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Protesting Banksters, Foreclosure, & The Mark of Cain

By David A. McElroy
Oct. 13, 2011
The Occupy Wall Street protests are enduring and anti-bankster demonstrations are now growing in dozens of other cities across America. Confrontations are erupting and the big corporate media refuses to report many events and messages blasting the corporatists. But some events simply cannot be ignored, like the marchers blockading the Brooklyn Bridge or picketing billionaires’ homes in Manhattan. Clouds of confusion roil around them.
The ruling cabal is desperate to turn the our public opinion to support big banks and the forced collectivist agenda Obama is selling so duplicitously with his touted Tax the Rich rhetoric. There are two sides to every battle, and Satan loves to confuse skirmish lines. Truth is the first casualty in war. Beware the roiling revolutionary clouds of chaos and understand that foreclosure is the path for progressive socialism. The United Nations, in it’s Agenda 21, openly calls for the ELIMINATION OF ALL PRIVATE PROPERTY!
While I am wary of the leftist instigators obvious in these protests, I also know that all of us in the working classes, including the unemployed, disabled, and retired, have good reason to protest, regardless of being labeled Left, Right, or Centrist. The elitists have been pitting the middle classes against the lower ones, blacks against whites against hispanics, etc., to draw attention away from the billionaires’ oppressive regimens. We are admonished against class warfare, but as billionaire Warren Buffet remarked on class warfare, “My side is winning.“ Too many calling themselves middle class are actually lower class types baited to use easy credit to purchase a lifestyle bankrupting them. Let us focus our wrath on the “Captains of Industry” that send hordes of lobbyists and lawyers to Capitol Hill to push their crafty legislation and impose “the best Congress money can buy”. Let’s prosecute greedy bankers who are printing their own money, Federal Reserve Notes, to fraudulently trap us in perpetual debt, and collect multi-million dollar bonuses even upon disastrous balance sheets that are often so fudged over the big brokerage houses and banks don‘t even know what their actual assets are!
Democrat icon Franklin Delano Roosevelt once remarked, “Some of my best friends are communists.” In 1933 he also declared “The Federal Reserve Banks are one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever seen.” Our friend, Sartre, has a scholarly article entitled “Federal Reserve is a cache of Stolen Assets”, found at his website .
How much longer we will be content to be entranced by “infotainment” alerting us to the latest violation of one or more ethics, constitutional or godly law, our rights, liberties, pockets, and even our bodies? How much longer will we see major criminals be excused as “too big to fail”, or shielded by “Executive Privilege”? When will we, like our angry ancestors in 1776, decide “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!” and rise up with clenched fists and fight back to secede from and starve the ungodly tyranny eating out our substance?
Where is Spartacus? Why do we not stand with him in a slave revolt?
We are goaded with Obama’s carrot of “TAX THE RICH”, but if we chase this, we will actually see the successful middle class sorts that have truly worked for a few million dollars getting the big stick, not the billionaires. It would just be yet another case of “bait and switch”. Many upper middle class sorts are truly our friends for freedom who, like the Von Trapp family in The Sound of Music, detest the fascist agenda. The devalued dollar has often conferred “Millionaire” status upon the professional middle class types due to our loss of over 97% of the dollar’s purchasing power since the Federal Reserve Bank charter was granted in 1913. It’s usury, or interest, on the public debt has imposed this devaluation, inflation. Having a million bucks ain’t what it used to be, and shouldn’t be cause for Uncle Sam’s “redistribution of wealth.” Obama’s plan may actually slap the billionaires’ hands (with a wink from them), but it will destroy the upper middle class.
Do recall Communism demands the elimination of the middle class. Vladimir Lenin said “The establishment of a central bank is 90% of communizing a nation.” Karl Marx, well funded by bankster Nathan Rothschild, in the Fifth Plank of his Communist Manifesto, advocated “The centralization of wealth in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with an exclusive monopoly.” Usury is the name of the game, plutocrat capitalists impoverishing all working class people with socialist burdens. Bank foreclosure is how the corporatist collective progresses toward a statist New World Order of total control.
That old kindergarten game of “musical chairs” is analogous to the banksters’ theft plan. The game began with all players having a seat when the teacher played the music, and when the prancing music stopped, everyone would take a chair. But before the music stopped, the teacher removed a chair and someone would be out of the game. This would be repeated until all the chairs had been seized by the teacher and all the children were left without a seat. The Federal Reserve progressively seizes our “seats”, our real estate and real goods, by means of controlling the supply of currency to cause bankruptcies each year when we must face the music. The government receives a big loan from the Federal Reserve Bank, which then orders the US Treasury to print Federal Reserve Notes to be put into circulation. But the central bank monopoly does not print the currency to pay the interest on the “money” printed, meaning that each year some people MUST come up short and face bankruptcy, foreclosure, unemployment, hunger, and homelessness. The debt grows each tax year, and the banks will end up owning everything we once had. Of course, so many unemployed “useless eaters”, makes population reduction an issue.
