical
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David Alpha & Philly Dave have hit the nail on the head!!!

To answer Philly Dave's question--Mike is definitely not a troll (although I can see how you would think that)--He is a sincere (though misguided) Randian idealogue who is rehashing Rand's obtuse "logic" justifying the American wars of aggression in Vietnam, Korea, World War 2, etc. According to this "logic," if a free/democratic/republican government (aka "the Good Guys") deem some other government (aka "the Bad Guys") to be communists, dictators, Islamofascists, terrorists, or some other disparaging label of the day, a violent preemptive attack is justified to free their enslaved people and stop the spread of evil throughout the world (insert BS about the "Domino Theory" here as patriotic music rises in the background). Back in the '60s, Murray Rothbard thoroughly slapped Ayn Rand around on this issue and demonstrated his vastly superior reasoning and ethical powers. The Randians continue their cultish worship of their "god" to this day, and currently serve as enablers to the warmongering neocons.

  David Alpha--Your response in simply putting the shoe on the other foot is priceless!!! When you substitute some other country as the "good guy" and the US as the "bad guy" it lays bare the obvious fallacy of the argument. Mike had no response to it, and he chose to engage a troll instead. Even the troll made the valid point that the Israelis are murdering terrorists who stole the Palestinians' land with the help of the Anglo-American Empire.

Regarding Iran--The US committed the first act of war against Iran in 1953 when the CIA ousted the democratically elected leader and installed the Shah so that American and British oil companies could steal Iran's oil. The Iranian actions in 1979 were simply long-delayed self-defense.

Mike--You must be on crack if you think the US military hasn't been given enough money to get the job done in the current unjustified wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq. A trillion dollars down the rathole to enrich the military-industrial complex is certainly enough, and the Fed created most of that out of thin air. The fact that neither the Arabs, the Iranians, nor the Vietnamese are willing to lie down under the jackboot of the American Empire is much to their credit and more than I can say for most Americans. On its current course, the American Empire will soon go the way of the Soviet Empire. If the US is stupid enough to attack Iran, the demise of the Empire will be greatly hastened.

Comment by Concerned Patriot
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This is funny that is the same guy posting as all of those people and please FP people you guys are loving this or were loving this kinda late to this party but oh well

Comment by Dave Gallagher
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I can never figure out if this guy is trolling or being serious... it doesn't matter I suppose. I also can't figure out if he meant [E]minent or [I]mminent... but I am not sure that matters either.

Obviously we are not in enough conflicts at the moment and need to bomb and occupy another middle eastern country. Surely the Saudis and Asians will finance that undertaking... and besides how difficult or expensive could it be?

I doubt killing a bunch of Persian kids and mothers will be a big deal either. I mean heck the orphans and widowers will probably thank us.

I am not bothered by letters that will never be read so much as the thought that people who actually get listened to are agitating for war with Iran again using similar tired arguments. If and when that happens it may well be the beginning of what could become the next world war. Then these isolated terrorist attacks will seem little more than bar fights in hindsight.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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GermanPride, I have carefully considered the points you brought up in your last post. I appreciate your feedback and the opportunity to respond. By my calling for an attack/war against Iran is not accepting the war crimes that come with it. 

When protested against the Afghan and Iran invasions, I did not assume that the invasion's supporters accepted the deaths of innocent people and I would not assume or think that by your opposition to war with Iran that you would accept the deaths of those here that result from terrorism.

I gave lots of consideration before coming to my conclusion on this. And, believe me when I tell you I did. I considered just about every news source, foreign policy journal and organization, think tank and (believe it or not) even websites that subscribed to your point of view before I did.

A conclusion can be wrong if more evidence comes forth and therefore the one stating their conclusion (like I did) can retract or correct what I initially state. This standard applies not only for me but for everyone else.

But, ultimately, I decided to take a stand just like you have. I would, however, to encourage you to continue to engage in dialogue (like you are with me) and post an article or commentary in response to mine. This site is about the free flow of ideas and would encourage you to respond like you are now.

War is not an easy nor glorious undertaking. And like I said in my letter my conclusion was a decision I do not take lightly.

I have read in news articles that many Muslims are no longer advocating violence because of the deaths of their loved ones and destruction they are experiencing. Even in Israel there are people who are actively and openly resisting the country's conscription because they ultimately do not want to go to war and die or don't want to join the IDF for their own personal reasons.

Ultimately, despite these movements maybe small at first, they can escallate into something bigger over time to where all sides in the conflict stop. I do hope that we never have to go to war and that with the examples I listed earlier in this paragraph that all sides (Muslim and Jew) will finally end their conflict.

