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Spineless Texas??

I must have missed the memo, informing the world that the entire state of Texas had been castrated. I can't think of any other explanation for the fact that the formerly bad-ass, formerly brave and strong, formerly freedom-loving state of Texas is allowing such blatant fascism to occur.

As you may have guessed, I'm speaking of the new fascist program the TSA is carrying out in Houston, goose-stepping about on busses, randomly stopping and interrogating people, and searching bags without a warrant or probable cause. Come on, Texas! What happened to you? When did you become the land of the pansies and the home of the blindly obedient?

Let me be blunt. (Actually, I will be whether you "let" me or not.) If some dumbass statist automaton with a badge "asks" to rummage through your belongings, you have the absolute right to refuse. (Actually, you have the absolute right to suggest that the jackboot go engage in intercourse with himself, but I suppose you could choose a more polite approach.) And if he "insists," and tries to force you to let him rummage through your stuff, you have the right to forcibly resist. If he then tries to take you hostage, for not putting up with being treated like the subject of some third world dictatorship, you have the right to resist. If he goes for his gun, then you have the right to blow his unused brains out.

Of course, doing so would likely be hazardous, even if completely justified. At the very least, every time one of those jackbooted, fascist dumbasses searches a bag without a warrant, without probably cause, and without the consent of the owner, the victim should get the name of the state mercenary, make public that that person is an unthinking fascist thug, and immediately file a Bivens action against him, for the obvious, intentional violation of the victim's Fourth Amendment rights. Maybe if the federal parasites had to spend lots of time, effort and money defending against a Bivens action every time they do this, they might think twice. (And I really hope whoever already had his bags searched does this.)
Personally, I think relying on "lawsuits" is far too nice. Putting up with blatant injustice, and then begging "government" puppets--the dress-wearing megalomaniacs who call themselves "the courts"--generally sickens me. If you need some "court" to tell you whether randomly searching people's bags is a violation of the Fourth Amendment, then you might as well drive yourself to the nearest prison, and volunteer yourself into custody.

If the jackboots can get away with this in Texas, what hope is there for the rest of the country? Just how blatant does this police state garbage have to get, before the people stop echoing the blatant lie that this is a free country? Remember seeing those old movies about Nazi Germany, where the thugs randomly stop and interrogate people, and search through their stuff? Well, now you can see it in full color and 3D! Just go to Houston!

This is extremely serious. If there was ever a point at which the steady march toward a complete totalitarian police state has to be stopped, this is it. And if there was ever a people who might have the balls to stop it, I was hoping it would be the people of Texas. This is not the time to ask nicely. This is not the time to beg for freedom. If there are any non-neutered folks still in Texas, this is the time to STOP this fascist bullshit, by any means necessary. If the day comes when the people think that being randomly detained, interrogated and searched, is normal, necessary, and good, that is the end of the American Experiment.

(P.S. Someone should ship Sheila Jackson Lee off to North Korea, where her mentality would fit right in. I'm sure they could find a job for her there.)

(P.P.S. After admitting to doing warrantless bag searches in Houston, the federal Gestapo and the Texas state and local fascist collaborators suddenly decided to deny they were doing such things. Sure.)

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Comment by Kit Kal
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Anonymous75: I think you totally missed any points I made or Rose, or anyone else for that matter.  I did not say that the NIH is fake, I said the report on "Anti-Government Phobia" seems to be a fake and a sick joke.  I could not find it on the website nih.gov to validate; that does not mean someone did not publish this as propaganda.  You are the one who believes these things are true. 

As for Larken Rose, he has addressed these issues ad nauseum and you still continue to attack and berate; that is fine and you can stick it where the sun does not shine.  I have not asked for your counsel or to 'teach' me anything and you weighed in on the discussion; so who is wasting who's time? 

You can believe whatever you want about Larken Rose and what he said, but I can discern for myself as to whether he has any sort of murderous intent; I find he does not.  I have the right to self-defense of myself, and others, even in the use of deadly force; AND IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY HAVE A BADGE OR OFFICIAL TITLE!

I  do not speak for Larken Rose, but I have respect for what he expresses; this does not mean I follow or agree with everything he says.  I do not think he is psychotic or murderous.  I also, have never met the man, but at least I know who he is.  I do not have that advantage with you, as you do not with me; perfectly fine with me.

A cop should have honor and integrity, as well as a moral ground to decide if they should be enforcing 'laws' that are morally WRONG!  The truth is hard to take, but you cannot change it; it is still the truth.  Check out the name Richard Mack, retired Arizona Sheriff; he is a person who would understand what I am saying and would likely see Rose's point when he wrote the article you say he made these threats in.  GOT IT PAL!

Kit Kal

P.S. I was done with you the first time I read your comments in a previous opinion piece Larken Rose wrote about Van Jones.  You remember, where you made the false claim that Rose made up the story about Kit Kai to misdirect from the case he has with the IRS?


Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Kit Kai, there is nothing right in what psychotic Larken Rose had threatened to do – shoot cops dead and kill government officials WHATEVER IS HIS GRUDGE AGAINST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, AND HOWEVER HE TRIED TO EXPLAIN IT AS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. .. NOOOOOO … IT ISN’T RIGHT, AND IT CAN’T AND WILL NEVER BE RIGHT!

You can say anything you believe is right, but it does not mean that it is right. You can even say there is no water in the ocean – you are a loose cannon in saying what you believe is true -- but it does not mean that the ocean has no water just because you said there is none. You can say that Larken Rose is not a tax cheat, a tax felon, or an ex-convict, but it does not mean he is not. You said that NIH is a fake, but it does not mean it is. Just because you said Larken Rose is not a psychopath, does not mean that he is not psycho-schizophrenic. What do you understand about all these … nada!

I am done with you. I am wasting my time. Your business of showing how far you can discuss with me intelligently is over … your time has expired.

Let Larken Rose speak for himself. Since when did he pay you to be his spokesman? Let him deny that he is not a tax cheat, that the IRS did not convict him as a tax evader, that he is not a tax felon, that he is not an ex-convict. That his mental fixation to shoot cops dead and to kill government officials are not that of a mentally-deranged psychopath.

Comment by Anonymous US Citizen
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I wasn't going to spend the time commenting on this, even though my views lean more towards the authors point of view. However,  I've been reading the comments of "it" to whom calls itself  "Anonymous75", and find its comments,  even more interesting then the original article.

Who is anonymous75? I mean I think since he has so graciously provided us with its analysis of our mental health, based on numerous  officially recorded and government sponsored studies and research, I think we are  obliged to recipicate the gesture.

The first question's that come to mind mind to ask in this analysis is: Is "it" a real person or a machine? if a machine, was the machine once a human, educated and transformed into a government machine, programmed to further its agenda?  An Educational Mercenary or "Scholar of Fortune" who can only recite and defend the "Official Record" of the very Government, who has trained it, and have awarded "it" its various medals of Achedemic Valor, such as its Facist "Gold Star" and his PHD in Communism, along with its many other officially scantioned, and governmentally approved accomplishments. Which I might add, are surly written in the official Government records someplace.

I have literally missed two appointments this morning reading it's spew of propaganda and misdirection of issues, in order to cover its governmental ass! Opps... did I use foul language by using the word "ass" ? Humm... upon review I notice you used the word "ass" so I am going to conclude that its on the official  record as being a governmentally cleared word for use.

Oh and yes I must profess up front, that some of the spelling, punctuation, and grammar used here isn't perfect, but like most making a simple comment rather than creating a literary  work of art, I am focusing on content of the comment, rather then syntax of writing.

However, since you are so concerned I thought it might be a gesture of good will to point out the one hundred plus gramatic mistakes you have made in your comments so far. Now, even though I am a writer, I do acknowledge that I am not a professional Proof Reader, so I will pass your comments on to a friend of mine who is, and I'm sure she will be glad to point out all your mistakes. I have so many points to make, and so little time to write them now, so I will return later tonight for further analysis of Anonymous75.

However, one point I really  wanted to bring up now, is that your Beloved Government has no "rights" according to the Constitution of the United States of America. It only has "powers", not "rights", that are delegated to all branches of the government, by the citizens, who are the government of the United States. Nowhere in the charter, Preamble, Bill of rights, or entire Constitution does it state that the Government has  "rights" of any sort.