The billionaires, who acquire capital bankrolling socialism, will not complain if they pay a few more million to consolidate their control over the globe as they jet between various corporate board rooms. After all, the central banks are never audited, and they just print the money, or add a few more zeros in a ledger on their computers. Such as George Soros and Maurice Strong are constantly scheming to assert their evil regimes everywhere. They ply government agencies, fund non-government organizations, bankroll provocateurs to orchestrate big public protests to give their corporatist schemes a widely televised patina of democratic legitimacy, or even initiate riots to discredit peaceful demonstrators. Our messages are often stifled, and all our freedoms are being circled up in a closing noose. Even in our homes, “full spectrum surveillance” monitors our every move. Infiltrators subvert our organizations and troll our websites, pretending to represent our interests.
Expect more corporate bankruptcies and mergers as consolidation continues to see small fish swallowed by big fish, or simply left to die high and dry. Bankruptcies on Main Street make a bonanza for Wall Street bankers picking up our pieces for their corporate empires at pennies on the dollar, leaving us destitute, unemployed, and homeless. Obama and Boehner’s “Super Committee” coup has usurped Congress in hijacking the purse strings of the government, imposing taxation without representation. But football games and “American Idol” get much more attention, don’t they?
We have been tempted and defrauded to exchange real goods and real estate for worthless paper. Now the paper is being burned by the banksters, who each, like Al Capone, wanted to be seen as a “legitimate businessman”. We are being liquidated! Recall how former New York Stock Exchange CEO Bernard Madoff was tried and convicted without any court testimony… because he could spill the beans on larger ponzi schemes and outright thefts on Wall Street? Phonetically, Goldman Sachs (Gold Man Sacks) is an appropriate name! Is this the “Golden Rule” Christ spoke of? Of course not! It is time for a jubilee of debt repudiation… the jubilee noted in that verse from Leviticus 25:10, partly inscribed on the Liberty Bell. America’s Spirit of ‘76 railed against the Bank of England’s usury. As long ago as 1694, the Bank of England’s charter declared “The bank hath benefit on the interest on all monies which it creates out of nothing.” A British banker paid Marx to set in motion a plan for the theft of the whole planet. Nathan Rothschild’s checks issued to Marx are in the British Museum. Rothschild also had Marxists in Abraham Lincoln’s administration, financed both the North and the South in the War of Northern Aggression that ended the republic of American states. We are deemed to be chattel under the 14th Amendment. The Bank of England is a major shareholder in the Federal Reserve Bank.
Of course, media darling Herman Cain, the GOP counter to Obama’s race card, says it is our fault, that the unemployed, the poor and homeless, are too lazy and inept, and full of class envy. Cain was chairman of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank, a fact which the corporate media glosses over. Cain’s primary purpose is to foil Ron Paul’s drive to “END THE FED”, without confronting or acknowledging Paul directly and boost Paul’s status as a GOP candidate for POTUS. Cain wants Paul to fade from voters’ view quickly. Cain shills for the “coin of the realm”, a coin by which we pay tribute to “Heads” of capitalism, and end up paying our “Tails” to a corrupt international socialist empire. It is a two-sided monetary version of the Hegelian Dialectic Marx and Lenin promoted, a plan to rob us all and discard us as “useless eaters” with “population control“!
The talking heads on TV say precious little about how the big fat cats exported American industries to slave-labor markets overseas with NAFTA & GATT, leaving us with no jobs and tens of thousands of vacated industrial and commercial buildings. We are excoriated as racist for even mentioning we are being over-run with tens of millions of illegal aliens competing for our scarce jobs and sucking up billions of tax dollars in preferential social service programs. Even creating a casual labor job for yourself is nigh impossible when nobody has any money for other than the barest of necessities.
Cain’s buddies make it impossible to “work hard and get ahead”, or even keep what you have. The work ethic is based on earning your keep, gainful employment. When payment for working is neither gainful nor sufficient for keeping the household, when initiative is punished and the fruits of labor stolen, the working class is reduced to angry slave status. This is the Federal Reserve’s management agenda, and blacks like Obama and Cain are chosen to lead us into slavery much like the British used blacks in rounding up African slave labor to ship abroad. Uncle Tom is alive and well in the land of diversity and multiculturalism. Socialism is slavery and leads to death and destruction, deliberately.
What about the regulatory war on independent sorts like family farmers and ranchers, homesteaders, prospectors, commercial fishermen, truckers, and the self-employed? Or Obamacare’s planned wage-rape of the medical professions? Why are small businesses being crushed with burdens? Why has the EPA declared that hay is a pollutant farmers must contain in special facilities? Why has a federal judge in Wisconsin ruled we have no right to produce or choose the foods we consume? Why pay interest on our currency? What does Cain say about such issues?