It may never happen but I do hold out hope that it can.

Comment by German Prophet
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This Islam is as good or as bad as the people that are into it. Just respect their religion first. Then you will be able to experience that Moslems are people like you and me with feelings, wishes, inspirations, weak and strong points. We are all human beings, it does not matter what our believe system is. And love, respect and understanding for each other is the way to change the world into a better place. I would like to recommend you to look at your country first and how the Israel controlled US-Department of Homeland Security is treading visitor worse then criminals, with demanding finger prints, asking stupid questions or even body scanning and throwing visitors into the prison without any legal cause. No other country in the world is treading (and cheating) visitors so badly then USrael. Start changing this and yourself before you take a look at the Moslems. Iran is usually treading visitors much, much better (except you are coming in as a real terrorist with the purpose to harm Iranians)!

Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, the U.S. needs to bite the bullet and do to Iran what it did to Iraq and Afghanistan, or else risk losing everything invested so far, and give the horrible Islamic Republic of Iran a green light to destroy Israel, leading surely to WWIII. However, it will take not years but a generation to really make the world safe for our grandkids. See my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam at http://go.to/winslowplan 

Quick History of Islam by the Historyscoper: http://go.to/islamhistory

The Historyscoper's Obamascope: http://historyscoper.com/obamascope.html

Comment by German Prophet
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Dear Mr. Renzul, If you call for war against Iran, then you are accepting automatically that many of the children who came to the earth to help you and others to come to a higher level will get harmed, tortured, raped and killed by USrael soldiers. If you are serious with not wanting to harm us, than you should speak out publicly against any kind of war and for peace and love with Iran, because many special and good children who will bring light and love to the earth are living there. You do not agree with the politics in Iran, that is o.k., but is this a reason to call for mass-murder? A war is always an act of mass-murder, it does not matter who is doing it. The children in the Western World will transfer the society here if you let us do it and the children in Iran will transfer the society over there if you do not kill them. Let us do our job and stop even thinking about violence and war, please!

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Alright thank you, German Pride. Thank you clarifying and, despite my disagreeing with your views, I appreciate you and your friend's stance. I also do not condone the PATRIOT Act or anything else related to the war the U.S. is involved in now.

The lives of any innocent person being taken or violated are unfortunate and I am saddened to see anyone get hurt in times of conflict.

However, I have my side that I will cheer and you all have yours. I would never wish any harm or persecution to dissenters and those who disagree with me.

You will never hear or see me advocate silencing or wishing misfortune to people I may disagree with.

If I am wrong on this I will be man enough to admit it and let me emphasize that I certainly hope that the U.S. does not have to invade Iran and that the overall conflicts occuring one day peacefully cease.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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Did anyone notice that those commenting on this article registered as a user at the same time under different names? It's the same guy... and he has finally found someone to play with. :) (Ernie 003)

Comment by European Pride
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Do not worry, we, the so-called Anti-Semites do not harm anybody. To harm people with violence is the daily business from the Zionists, not ours. I am against any kind of cruelty against human beings and animals; this is why I have to speak out against the bloodthirsty Zionist. But I am sure the Mossad would be able to find somebody to do harm on others and then blame it on us. This is their specialty!

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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German Prophet, I can see from your posts that I may have angered you. I apologize as that was not my intent from the start. You and others who agree with your views have a right to them and I would never wish any physical or mental harm on you and others who you associate with.

I am sure and would hope that you would wish the same for me.

I do not condone the things that from war and harm committed against innocent people (no matter who they are) is wrong. It's very possible I maybe wrong and we may not have to invade Iran. I really hope we don't.

I am sure you agree that crimes committed during war should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I would agree too.

I am saying we should you are saying we should not for reasons that are your own and, let me emphasize you have a right to them.

Comment by German Prophet
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Hi, my lovely Mr. Mike Renzulli, you forgot to mention: Since you have the Patriot Act and the Israel controlled US-Department of Homeland Security you are an outlaw nation and an enabler of terrorism. Or do you think, raping, torturing and killing children in Afghanistan and Irak is not terrorism? Yes it is terrorism; it is USrael sponsored government terrorism! Do you have an idea how the whole world hates you? You cannot lie to us and trick us anymore. We are the children of the new time, your time with cheating, killing and torturing is running out. You will lose all your power very soon, because you are continuously abusing your worldly power.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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UGH! I apologize the "if insults are all you can throw at me" as I would not want that taken as permission to do something else that might inflict harm on me.

While I think they are wrong headed, people who subscribe to anti-Semitism, Naziism, etc. have a right to say whatever I want and to assemble as long as it is peaceful.