In case you are a little fuzzy on this ( though being a lawyer you should know) here is a copy of the Constitution of the United States of America.


  The "right" for a person to defend ones self is the right of the citizen, not the right of the Government to determine how you do so. Nor is it the responsibility of our government to defend us, its each citizens responsibility to defend their self  and family.



Comment by Kit Kal
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brag:  The issue raised against Larken Rose is baseless; he has not held anything on that case from anyone.  The IRS is misleading people if they are calling him a 'tax cheat' or 'tax felon.'  I have not come across anything of that sort, however, they like the label 'tax protester' and that would fit the bill.

Next, is whether he is a psychopath who wants to 'shoot cops dead' and kill 'government officials,' this is twisting his words and is not truthful.  He has explained what he meant by it.  He is not the only person who ever raised such issues in history.  His points are boldly made no doubt, but this is not purely "cosmetic."

Do you have any comment or response to this piece he wrote?  How about having a discussion on the state of affairs that are taking place?  Larken Rose is simply focused on that.

Kit Kal

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 Cops nowdays are militarized thugs, not public servants

Cops sometimes need to be shot if they overstep their authority

there is no law requiring US REPUBLIC CITIZENS pay income tax




Comment by Kit Kal
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 Anonymous75: I addressed your comment simply because you saw fit to twist my words for your agenda towards Larken Rose; my initial comment was for Larken Rose, but you felt some need to weigh in.  I did not eat my words, I pointed out that I have been out of the military for over a decade and the training they recieve now is possibly in the direction of "kill-on-demand."  They are sent to other lands to kill people, the question they have to decide for themselves is whether they are right, morally.  Those in the coffers of 'government' have studied ways to make 'more efficient killing machines' when it comes to the military; this is done through social engineering. 

With all of those "credentials" I would think you would have a bit of a brain and you would not be on here every time this man wrote something repeating yourself like a broken record.  I have not come across anything new about this man, Larken Rose.  I have read his books, watched his videos of him speaking and I have my own mind as well.  Your ego is to the point of bursting so you could not inflate it any further; from where I sit you are either a total fake or you are an agent 'Provocatuer' and purposely attempt to misdirect people if they were to read an OPINION piece by Larken Rose.

He does not advocate to go out and "hunt down" cops; He simply asks questions that most do not have the guts to ask; but have thought about, perhaps.  As for the NIH study on "Anti-Government Phobia," I stand by my earlier assessment that is a hoax in the least.  I have not been able to find such a report on the actual website nih.gov.  I read it and I think it is a sick joke. 

There is no credibility there in my opinion.  You were unable to answer any of my questions because you have no ground to stand on with your argument.  The colonists resisted those who were tasked with 'enforcing' the King's order; at that time it was the same as the 'Law.'  Therefore, it is a good comparison to ask if they were in the right when they resisted the British soldiers coming to disarm them; this was the first battle of the Revolutionary war, you know the one that this country was forged in?  You simply cannot answer it because you are set in an agenda of constant character assassination of Larken Rose and any other who agree with what he says.

My point about the NDAA was that you support such BS legislation.  They passed it into 'law' and it is a direct violation of Individual Rights.  The only way this can be resisted now is to physically resist and that means someone may be killed; that is the inevitable result of this so-called law.  In my book, this makes you a supporter of 'terrorism' by the 'government.'

As to the IRS, you still did not answer with anything of substance.  I called them 'theft collection' because they are the arm of the 'government' that enforces it extortion racket of the people; myself as well.  Larken could not have "cheated" the IRS if he was attempting to stop them from stealing from him.  No hallucination on my part, my mind is clear on the reality vs illusion that has been established in this counrty and the rest of the planet, by people such as yourself.

My scenerio about a farmer standing his ground against a raid by LEO's going after him for raising livestock that are under a 'law' forbidding him from doing this, was to illustrate that there is a line that has been crossed and blurred by those in 'government' and their 'enforcers.'  He would be well within his rights to use deadly force if he had to.  The truth of such 'laws' existing is beyond absurdity and at some point a person is going to fight.  The excuse, "I don't make the laws, I just enforce them" is no longer holding any sway.  That was my point.

As for learning ANYTHING from the likes of you, all I recieved was alot of garbage.  No thanks.  I was not bothering you by the way, so whatever.

Kit Kal 



Comment by Boston Releigh
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Let me re-focus the discussion in the right direction and do away with cosmetics. The issues brought against Larken Rose are (1) Is he a tax cheat? The IRS saw to it that the public knows he is a "tax felon". Anything that says he is not, is purely cosmetic.

(2) Is he a psychopath – wanting to "shoot cops dead" and obsessed to "kill public officials" – the answer is yes. Anything else that says he is not, is purely cosmetic.

Let’s get rid of these cosmetics, and end this discussion with a warm handskake.

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 I am a Texan, or I should say Texian, being I am  a Republic of Texas Sovereign
everything you say in this post is abosolutelt true. We as a people must put our foot down now, "give them an inch they will take a mile". Here is the deal though..some us are trying to fly low as possible, for as long as possible because we are getting ready for the real fight that is soon to come a little later. Storing supplies, stocking up. So the name of the game is to go as long as possible before having to BOLD BADASS! Cause surely, you know as soon as you BAD ASS! you're going to get wressled down to the ground by a swarm and thrown in the cell with a steep climb getting out. Now with that said if that's what it takes to STAND GROUND then that's what it takes. But best case scenario is to try to ovoid that as long as possible. It is hard to continue with your get ready program when the PLAN ARRIVES TOO SOON. So like I said theres alot of us ready to get bad ass, we're just trying to by time why we continue to stock up for the real Battle coming soon.

Comment by Boston Releigh
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If I get it right, supporting a psychopath killing a cop as an excuse for self-defense can never be right … it will always be wrong, Annoymous75 said to Larken Rose and to all of you. How can a morally right person ever doubt this?

In his last comment, Annonymous75 had a heart-to-heart talk with all of you out there … "No more zarzuela." In my understanding of what he is saying -- what it means is that don’t waste your time defending the indefensible, which is not good to the public. Stop "bitching". Do something else … do something useful to the public even just once in your lifetime.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Your name-calling here and other Ad Hominem do not count at all. They neither bitch me, nor boot my normal sleep.

Thousands of you rising from hell praising Larken Rose to high heavens will not change who he is, for life -- a mentally deranged cop-stalker, an anti-Government psychopath whose "mental illness" has been established by the National Health Institute as a threat to national security.

One thousand more angels saying that Larken Rose is a normal, nice honest person will not change the fact that he is a crook who was arrested, convicted, and jailed for cheating in his tax returns. Even if you burn the record, once a felon, is always a felon.

His insanity – obsession to shoot cops dead and kill government officials – has also been recorded!

As a con man, his dishonesty as a scheming cheap tax cheat is also established and verified in the records of the IRS. I do not speak from Cloud 9 like you do. I only speak the truth from out of what is recorded.

My exposure of this homicidal schizophrenic threat to national security as a form of a public warning, is airtight there is nothing you can do about it! Even with your tinseled "help", Larken Rose could not wiggle his way out of it … there is no escape!

Let’s face it. Let’s be honest and admit this ugly truth.

No more zarzuela.

Comment by Larry Lawson
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 I can only sincerely hope that Annonymous64 who likes to see him/herself babble (and it likely is a zionut he/she) I hope that it and others like it will soon be no more in the coming ensuing crossfire as Americans do defend themselves against these soulless creatures infesting this nation.  While there are far more of US then there are of them, they will use dirty tricks like flu viruses, WMD's and PROPAGANDA.  But in the end I believe the world shall be rid of their kind.  And this will be a GOOD DAY!  For up-to-date news I suggest Mike Rivero's whatreallyhappened(dot)com site.  Good Luck!

Comment by Lady LaLa
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The posts by "ANONYMOUS" are clearly those of a PAID, CIA Operative. 

To Larkin Rose:

Ron Paul -- another wolf in sheep's clothing -- has suggested we "sue" the TSA. As you have pointed out, the corrupt courts are there to keep the illusion of freedom but you can bet your bottom dollar -- ain't no lawsuit against the government ever gonna see the light of day.

