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Two Flavors, No Principles

(As some people noticed, I've been pretty quiet for several weeks now, being overwhelmed with stuff other than putting out anti-political rantings. So I feel the need to do a little fire-breathing now, to let off some steam, after spending too long quietly listening to the authoritarian, slave-speak tripe continually spewed out by the mainstream media.)

I have a message for all the conservative Republicans out there, sick of all the paternalistic, nanny-state, socialist garbage that the Obama regime has been pushing--the wealth redistribution, the attempts to nationalize various industries, the liberal tax and spend agenda, etc. My message to all the conservative Republicans out there who are upset by the way things are going, is this:

Serves you right, you unprincipled, hypocritical boneheads.

(As you can see, my break didn't make me any more moderate, or any more polite.)

No, it's not that I support Obama and his collectivist agenda. It's that I don't support his collectivist agenda or your collectivist agenda. In fact, in principle I don't see a shred of difference between the agenda of the "R" megalomaniacal parasites and the "D" megalomaniacal parasites. If you're a loyal Republican, you're not actually against wealth redistribution, or nationalizing industry, or trashing the Constitution--you just want your narcissistic crooks to be the ones doing it.

You think it's horrible for "government" to rob productive people, to give money to those who didn't earn it? Yeah, me too. But to pretend to be principled when whining about having to fund coerced pseudo-charity, only to then turn around and advocate that people be forced to fund mass murder instead (in the name of "national security"), is the height of hypocrisy. In short, your Democrat neighbors are merely doing to you what you want to do to them: using the violence of the state to coerce you into supporting their beliefs and values.

If you vote to rob your neighbor, and your neighbor votes to rob you, and you happen to lose the contest of control-freakism, you damn well deserve it. If you whine that you're being forced to fund a welfare state you oppose, and then you turn around and try to force others to fund a military empire they oppose, then you're a coward and a hypocrite, and you don't deserve freedom. (Is that blunt enough?) If those of you fighting over which slave-master should own us all--Republican or Democrat--were the only ones victimized by the statist game, I wouldn't really care. But those few of us who actually like freedom (we're the ones that get called "extremists") are forced to support both of the stupid statist agendas.

If you complain about Obama trashing the Constitution, yet you support the fascist, draconian "war on drugs" (as you swig your beer), then you deserve the Obama administration. If you complain about the nanny state doing their paramilitary thuggery against producers of raw milk, organic produce, guitars (yes, guitars), lemonade stands, and so on, and yet you support what the ICE, DHS, TSA, and other jackboots are doing every day in the name of "security," then you're a two-faced twit.

In short, if you refuse to allow your neighbors--all six billion of them--to live in freedom, then you yourself deserve to be enslaved. Republicans are not for freedom, any more than Democrats are. Neither group of state-worshipers even understands what freedom is. They accept a violent ruling class as a necessary and legitimate thing, and then they bicker over the meaningless details. Instead of opposing mass extortion in principle, they argue about who should receive the loot. They don't oppose intrusive oppression in principle; they just want it used in a way that fits their own beliefs and values.

If you want me to be forced to fund your views--and if you vote Republican or Democrat, then you do--then your values suck. You don't love freedom or justice, or even know what those words mean. You're nothing more than whiny slaves, asking the "massuh" to whip the other slaves harder, and make the other slaves work longer hours. There's nothing noble or righteous about that.

The Republican party isn't against socialism, or wealth redistribution. Where are the "R" politicians who dare to call for ending coercive wealth redistribution, by ending Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, AFDC, and so on? Saying that you want to slow the rate of growth of something is not the same as opposing something in principle! (Duh.) With the exception of Ron Paul, all of the Republicans in Congress combined don't have enough vertebrae amongst them to put together one spine. There is not one principle to be found on which the Republican and Democratic establishments disagree. Not one.

Wanting "lower taxes" means wanting less robbery. How about no robbery? Where is the Republican proposing that? (Not even Ron Paul advocates that.) Cutting back, or at least slowing down, wealth redistribution schemes is not the same as opposing coercive wealth redistribution in principle. Where is the Republican who will say, "Stealing from one to give to another is wrong"? Wanting to forcibly meddle with some non-violent choices, and not others, is not principled. Whining about the nanny state, while supporting the DEA and ATF, is the sign of an unprincipled doofus. Whining about certain examples of war-mongering, while defending others--which both parties do--is a pretty glaring example of how unprincipled most Americans are. This may come as a shock to you voters, but advocating violent aggression, terrorism and mass murder is always bad, whether it's done by your party or by the other one.

All the talking heads out there, vehemently condemning one set of control freaks, while acting as apologists for another, are a disgrace. The viewpoints portrayed in the media as the "far left" and the "far right" of the political spectrum are, in principle, the same thing. The state-approved drivel that is vomited out of televisions and radios across the country has two very slightly different flavors, and no principles whatsoever.

Allow me to put this in terms that a kindergartner (and hopefully even an American voter) can comprehend: If you continually vote for liars and crooks to infringe upon the freedom of your neighbors, then you do not deserve, and will not have, freedom yourself. In fact, there is only one group that is out here, not only advocating that we be free, but advocating that you be free, too. And we're the ones you love to hate, because we don't worship the state as you do. We are proudly and unapolagetically anti-"government," because "government" is always anti-freedom, anti-justice and anti-human.

Incidentally, if you ever decide to get a principle, we'd love for you to join us. In the meantime, we'll just be annoyed that you continue to imagine yourselves to be rational and moral, while you beg for the mercenaries of the state to foist your bad ideas on us. Then you whine when others do the same thing to you. Get a principle, and give up your statism. Grow up, and act like a thinking, responsible human being. Then you can be one of those "fringe, kook, extremist anarchists" that the media so thoroughly despises. (We even make Ron Paul look like a moderate ... because he is.)


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Comment by DC Brans
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Rose, you sound like a whiner yourself.  After I read through your snivelling, and condemnation of both the Dems and Repubs, your own plan for an alternative Party or Candidate is missing.  You don't even wholeheartedly support Dr. Paul.  You merely appear to be a sideline sniper.  

Comment by James Tirk
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Yeah, you got that right Mr. Rose!! It's high time we all got very very very pissed off and livid angry! I know I am, I've had enough and I'm not going to take it anymore!!! All those slime balls on the hill have been served notice, with the exception of Dr.Paul who is the right man at the right time when we are in the most need.

WE ALL are truly up the river without a boat without him.

Comment by tittiger
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Preaching to the choir here brother Larkin. 

Keep it up though.