While I, like the editors of FP, do not condone anti-Semitism, I would not want to ban or restrict the flow of their ideas or assemblies.

Comment by Mike Renzulli
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Wow! The anti-Semites come out of the woodwork on this one! BTW, I am sure I speak for Ernie Hancock and Powell Gammill that Freedoms Phoenix does not endorse or condone anti-semitism in any way.

In terms of folks like European Pride, German Prophet, Bound by the Zionists and Invade Israel my dad grew up in Italy and lived in the country when Benito Mussolini was dictator.

I will be more than happy to tell you in detail the vast amount of atrocities committed in my dad's hometown by Nazi German soldiers who occupied Italy to back Mussolini's crumbling regime.

I wonder if you guys have the guts to admit the evils of Nazi Germany and fascist dictators like Hitler and Mussolini.

Then again, maybe I should save my breath because I guess you all would write it off as "Jewish propaganda". Therefore, if insults are all you can throw at me, I wear your scorn as a badge of honor.

Comment by European Pride
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O.K., just go with the Zionists and fall down together with them. China is becoming the new super power and the US will disappear soon. China is getting more and more influence right now in Europe, because they are helping us with money in the crisis you and your Zionist masters have created with the purpose to bring the Euro down, so you can hold on the US-Dollar as the world currency. So you made a financial war against Europe, but this will make Europe getting closer to China and you will be isolated very soon, hahahaha. And you deserve it. O.k. then go into a war with Iran if you want to fall down even much faster. Enjoy, have fun by torturing, raping and killing the Iranian children. It will be the last fun you ever will have...!

Comment by German Prophet
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Americans! Demonstrate that you are on the site of the victims of the Zionist terror! Americans all around the country should raise the Persian flag now! Make a video of it and publish it on www.youtube.com. Show the world that you are a good American and that you take your responsibility for the victims of the Zionists crimes and that you are supporting the Persians. And visit the website: www.wake-up-america.net.

Comment by Bound the Zionists
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Israel is the centre of evil and darkness. Send all the Zionist to this place, tell all the good human beings to move out from Israel, than invade it, take all their weapons away and isolate them completely and do not let the Zionist go out of this place anymore, so they won't be able to poison the other countries anymore with there mind of evil. Isolate them but do not kill them, so the bad spirits will still be bounded in the bodies of this Zionists. Then they can make war against themselves and enslave themselves but not us anymore.

Comment by Invade Israel
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Yeah, Israel is clearly the most dangerous thread to the whole world. I agree, the NATO has to invade Israel immediately!

Comment by Europeans for a Zionist free world
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The real terorists are coming from Israel. Obama, we are waiting for you to invate Israel!

Comment by Powell Gammill
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So wrong in so many ways.

Comment by David Alpha
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A shorter response:

"Aw jeez, not this shit again!"

No more wars of aggression. We do not consent.

Comment by Nick Barnett
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Attack a country full of innocent people? That seems kind of selfish.

Comment by David Alpha
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Fixed it for you, Mike:

The U.S. usage of nuclear technology, including the nation's willingness to nuke vast civilian populations in Japan as well as using depleted uranium-tipped bullets in the illegal occupation of Iraq should be a clear case for the invasion of the US by Canada. With nuclear technology in their possession, the U.S. can and will be able receive assistance from Boeing, Haliburton, Lockheed-Martin and other groups which enable the ever-increasing level of US-sponsored totalitarianism.

With all due respect, diplomatic efforts in this regard are futile. The past 50 years of US foreign policy and US Government’s representatives (with the exception of Ron Paul) are only putting up fronts in their dealings sovereign nations. The US Government is lying if they make promises or deny their activities, including but not limited to worldwide black ops controlled by the CIA, as well as the infamous 9/11 terrorist attacks, believed by some to be a false flag operation.

Unfortunately, diplomacy cannot and will not stop the US from continuing its global war OF terrorism

I respectfully urge Canada to discontinue diplomatic negotiations or dialogue and support a full-scale military action against the United States. Air strikes, imposing sanctions, or supporting dissident groups in the country (while legitimate and moral to do so) are only a band aid on the overall problem.

The US regime is an outlaw nation and an enabler of terrorism. The US government must be directly taken out with the full force of Canada's military. Military action is the only way to ensure justice for the past and present victims of US-sponsored terrorism and to ensure the long-term safety of Canada, its citizens and our allies.


David Alpha

Comment by Brock Lorber
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Uh ... I'm not seeing the joke. 

I guess it's too subtle for me.