Not to mention, our UPFRONT cost for beginning a lawsuit will be a minimum of $250,000 for filing and attorney's fees. Yet the naive public still supports a man who INTENTIONALLY suggests such an ineffective and useless remedy. This is of course done DELIBERATELY. That is Ron Paul's role. Pretend to be the offensive while sabotaging all genuine efforts to rid ourselves of the cancer.

The internet is infiltrated and unfortunately many are not as obvious as the scum who posted calling itself... "Anonymous" .






Comment by Anthony Clifton
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Mass Murderers - FRAUD ARTISTS - Synagogue of Satan Psychopaths = Zionazi Psychozoids...does not equal the definition of Government for Texans or Americans...

 See the Autopsy photo {s} of the Davidians....Melissa Morrison & Others

Talmudvision has corrupted the purpose of living in the CONUS, and only clear - right thinking...ACTION will rectify this "JEWTOPIA" = stool sculpture deity cult compound called the Zionist Occupied "Govt."....

I recall seeing Larken on the stand in the Simkanin case of INJUSTICE...what a performance...

Keep pointing out the obvious to these nutlesss, SPINELESS, "JEW" worshipping deviants...soon "THEY" will be as if they never were...a pile of ashes!!!

"THEY" shall reap what "THEY" have sown...!

Comment by Jeannon Kralj
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 I agree with this article one hundred percent and thank Larkin Rose for making this needed crystal clear statment.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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To Kit Kai: You asked me questions to educate you. Unfortunately, I have no time for that because the knowledge you badly needed from me took me a lifetime in the academe to earn at least two degrees and three degrees to Ph.D. in graduate school covering at least five disciplines: law, economics, Literature, Philosophy & Letters, and Journalism. Other than these my other "credentials", re, ILO-IBRD [World Bank studies in Monetary Economics, etc.] are lining up in the walls of my library … I also shared this knowledge with students in school. Got it, buddy?

Now, why do I have to write this down for you? Is it to inflate an ego? No, not at all … From where I am now, I no longer react to back-patting and standing ovation. The purpose is to give you an idea why you are having difficulty [similar with others at your level of education] in trying to synchronize your understanding with what I am saying when I am making an erudite point in a tight state-of-the-art argumentation that happens to be beyond your reach. You learned this only from the school of higher learning.

But let me tap your head for the comment you just made so that you may know:

1. The "mental illness" that manifests in Larken Rose’s anti-Government schizophrenia is authenticated by the studies of the National Institute of Health. You may attack NIH and Dr. Ivor E. Tower anyway you want, but it is not what you think it is. Dr. Tower only put it in writing for the laypeople like you to understand clearly the serious implication of this finding… How widespread this is I will quote it for you: "Anti-Government Phobia has a worldwide distribution, but has a particularly high incidence in the United States. Infection rates are estimated by mental health officials to be about 5% of the general population, and this rate is growing at an alarming rate. Rates are highest, but not limited to, those who are disaffected in some fashion, especially those who have a strong personal grudge against the federal government for one reason or another."

After Rose served his sentence in jail, his "personal grudge against the federal government" worsened his mental trauma, turning him into a calculating violent cop-stalker.

2. I just learned that you are a genuine scatter-brain. Scatter-brains eat their own words. Your previous criticism of Larken Rose when his feverish mind attacked the purpose of military training which is to "kill-on-demand", here is what you said: " … they are not trained to ‘kill on demand', they are trained to stay alive …" But in your next comment below, you somersaulted and said: " … there is no doubt in my mind that things have moved in the direction of training to ‘kill-on-demandas Larken pointed out …" Is it or is it not … You agree and disagree with this Sicko at the same time. I lost respect for people who eat their own words after lying to themselves … not worth my time.

3. NDAA took away "due process" from terrorists and terrorist suspects. It is too late for you to protest. You should have done that while Congress was still deliberating to pass the law. You can kick the bucket until your ankle gets swollen and your knee breaks, but it would make no differences now.

4. You said you agree with Rose that "IRS are theft collection". It is false, and the English is bad. Besides, this looks like hallucination.

5. The farmer or rancher who refused to allow LEOs to enter his property to execute a search warrant and instead shot them, should have been gunned down by the LEOs not only in self-defense but also for shooting a police officers while in the performance of their duty.

6. You also asked me this: "Were the colonists in the right when they resisted the British soldiers …?" Your miserable point is that you likened Larken Rose to the "colonists" and the British soldiers are today’s cops that he wanted to shoot dead. It is a stupid question, and a senseless comparison. We do not live in a colony, and the U.S. Government or the cops are not colonizers.

I am charitable with my time. But please, don’t bother me anymore. If you want to learn more, go back to school.

Comment by Kit Kal
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Larken Rose:

For the record, I disagree with your assessment that the people of Texas are possibly spineless; however, I agree with you about the sorry state of affairs we all are dealing with to some degree or another.  I also, understand the anger that you expressed about the TSA thugs, doing "random" searches on buses and other public transportation.  Funny, that the excuse I hear about the "need" for these sorry people, is usually about airport security, yet, they are now expanding out.  The eventuality of a violent confrontation is not far in coming.  I work in Private Security, and at least, we go through the same process as the other employees, at my place of employment.  We also, give consent, before this happens.  I can tell you something else, coming from a strictly practical standpoint, that holding a large amount of people in an inclosed area for any length of time to go through "security measures" only leads to their vulnerability of an attack from someone who has set about to cause mass casualties; in other words we are no safer with the TSA in charge of airport security or any other than we were before 9/11/2001.  Some would say it is worse.  I just wanted to add that to my previous comment.  Later


First off, I read that NIH 'report' written by an Ivor E. Tower; it sounds like it is false.  I didn't get it from the actual website, but from a link provided in the comments section on this website; I think it was posted by the user name "Ufactdirt."  The whole thing is baseless and would include anyone who has ever had a beef with the 'government.'  Also, in the "MIAC Report" of 2009, the authors claimed that Veterans, particularly Iraq and Afghanistan Vets, may be potential "terrorists."  They also, included anyone who supported Ron Paul, the U.S. Constitution, spoke of liberty or any other "right wing" viewpoint; Homeland Security excepted it as a credible report. 

That includes me as well.  I guess I am just as delusional as Larken Rose, because I agree that the IRS are theft collection.  He was NOT a "tax cheat" as the money that is stolen from him is his and he tried to find a way to keep it, using their own code; it does not matter that the deck was stacked against him or that they never did confirm anything to what he asked.  Also, as Rose has stated repeatedly, it was prosecuted as a misdeameanor, not a felony.  His questions of when a person should shoot a cop, is boldly asked, and he explains it it detail what he is talking about.  Larken Rose is not a "nutcase" and I will not let you twist MY words for your agenda.  I respect the man's mind and for the most part I agree; the how of achieving a stateless society, is where we may not agree, but you cannot imagine such a society because you are so shaken with fear that all you see are "terrorists" around every corner.

I was seperated almost eleven years ago from the Marine Corps and there is no doubt in my mind thatthings have moved in the direction of training to "kill-on-demand" as Larken pointed out.  All I was saying was not to discount those still in.  Your demented twisting of my words mean nothing.

Your support of the NDAA is more disturbing than Larken Rose asking questions about how to handle confrontations with "authority" figures; bullies with badges come to mind.  The due process that was established at the found ing of this country was meant for everyone to be able to get a fair trial; innocent untill proven guilty, remember?  Why would this not apply to "alleged" terrorists?  What are you and the "government" scared of?  Could it be no hard evidence of any such crime?  You claim to be a lawyer, but you are all for the "indefinite detention of anyone, suspected of terrorist activities."  This is akin to the legislation passed in 1930's Germany.  So were those who resisted in the Warsaw Ghetto and other places in that locale, "terrorists?"

Here is a scenerio that brings Larken Roses point into clearer illustration, or my own view on it: Say a farmer or rancher refuses to allow "Law Enforcement" onto their property to execute a search warrant, looking for ISO (invasive species order), which can include any domesticated animal not native to the land, and it comes down to a stand-off.  Say the farmer/rancher already shot two LEOs before that point, after he warned them and they proceeded.  Is that farmer/rancher in the right?  This is a case up in Michigan, but there was no resistance.  The DNR raided a farm to search for a breed of pig.  The farmer felt he had to kill all of his pigs, and it is now in court.  The scenerio is based on if that person had resisted in the order Larken lays out.