Bankers want low-wage workers, want us “unwashed masses” to be desperate, fearful, cold and hungry, looking to drive us against each other with their meager carrots and big sticks while they speak politely in professional doublespeak. They certainly don’t want us having discretionary funds for political activities, competing investments, or the means to find a life independent of them. They want the desperately poor and homeless obviously miserable, presenting them as an odious example to drive the public scramble to remain employed and financially solvent. Comfort or complacency in poverty would not serve their purpose, and suffering is mandatory in the system of carrots and sticks, as Orwell outlined in his book, 1984. Suffering enforces control and is evidence of repression.
International bankers, like Rothschild and Rockefeller, financed Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Castro, and continue bankrolling socialist coups. Socialism is nothing but the process of foreclosure, be it quick and bloody or “progressive” and “legal”, used to seize assets, or acquire capital, as state or corporate possession of all property is their published goal. Fascist “public/private partnerships” are divesting us of our rights and opportunities in a giant fraud wherein corporate losses and liabilities are socialized upon the public, and profits and privileges are amassed by the oligarchs, the “Captains of Industry” at the helm of a total global tyranny over all peoples, places, and things. Fascism is fraud writ large, and it will progress to communism’s blatant theft, slavery, and murder. You might consider that the nations being attacked by the American military and NATO forces are those who have independent banking systems not giving tribute to Wall Street or “The Crown” banks in London. Are you fooled?
Oligarchs have fooled much of the public by bifurcating the knowledge, understanding, of what is widely promoted as Capitalism. To wit:
1. To the common man, it means open competition in a free market where those who produce better products and services, or deliver comparable goods and services more efficiently at lower prices, will prevail by pleasing their customers. This competition in the marketplace spurs innovation and human progress meeting our needs and desires with honest labor and ingenuity, improving our standards of living. This is healthy for society.
2. To the elite billionaires and trillionaires like the Rothschilds, Windsors, Rockefellers, Gates, Buffet, Soros, etc., free market capitalism is tolerated merely as a test bed where laboring people bear the costs to research, test, and deliver more efficient products and services, including the sciences and technologies forging new tools the elite may choose to control, provide or deny us. They only promote competition in the marketplace to the point when the most efficient means is determined, and then the elite will incorporate it in a monopoly to gain capital for their profit, our loss. Vulture Capitalism forecloses upon our liberties and livelihood, and compels our exchange of real goods and real estate for the debt instruments known as currency, seizes the fruits of our labor with increasing usury, taxation, and fees, binding us in the regulatory slavery of socialist red tape.
How often have you heard a business man say “Never invest your own money, invest the other people’s money.“ Brokers always collect on every transaction, whether stocks go up or down, win or lose. They split the profits and leave little guys with the losses as they guard the “whales” in those Wall Street Casinos. Often we see an illusion of gain in the stock markets, when the activity is merely the elite shifting their money from one pocket to another to bait the “little people” into buying into a moribund situation, wherein the sheep get sheared. Our gains are temporary, theirs are permanent, in that socialist political dance where they lead us two steps forward and one step back just to give us the hope of advancing when we are forced to relinquish ground. Walter Burien, a former Wall Street broker who felt his conscience calling, has exposed the fraud at for us.
In frightening us with the specter of Marx’s Communism, we are diverted to what Bill Clinton called “The Third Way”, the Fascist or Corporatist model of Socialism. It really makes no difference whether the socialist regime is hard-core Soviet style state ownership of all property, or the Nazi style of corporatism pretending to be Capitalism we currently suffer. The elite are large in charge in either case, controlling all assets and setting all government agendas, oppressing all people in the Darwinian view that we humans are merely livestock for their amoral use. See that the Communist Manifesto, the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, and even the Jewish Talmud all promote this evil philosophy. Even if you want to dismiss these treatises as dubious “conspiracy” fodder, you should admit the processes they outline are in progress before our eyes. Lenin was a Jew, and David Ben Gurion cut his political teeth in the Bolshevik Revolution before taking his brand of terror to found Israel in 1948. The history of socialism is deeply rooted in an evil cabalistic Jewish culture permeating world financial houses, our movies, media and the academic institutions. Such as Scofield, and now John Hagee, give it great influence over many Christian institutions. It is feudalism in disguise, demanding servitude and fealty to a tyranny worldwide. Israel is used, as Ben Gurion said at it’s founding, “To advance the cause of International Socialism”. Marxist bankers advance shielded by the shrill cries of “anti-Semitism!” deflecting criticisms of modern Pharisees in currency speculation.
We must secede to succeed! We must have no king but Jesus! Live free or die trying!

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Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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Excellent article.  I could not agree more.  We have been forewarned by many, Bella Dodd, Maurice Malkin, Douglas Reed, G. Edward Griffith, Eustace Mullins, Antony Sutton and many others.  If we refuse to educate ourselves now, we do so at our own peril as well as our children and our grandchildren.  "We have met the enemy, and it is us".

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