So I ask you, Anonymous75, would he be in the right?

There are so many "laws" on the books that one never know is he or she is violating such.  The NDAA links to the MIACC report and any other such "reports" so as to make freedom minded folks, terrorists or criminals.

Were the colonists in the right when they resisted the British soldiers, equilvalent to todays police, executing the "King's" decree or "law" or order to have them disarmed by force?  Can you answer any of the questions I post here, Anonymous75?  I am sure you will say I am delusional or crazy, insult Larken Rose some more, claiming that you "exposed" etc etc, but can you reasonably answer these questions, given your "lawyerly expertise?"

In closing, I do not blame Larken Rose for feeling the way he does toward "authority" and especially, the IRS; Have you ever heard of the name Joe Banister, formerly of the IRSCID?  He questioned his "superiors" on the 'tax laws' and could not get a response, then, was asked to resign; this was after years of honorable service to this agency.  There are many others and I am a "tax payer" only under duress, meaning, I have no choice when the alternative is to be hauled away to a jail or die resisting; I have other responsibilities at the moment I have to focus my efforts and attention on.

I await your response/answers to my question or further comments.

Kit Kal

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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I am glad that so far the latest emerging comments seem to indicate that a totally screwed up mind of a terrorist ex-convict like Larken Rose’s, now obsessed of murdering cops for his version of "justice" after serving his term in prison, is showing a semblance of hope. I have written off any hope of salvation for this deranged cop-stalker because he and his kind have been described by the National Institute of Health as anti-Government thugs suffering a certain kind of incurable "mental illness".

I noticed that Kit Kai is giving this mental casualty of his own delusional war against the U.S. Federal Government some kind of a MENTAL therapy. He gave Larken Rose the following pills of advice:

[1] Policemen and Military personnel are not trained "to kill on demand". This psychological bug is eating up Rose’s diseased mind. Kit Kal proved to Rose that he was delusional because Kit himself has been trained by the Military as an infantry man. What’s in Rose’s mind does not exist. Besides, it is not fair if not diabolic, for anyone to disparage our LEO who are only doing their sworn duty to uphold the law, or to vilify with such contempt and hatred our men and women in uniform in the service who are now doing their duty here and abroad. No sane person would accuse them of being "immoral" as this loony did, just because they are in the Military.

[2] Texas is NOT spineless. This only exists in the afflicted mind of Larken Rose. Texas has a sterling record of fighting LEO abuses over the years. It is so stupid to accuse Texas of being spineless when the records show the contrary. Only a diseased mind no longer in touch with reality would do that.

But listen, Kit, do you think Rose will take your pills of advice? He is a broken man consumed by hate and violence who is incapable of taking any pill of advice even for self-cure. This is the kind of "mental illness" of a violent anti-Government attacker the NIH had described as a terrorist that is extremely dangerous.

Rose and his kind are growing in number. Pursuant to NIH study, the Department of Homeland Security has recently classified them as dangerous terrorists. They are not only obsessed of bringing down the Government but also predisposed or addicted to kill and to destroy [this mental fixation is akin to that of a serial killer or sociopath, i.,e., Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, Jared Loughner and their kind which I have repeatedly mentioned in my other comments]. Their track record of violence, destruction and mass murder is impeccable!

To parley or negotiate with them to prevent an attack will not work. Why do you think DHS had recently purchased a large cache of hollow point bullets? It is not reason but this kind of bullet that explodes when it hits the body that will stop them. Grim reality to visualize, but I am not talking about the future … it is already here.

It is ad nauseam for me to even think about this scenario, this I have say to be honest with you. But if that will protect me, my family and yours too if you care, from an attacking horde of schizophrenic zombies like Larken and his kind … hey, bring it on! Make my day!

Finally, what is this noise I heard from some of your comments that Larken Rose is driven to shoot cops dead and/or murder officials of the U.S. Federal Government as a matter of SELF-DEFENSE? The problem is that some if not all of you, are speculating.

Let us not speculate. Let the record speak. On record, what attack or abuse by the Government, IRS or cops did Rose suffer to justify his claim or for you to say that what he doing against LEO and the Government is self-defense? Did those "jackboots" [he called them more horrible, dirty unprintable names(!)] kicked his ass? The record shows nothing of that sort of aggression or attack against Rose had been perpetrated by the Government, cops and/or government officials.

Of course in a delirium, Rose does say anything. If you are easily convinced that whatever comes out from his mouth is the truth and nothing but the truth, tell me because I will sell to you London Bridge. You will enjoy a fantastic discount to boot!

The mental ailment that drove him to violence, i.e., to shoot cops dead and to kill government officials, stands on his own record, i.e., his "systematic employment of violence and intimidation to coerce a [the] government…" is in his published writings, books and videos. This quote describes a terrorist [ref: "The new authority on the English Language" – The New [most modern] Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.]

This is also what is found in the record of IRS: He was tried, convicted and jailed as a tax cheat or for committing tax fraud. On record he is a tax felon, and an ex-convict.

Now I ask you: Is this the basis of his claim of "self-defense" for shooting cops dead and for killing government officials … just because he was arrested as a tax cheat, was thrown to jail and after that he suffered his punishment in jail?

C’mon, fellows … you are out of line when you attack me outside of what’s in the record. It is the duty of every law abiding citizen to call the attention of authorities when there is a threat to life and property coming from people like Larken Rose and his dangerous copycats, more so when they happen to be mentally ill. And you attack me because I am doing that? It is inconceivably ridiculous, to say the least!

It is time to recognize and accept who really Larken Rose is. I have nothing personal on this guy, believe me. But the more slippery he is with words, the more it is hard for you to recognize that he is a mentally disturbed terrorist [NIH] that poses a danger to the safety of all Americans, aside from the fact that he is a threat to national security.

Comment by Kit Kal
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Larken Rose:

I agree with many of your views, but this one I will have to disagree with you on; at least in part.  Texas has led the fight against the TSA.  Going through the 'political process' is one of the few peaceful options that people have; that does not mean I disagree with you about defending oneself from thugs/bullies who hide behind badges.   Yet, to do this will need more than one person who defends themselves, it will take a 'jury' to find him/her not guilty; because the State has the burden of proof, it's case could be thrown out depending on the situation.  Video of the ongoing abuses by the police, TSA, and 'government agencies' in general is our best weapon of defense at the current moment.  Each Individual has to live in this sorry world and if a person were to shoot in self-defense, and kill LEO's that person might have to go on the run and would be hunted down as a "cop-killer" regardless of the right or wrong of it.  This is something a person has to think about when they are not facing that situation.  So, I do not think that Texas is spineless; they, the people, are battling this Police State crap same as the rest of us; I think that everyone is doing their best to avoid another bloody war within.  Look at the last time; the greatest casualties of any war the USA has ever fought was that one.  So, it is common sens to want to avoid that as much as possible; besides, I do not think they are getting away with as much as you might think.

Also, about your comments towards police and military training, they are not trained to 'kill on demand' they are trained to stay alive in the execution of their 'duties.'  I went through this myself for four years of active duty infantry.  Is it morphing to what you say; that may be happening, but do not get to harsh on current active duty military or police who are trying to provide an income the only way they know how, at this time.  What I mean here is, as them the tough questions, but don't accuse them of things that are immoral; my suggestion.  They are slowly coming around and it may surprise you if a vast majority of military just 'quit' because what they are ordered to do just does not jive anymore. 

I started to realize that my butt was stuck for four years and then, had the possibility of getting recalled for three; I was seperated one month before 9/11.  I expected it and it never came.  I recieved my honorable discharge and my 'contract' was up; this is my point, these folks are signed up for a particular amount of time on a contract.  You said yourself that if you sign a contract you are under an obligation to follow it as you agreed to it.  Over the course of twelve years, my views and mind has changed quite a bit.  In short, do not sell those still in the military short as they will be in the fight as well.  As for the LEOs, well they will wake up and have to decide for themselves, just what is it they are doing the job for if it is not honorable but, brings income.  When I was a child, I wanted to be a cop, particularly a detective; based on lots of romance from Hollywood, of course.  But also, I have an Uncle who was a police officer at the time.  He was fired from a town because he arrested the wrong person (the mayor's son, I believe) and developed a reputation as someone who would not show favoritism to anyone; this did not bode well with our family.  He is a good man and I will never find him to be in the wrong for his career choice; it was based on moral principles, something that is decaying rapidly amongst current Law Enforcement.

In closing, and as already stated, yes a person does have a right to defend themselves and it should not matter if it is a police officer or other 'government official.'  I find it amazing that anyone could think otherwise; this does not advocate going out and "shooting cops."  I know that you do not see it that way either.  Words can be twisted so easily today.  But, I disagree with you about Texas or anyone else who is still hopeful with the political process to correct things.  I look at it like an addiction to a very harsh "controlled substance" like Heroin.  The withdraw may be worse than the habit; it is very difficult to give up on the notion of electing someone to take care of things while the one who voted them in goes on with their lives.


Kit Kal

Comment by Goshe King
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Have i made you my enemy by telling you the truth?


 LR is absolutely correct about the force the so called security and justice agencies are. They are there to rob you while you are told, they are there for you. If you read his books, you would know that this man is a nonviolent person who preaches ideas of voluntarism. But what would you so called awakened "patriots" know about self-defense when you are the target of violence. ah wait, the person who doesn’t defend oneself is a loyal tax paying citizen and who resists is  a big T word.


Whatever folks, you people disgust me of your ignorance and biasness. I bet you 99% of you believe police and military men are heroes, don’t ya? They are nothing but welfare queens. The clothes you clown wear and the food you eat and everything else you own in your life is paid by people. you are worse than beggar because beggar asks you fucks steal. You paid murderers you…


“Oooooo no he didn’t!”


Have i made you my enemy by telling you the truth? (Repeat)

Comment by Don Duncan
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I noticed one common thread running through the attacks on Larken. He is labeled a "terrorist" for suggesting lethal force in self defense is moral. From this they jump to the conclusion that Larken wants to see cops killed. If Larken had been reporting on a car jacking or mugging I doubt we would have had one negative comment, but he was reporting on government abuse of power. Defending against violation of rights by thugs with badges/guns is NOT allowed in the minds of these critics.It makes one a terrorist in their mind, and open game, e.g., a threat to society who should be killed, no trial needed. I have heard of this before. In the 30's in Germany: They killed Jews, didn't they? I suggest to all Larken's critics, if it upsets you so much that we believe in rights first and foremost here in the good 'ol U.S., get the hell out! No other country will upset you as much.


Comment by Bob Jones
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Wow.  So much for a scholarly debate.

It is a very difficult decision exactly when and how to defend oneself, or actively fight for freedom.  Being a pacifist/chicken, I really don't ever want to be in a position to physically harm/kill an aggressor, either private or public.   The folks who threw out the Brits, lo these many years ago, did choose violence only after many, *many* failed attempts at rational negotiation.

The rational negotiation *did not* work; the violence did (for a couple years, then the whiskey rebellion started it all over again, etc.). 

From what I know of Larken, I'm quite certain that he's not looking forward to killing anyone; although, I can certainly understand his, and millions of others' anger at all the completely insane enforcers and their usurpations of our freedom.

Only someone who has been so relentlessly harassed,  abused and persecuted can truly understand the resulting anger and zeal for self-defense.  A woman who has tolerated abuse for too many years will one day snap, and she will (finally) defend herself to whatever degree it takes to stop the attack.  Rose, Banister, Simkanin, Jackson, Clayton, Harrel, Snipes and millions of others are, in my mind, fully justified to defend themselves however they morally see fit- and I am certain that taking a life is a defense of last resort.

The govt/leo's have marched so amazingly far and fast in these last x years, and it is truly going assymptotic.  The incursions have accelerated exponentially, and we are well into the vertical part of the curve.

I only wish that I had as much spine, audience and humor as Larken (The Tiny Dot, If I Were King- YouTube) to accomplish as much as he has.

Bob (not my real name, although I suspect the EB's (evil bastards) already have me under surveillance.  Here- I'll smile:  :^)  there.)

Comment by George Voit
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I am also entertained by those latest comments. Okay, since you are all in the picture-reading part of this elongated-discussion, let's look at the picture in the upper left-hand corner that purport to be that of a man suspected as Abraham Lincoln's "assassasin". What I see his head that looks like the potato I just bought from a nearby grocery store this morning. You can replicate this round-headed picture yourself. Buy a colored potato shaped like a human head. Let the potato stay in a bowl filled with water at least for three days, until the potato grows "hair". Then you are ready to make a human head. Take the potato out of the bowl, carve the eyes, the nose and the mouth, then let the potato stand impaled at the pointed end of the fork facing you ... now start talking to Larkin Rose! Chances are, he will ask you: Have you killed a policeman yet? And you say, no, but I am about to eat a foolishman -- you!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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I, and the rest you read here, who exposed Larken Rose as a psychopath are one person? I doubt that very much. Let the others speak for themselves.

But here are the personalities that look different and yet these are but one person – this I guarantee you:

1. The person whose photograph appears above and the person convicted of tax fraud and sentenced to serve time in jail are but one and the same person. The IRS released his name – Larken Rose.

2. The person who speechified that a good person like himself wanted justice, and the person who said that he wanted to be a "criminal" and a "terrorist" for justice are but one and the same person. His name is Larken Rose.

3. The person who said that all those who went to school to get educated are slave of the Government, and the person who said that he has a "two-year college" degree but he is a free man, is one and the same person. His name is Larken Rose.

He is only one and the same person. The problem is, he doesn’t just have a split personality but multiple personalities! This is not an ACCUSATION that needs to be proven – this is a PRESENTATION from the record that has already been proven.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Done being personally insulted by people who do not know me or have ever met me - with assumed facts not in evidence.

Good day. 

Comment by Boston Releigh
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Don’t let this scary picture scare you, pretty lady face. His statements to kill cops and officials in the Government are that of an assassin. But don’t worry about Obama. Before he can get to Obama, Obama will get him first. No, he was not seen in Cartagena, Columbia, lately. Obama’s Secret Service agents were caught in a whore-act over there, but there was no report that Larken Rose was seen anywhere in that place. Just look over your shoulder every time you go shopping at Macy’s or when you do your nails near the vicinity where Rose was last seen. You can hire me as a security detail you can depend your life on. That was part of my job while I was in the Military

Comment by Larken Rose
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So lots of people shout "End the Fed!" Good. And I was just there for such an event, which was fun. But then what? The Fed is still there. If a miracle occurs, and Ron Paul gets elected, it will STILL be there. Never in a billion years will the crooks in Congress abolish the Fed. It sounds like your approach really is the "political" process, which has never, and will never, achieve freedom. What's valuable about people like Ron Paul, and various movements and demonstrations, is that they can introduce people to the concepts of liberty. But ultimately, if the people aren't willing to "illegally" achieve freedom, they will never be free, because freedom has ALWAYS been "illegal," and always will be. If they focus only on begging the ruling class to change its evil ways, they will be slaves forever.

(As a former member of the military, you were trained to commit murder on command. Some ex-military folks I know are now able to admit that. The fact that cops and soldiers also do good things--and they often do--does not change the fact that they are intentionally trained to violently impose the will of the politicians on others.) 

Comment by Larken Rose
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To anyone who doesn't already know this, "PussyCat, "Anonymous75," and "Brutus" are all the same person: a delusional, mentally unstable, schizophrenic, pathological liar. If you're wondering why they, and other pseudonyms he uses, echo the same lies, the same inaccurate terms, even the same grammatical errors, that's why. His psychotic projecting is entertaining, but I don't want people to be worried that there are that many state-worshiping fascists here. There aren't. Mainly one, with multiple personality disorder. And no, I'm not worried about the fact that, while repeatedly claiming that I want all cops "shot dead" (which I obviously don't), he openly advocated that I be murdered. Frankly, I'm surprised more people who worship the state don't say such things. I insult the god they bow to, so I expect them to be hostile.

Comment by Anonymous
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I enjoy this debate. I notice that only Annonymous75 is solid. His position connects with me, and the reading public. The rest are just semantics. It is silly to listen to an argument over what Larken Rose is saying. It has no importance. It is how dangerous a "mentally-disturbed" sociopath threatens to kill or shoot a cop that should be the focus of attention. There is danger there. Only Annonymous75 is centering on this point, that's why he connects with me and the public.

But every time I open this page, I am disturbed by this picture of a man staring at me. I look hard trying to figure it out. Are you sure I am not looking at Abraham Lincoln’s assassin? I am just writing down what crosses my mind every time I am here reading what you guys are saying. That mean-looking picture is very disturbing. He threatened to kill or shoot cops, didn’t he?

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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My way is the ONLY way how to deal with threats to life and property coming from mentally-disturbed terrorists like Larken Rose and his likes, i.e. Timothy McVeigh, Unabomber, Jared Loughner and their kind. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY – THE ONLY CORRECT WAY, IS DEFINITELY MY WAY.

Look here, people … the American people agree with my way how to deal with Rose and his kind – eliminate them or else be eliminated! Extreme? Yes, because extreme situation only requires extreme solution. To save my life and that of my family – and yours too if you care – has NO compromise. You either live – which means terrorists don’t – or die – which means terrorists live and kill some more. That’s what I mean when my life and yours have no compromise in dealing with this kind of terrorists.

Notice carefully – and again I will attempt to make you understand: The American people agreed with my way. Through Congress they showed their agreement by passing the latest tool to us in dealing with terrorists like Larken Rose and his likes – the National Defense Authorization Act. This time the American people, tired of the tricky legal maneuvers of terrorists, acted through Congress and got rid of this bullshit called "due process" terrorists hide behind when caught doing their terrorist activities. More NDAA-like tools to use are coming. This nation can no longer take chances after 911 – we may not survive another 911 because this time it could be a biological kind of WMD, you name it.

Psychictaxi, our paths often crossed and we rarely agree with each other because I still have a record to show that you are as angry as Rose when you put your passion in writing down your feelings, right or wrong. You must have a record of mine too. Look at it. It will show you the CIVILITY of my way, the only way I take in the debate. I have learned this the hard way. My education and knowledge in this area are beyond the reach of any of you.

In this issue we are now discussing, your approach of civility in solving problems that to me looks like a hammer hitting Rose’s thick skull surprises me because it has always been my way. But as you know, my way is SITUATIONAL, which means it accepts exceptions.

Dealing with psychos like Larken Rose and his kind, is an exception. You want a "civil discourse" as your way in dealing with them. It won’t work. You don’t do that to sociopaths. It’s like banging your head against the wall and they won’t even see that you are bleeding, much more listen to you.

In short, you are dealing with wackos. The mind is abiotic of understanding anything other than the voice they hear in their head. That’s how sick they are. Forget your way. You sound funny when you say that this loco is "brilliant". Are you kidding me? He is a stalking shoot-and-kill-cops "dark" shadow. It’s all dark. From this Sicko, nothing shines at all.

That they are dangerous is an understatement. Those dangerous mentally-disturbed pain in the ass advocate a "systematic employment of violence and intimidation to coerce a [the] government…". This quoted statement exactly described Rose and his kind as terrorists that employ a system of violence and intimidation to coerce the U.S. Federal Government, i.e. shoot all cops dead or kill people in the government … "blow their brains out" and other statements of terror.

I use this definition of terrorists exactly describing them from "The new authority on the English Language" – The New [most modern] Shorter Oxford English Dictionary.

I have also a "legal" definition of terrorists culled from a case I once handled in my practice of law, but I will no longer drag you there … it is an unfamiliar territory for all of you – including Larken Rose and his kind, and to those who are making comments on this page.

I am always patient to reach all of you by using a layman’s language as much as I can – to make you people understand what we are dealing with in this debate that actually is all about terrorism – the more dangerous one because of "mental illness" involved that has no cure, which of course you just don’t know.

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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To state as an Honorably discharged United States Army Veteran (U. S. Army Signal School Honor Graduate) that I was never trained to 'torment or torture' anyone is proof your statement is flawed to begin with.  Not only did I volunteer, I SAVED LIVES as the RTO for the 36th Medical Detachment (Helicopter-Ambulance) at Ft. Polk, Louisiana.

To state that I work in my Community WITH POLICE OFFICERS on a regular basis and that my personal experience is that some are dicks and some are downright good human beings that truly care for the welfare of their Fellow man is nowhere near 'naive'.

As for an example of 'pressure', I have no better example than a Great-Grandfather Doctor from Texas.  Without him (or us), the words 'END THE FED' wouldn't be chanted by thousands of screaming college students on television - or does this not count as 'a blow for Freedom'?

Comment by Larken Rose
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Much of what you say is what I'm doing, but when you get to "fund-raise" and "exert pressure," you're getting pretty dang vague. Are you talking about political action, which has never, in the history of the world, resulted in freedom? What "pressure" are you talking about "exerting"? I'm pretty dang specific on that: I want people, en masse, to outgrow their authoritarian indoctrination, and then ignore and disobey the parasite class out of existence--and forcibly resist if and when necessary. Specifically, what "pressure" are you talking about? Voting? Petitioning? What?

(P.S. If you think it's "silly" to say that state mercenaries are trained to be callous monsters, then you're more naive than I thought.)

Comment by Ed Vallejo
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"...at best, unthinking, amoral robots; at worst, sadistic monsters who enjoy tormenting and torturing others. That's what cops and soldiers are trained to be, and it's not by accident."

Ok, now you have left disingenuous behind, and have arrived at just plain silly.

You are as far to one side of the scale as Anon75 is the other, my friend.  Your anger exceeds your wisdom, and prevents true civil discourse every bit as much as the exceeding desire to control others prevents Anon75 from ever being free him/herself.

What solution do I suggest?  How about the same solution that every other problem being worked on uses - COMPETITIVE COLLECTIVISM.  You see a problem you scream until enough people become aware of the problem and band together with you to fundraise and exert pressure and get bigger and bigger and then end the practice. 

Because you try it 'your way' and do not succeed does not create the scenario that equates to 'kill 'em all because it's the only way'.  Your brilliance can be put to far greater use in my humble estimation.


Comment by Larken Rose
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Sorry, but if the only thing Texans can think of to stop the psychotic federal politicians is to ask STATE politicians to save them, then yes, Texans are spineless. (Of course, so are the passive subjects who inhabit the other 49 states, probably more so.) Begging for this or that "legislation," federal or state, is the equivalent of slaves begging their master to whip them less--or begging one master to tell another master to whip them less. If Texans don't dare to act like free people until their state politicians tell them they can, then they don't even know what freedom means anymore. (Again, that's true of the compliant masses in all the other states--I'm only picking on Texas because it has a reputation for being strong and independent, a reputation perhaps it doesn't deserve anymore.)

Comment by Judy Chambers
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If you are going to bash Texas, why don't you do a little homework first.  You might learn that the Texas house overwhelmingly passed a TSA anti groping bill .  It failed to get out of committee in the Senate.  Due the the overwhelming response (phone calls, emails and faxes to the Governor0, it was again brought up in the Special Session where it again passed the House and Senate.  Then magically, it just ran out of time in the special session because Gov Perry intentionally delayed.  It was never signed by our sissy governor with the help of our Lt governor David Dewhurst and the Rino Speaker of the House Strauss)  They schemed a way to each blame each other for the debacle, thereby no one taking credit alone.  This is the game they play in Politics.  So if you want to call Texas Spineless, why don't you put blame where blame belongs: Rick Perry, David  Dewhurst and Speaker Strauss.  They killed the bill.  And yes, Rick Perry is a spineless wimp, a phony grandstanding gutless trickster.  A mamby pamby.

Comment by Ed Price
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Seems to me that you are missing the point, Anonymous75. Much of what you say is valid and accurate in some ways, in limited scope, as far as it goes. But ALL of what you say has to do with an imaginary government, one that obeys the law. What do you do when Government doesn't obey the law?

What do you do when law enforcement oversteps its authority? What do you do when that overstepping affects you personally and violently? Do you, personally, simply lie down and accept death, willingly, giving Gov and LEO your blessing in the process? Do you joyfully offer up your property and family, letting Gov and LEO take them away for nothing, except that they want to fill their houses with all kinds of plunder? Because that is what Government is doing to you, personally, even though you don't know it.

Most of the people you named below were only acting to protect themselves from a corrupt Government. Perhaps their actions were beyond what they should have been. But we can see from all kinds of faulty due process in Government, that Government's actions go way beyond what they should. And we see it for a fact!

Which small number of terrorists have been convicted as such in a court of law? And if they weren't so convicted, where is the authority for Government officials to so name them?

Nobody in the list, below, wants to shoot cops dead. Nobody even speaks of such things lightly. But what do you do when a corrupt Government uses its LEO to harm you and steal from you? Because that is what has been happening to YOU, yes YOU personally, Anonymous75, even though you don't realize it.

ALL - 100% - of what the libertarian patriots are trying to do is to protect themselves against corrupt Government and corrupt law enforcement. And the way that they are doing it is to talk about it. They are not using self-defense methods that harm or kill anyone.

Where is the dividing line when talk is not enough, and action must be taken to secure your rights from a corrupt Government and dorrupt LEO?

Regarding Texas, haven't you noticed that Government is using the TSA to go way beyond its authority? Why should people allow themselves to gradually be pushed into slavery? Sometimes, the way you talk seems like you are advocating a slave nation.

Remember, overthrowing the people IS overthrowing the Government.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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To obey rather than break the law, is not being meek and spineless. To shoot cops dead is macho but loco.

This latest comment right below is as dry as biscuit as it missed the mark by more than a mile. The nearest hit it could get is when the comment mentions the right of the people to run down the Government when it becomes ruthless, which is arguably true … the people has that inherent right to revolt and change the Government [Locke in his Second Treatise of Civil Government 1690]. Otherwise, the long-winded Jeffersonian quote is totally irrelevant.

But terrorists and their accomplices do not have such right – and when this 911-like terror threatens our safety and national security with the end in view of not only abrogating the existence of the U.S. Government but also changing our American way of life [apropos to Osama bin Laden’s jihad declaration that Islam’s way of life is better than ours], the right to deny the liberty of terrorists and their accomplices regardless of citizenship, to kill, and their freedom to destroy, and the right of self-defense for the preservation of the State, belong to the Government as defender and protector of the people. This is the very essence of my position … the very point that I have been talking about since the dawn of day broke out in this discussion. How did those other subsequent comments missed this mark boggles my imagination!

This psychotic exhortation to shoot cops dead and run down the Government he hated deep in his bones because he was arrested and jailed for tax evasion, Larken Rose and his kind are not "the people" Locke was referring to in his Treatise of Civil Government. They are those violent terrorists that would kill at the drop of the hat. In comparison, they at least approximate, if not worse than, the likes of Timothy McVeigh. Larken Rose and Timothy McVeigh and their look-a-like from the lunatic fringe do NOT have such right to monkey around with our national security to destroy the Government, much less have any right to instigate Americans to shoot cops dead or to commit murder in the streets.

On the contrary, the Government has all the right to deny him and his kind their liberty to kill cops and to deprive them of their declared freedom to murder the Government, in a manner of speaking. The fact that Rose committed a felony and the Government arrested him and threw him in jail is a macabre way of proving that the Government had turned ruthless because of his arrest and incarceration and therefore he thought that that gave him the right to launch his personal revolt. Only those with screwed up minds like Rose’s would believe him and follow him in that direction.

In his famous Laviathan, Hobbes entertained the need for the Government to be understandably "ruthless" to suppress lawbreakers from breaking the law and to control riots and prevent anarchy. Let’s not forget that in the study of the Science of Government and Governance the Tyranny of the Throne and the Tyranny of the Street actually co-exist as an invisible balance of power, which people of good intention has to deal with.

But in our present system of justice, to shoot cops dead as a way of redress of a wrong real or imagined is never legally or morally right when the way to the court of law to redress such wrong is always open and available and protected, not denied, by law.

Consequently, whatever semantics are used justifying his abuse of Government because of its faults real or imagined, for Rose to kill is absolutely wrong. To Rose it may look courageous and macho to shoot cops dead for whatever reason there is, but to calm down and be reasonably civil in confronting law enforcement officers instead of shooting it out is neither being meek nor submissive. To obey the law rather than break the law is not being "spineless". In Literature, that neurotic perception is crooked and uglier than the Hunchback of Notre Dame [in the eyes of Victor Hugo].

I have been trying hard not to sound necessarily condescending, but in my frustration, it is difficult to see anything right of what Larken Rose stands for, even assuming that we are not dealing with a dangerous psychopath. And with this note, I assure you that whatever he says or do only comes but from one direction – hell!

Comment by Robert Lallier
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The deprivation of civil rights under color of law is a federal felony. The spineless or tyrannical refusal to hold "law enforcement officers" accountable to the law does not change the fact that what they are doing is illegal according to the supposed highest law of the land and other statutes enacted to ensure its observance. Once upon a time, Americans understood their rights. They did not tolerate their rights being infringed, even by a king who supposedly had claim to their loyalty and ruled the largest and most powerful empire of the day. They put King George on notice of their refusal to sanction their own subjugation with these words:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.— That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

-- Thomas Jeffereson, The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America

It is not only their right, but their duty, claims Jefferson (and Locke, whom he is practically paraphrasing). So, do the critics of Mr. Rose no longer believe these words anymore? Apparently not. On April 19, 1775, a collection of Middlesex County citizens took up arms and opened fire on the armed and uniformed soldiers of their mother country, which was the "superpower" of its day. They did so because those soldiers had come to seize their arms and trample the rights those people enjoyed as human beings and as Englishmen. Their rebellion against tyranny helped forge the future United States of America. Are there really so few Americans left in the world? I wonder, more and more.

Not everyone supported the Revolution. Samuel Adams had words for his reluctant, obedient fellow colonists: "If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen."

 I have no endorsement to offer for violence and bloody revolution. I do not think that circumstances have reached a point where such actions are necessary or even effective. Bloodshed for the sake of a lust for violence or even catharsis is wickedness, pure and simple. Nevertheless, something must be done to dismantle this tyranny or reverse these circumstances, this long train of abuses and usurpations, before our hubris-bloated government tragically collapses on our heads. Mr. Rose is right: the problem with misplaced power is not in the chain of command; it is in The Chain of Obedience.

Comment by Christopher Cellone
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I join not only the brain side but also the safe side of this discussion as opposed to the kill-cops side of the argument. Annonymous75 is warning the public of a psychopath named Larken Rose, an ex-convict, who wants to shoot cops dead and therefore his presence at least in this website poses a danger to the safety of Americans and to national security.

With Annonymous75 is Psychictaxi who admonished Rose for a better solution. Shooting cops dead would leave behind a lot of "widows" and "fatherless children" and he disapproved Rose "knee-jerk response" to the problem – a total agreement with Annonymous75’s long time position that an O.K. Coral shot-out response of a wacko against the Government won’t work and would result in more warrantless arrests and questionable incarcerations.

When the shooting missiles of arguments are flying all over my head, I take refuge in this safe-side of the argument as my bunker of reason, as opposed to the shoot-cops-dead argument of the other more hostile side.

When I read the other more antagonistic side of the argument, it seems the die is cast and I don’t need to fire a shot. I asked: Why would it be the fault of Government when the problem is caused by the undeniable increasing number of mentally-disturbed terrorists around us who want to slash my throat clean and/or cut my head off if not blow up all of us to kingdom come?

It is obvious that the Government is trying very hard to deny the freedom of terrorists to kill me and my family, and to deprive them of their liberty to destroy. And the Government is being crucified for doing that, more so when it recently passed the National Defense Authorization Act, primarily designed to deny more terrorists and terrorist suspects of their liberty and freedom to kill and destroy. It is a terrible thinking for anyone to mistake the Government as the enemy fighting the law-abiding citizens off their constitutional rights than as a defender that protects the people against terrorists for their right to live and to be secured in their abode.

It is only in this website where the psychotic impulse of a severely deranged psycho to shoot all cops dead passes as some sort of a philosophical ideology acceptable to those who hate the Government so badly. Since did I not know that in this website the world has turned upside down? I know that since my kids had grown up to become responsible adults and had raised their own families, the modern world has been going crazy, but not as a stupendously distorted and broken world it has become, as one would view the extent of such mentally-crafted apocalypse in this website.

Comment by Bob Devore
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 Hey Anonymous, where are your balls? Everybody left their name, cept you.

Comment by Larken Rose
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But who do you think is going to "investigate" the authoritarian brainwashing of the jackboots? They are mercenaries for the state, and the state wants them to be exactly what they are: at best, unthinking, amoral robots; at worst, sadistic monsters who enjoy tormenting and torturing others. That's what cops and soldiers are trained to be, and it's not by accident. What kind of "community involvement" do you think is going to over-ride the authoritarian fascist mentality that is drilled into the heads of the state mercenaries? Again, I've been trying, and will continue to try, to persuade people NOT to be unthinking fascist thugs. What other solution are you proposing? Legislation? Some new government program? Do you really think the politicians want, or would allow, their training to be anything other than what it is?

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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As corrected without glitz …


My comments are centered on Powell Gammill, on this sicko Larken Rose, and on Psychictaxi’s correct analysis as to what kind of a psycho Larken Rose has always been.


Once again Editor Powell Gammill endorsed this psychopathic terrorist Larken Rose  – a psychopath who preached his psychotic violence to shoot cops dead and kill Government officials, especially after he has been arrested and jailed as a con artist for tax fraud and became known both as a notorious preaching ex-convict and a tax felon.


Gammill delightfully allowed this mentally-disturbed two-legged threat to national security, to creep into this website. This somehow explains why readers rated Gammill on top of the heap as a hip-hop-hooray [!] editor of violence from the lunatic fringe. You can read his potshot comments here and there, and now and then, and here you can see them for yourself how he idolizes a psychopath. 


Without any shred of doubt, PG loves this “Spineless Texas” lunacy written by Rose. It is too obvious that PG has been pushing very hard to include Ernest’s FP.com in the FBI Watch List by patronizing Larken Rose diatribe, more so when he is very much aware that Rose is a proven sicko who poses a grave danger to the safety of Americans, and to national security.


And he is doing this for what? It is hard to speculate what reward Ernie will give this editor on the day of reckoning when this website’s light goes out – thanks to Gammill!


In this written rant of a Psycho, Rose attacks Houston’s anti-terrorist Bus Safe Program manned by DHS, TSA, Metro Police, Harris County Constables, and participated by Texas Congressperson Sheila Jackson Lee. BSP was designed “to detect, prevent and address latent criminal activity or behavior” of terrorists and terrorist suspects pursuant to the pertinent provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act [under which BSP, a Pilot Project, is authorized by law].


As usual, Psycho Rose tells Americans to resist a police officer when their bags are searched without a warrant. He bravely declared that “If he [police officer] goes for his gun, then you have the right to blow his unused brains out.” 



Obviously, Psycho hasn’t read NDAA under which a terrorist suspect can even be detained indefinitely WITHOUT due process. The need of a warrant to arrest and detain a terrorist or terrorist suspect has become antediluvian. Criminal activity or behavior is with reference to the activity and behavior [pattern of] terrorists and terrorist suspects considered dangerous to life and property. 



Insofar as our national security laws are concerned, that’s how the rope tightens up in the neck of terrorists and terrorist suspects as the Government is becoming more and more determined to protect the safety of Americans and defeat terrorists in this war on terror.


Consider these big words from the mouth of this wacko:


[I[f there was ever a people who might have the balls to stop it [to stop Texas’ BSP Pilot Project], I was hoping it would be the people of Texas …”.


Thus this mental pervert accused Texas of being spineless when no Texan showed up with his ball to stop it. Rose sounded so brave as if he is sitting on his balls that had swelled larger than that of an angry elephant.


But when Larken Rose was facing cops sent to arrest him for committing a tax fraud, this supposedly brave man lost his balls to resist the arresting officers. Up to now Mr. Psycho believes he was innocent of the felony he was charged and he tells every retarded who listens to him that he had been subjected to a false arrest.  But was that not a golden opportunity for him to resist police officers and shoot them dead?  Was he not preaching violence -- to resist those “jackboots” and “blow” their brains out? This once again proved that this psychopath is not only a cheat but also a congenital liar and a hopeless coward.


Psychictaxi was kinder to him than I am when he called attention to Psycho’s insane statement to shoot cops dead. Psychictaxi said to him that it “is a knee-jerk reaction and not a reasonable thought-out response …”  There will be widows and fatherless children if anyone listens to Larken Rose’s psychopathic orgy to resist cops and shoot them dead.


My only comment is this: My friend, all I can say is that when he wrote this piece of sssss …. calling Texas “spineless”, Larken Rose was not thinking … he was under a psychotic attack and was hallucinating. Let’s just say that he forgot to take his medicine.


But he is not alone like a dying Piranha gasping for breath on dry land. Gammill will always be there with him to provide the aid and comfort he needs. Fish of the same thick scales swim together.



Comment by Ernie Mr. T
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As usual, you have nailed this issue on the head. Add to this the fact that the ladies in black robes just voted that you can be strip searched at anytime even for something as simple as a parking ticket....what will it take to get some tostecerone flowing out there? I live out of the US and would not, even if someone paid all the bills, ever move back. The only reason I'd come back is if, and when, I see the people finally stand against this monstrous idiotic government with force. I'd be proud to be a part of taking back our country.

I appreciate all that you have done to try and educate the masses and I see that slowly they are coming around...don't give up on them yet, I think that we can make a difference. I send out to my mailing list daily, a quite large consortium of strange people, and they are all beginning to get the point and are starting to become a part of those who are bucking the system.

 Well, I just wanted to say hello again, and leave a comment. Remember, my house is your house if you ever decide to head my way! 

 Take care,





Comment by Ed Vallejo
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Don't misunderstand my comment - I'm not saying you are wrong.  I'm not even 'criticizing' if that is Ernie's cryptic point.  But I do notice that you didn't answer:

"Where is your cry for investigation into the TRAINING and PSYCOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS these Officers you so want to shoot (or have shot if you prefer)? Where is the 'Preventive Maintenance' in the social aspect of Community Involvement with LEOs? If this is a factor, why aren't you Championing the Solution?"


Ed Vallejo in Phoenix


Comment by Larken Rose
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By the way, Psychictaxi, if you don't think I address or try to fix the underlying authoritarian indoctrination problem, you obviously haven't read "The Most Dangerous Superstition." 

Comment by Larken Rose
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Psychictaxi, what matters is the state-worship of everyone involved, including the commanders of injustice, the enforcers of injustice, and the victims of injustice. That's why I try to wake up all of the above. If enough victims of the cult of "government" wake up, they can stop it. If enough perpetrators wake up, they can stop it even more quickly with less suffering in the meantime. But tyranny is a cooperative effort: it takes the perpetrators AND the victims imagining it to be legitimate, for it to continue. Tarring and feathering "revenuers" worked. Of course, I wish those state mercenaries could have been deprogrammed, instead of tarred and feathered, just like I wish the modern unthinking jackbooted thugs would wise up, acquire some morals, and save us all a lot of trouble. But their intended victims should NOT imagine that we have any obligation to put up with tyranny in the meantime. Unfortunately, history shows that all too often, violently aggressive animalistic thugs--with or without badges--are deterred only by overwhelming violent resistance. I wish it wasn't the case, but it is. If "Oathkeepers," IVAW, and others--including me, by the way--can TALK fascists into not being fascists, outstanding! And I will always continue trying to. But when that doesn't work, I won't quietly submit to tyranny in order to spare those who choose to be unthinking tools of violent aggression. To put it another way, I would really hope that some kid growing up will be raised in such a way that he doesn't WANT to break into my house and try to kill me. But if he does, it's not time for therapy and counseling; it's time for a Mossberg 12-gauge. So how many cops have you seen showing any signs of conscience, or thought, or acceptance of responsibility for their actions? I don't see many. If death or fear of death is the only thing that will deter them from being fascists, then that is what should happen.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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When is it time to resist the unjustified use of force? That is an individual decision.

But to say that the there is never a time is to already demonstrate your willingness to be a slave.

(Barry Hess used this in his Az Gubernatorial campaign) 'I'm wondering how many people have been conditioned to think that they need to turn themselves in?... they just don't know to whom, or for what.' This phrase comes to mind when I some of the criticisms of Larken Rose.


Comment by Ed Vallejo
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You want to know what the real problem here is, Larken?  I'll tell you outright.

Good men don't want to take out the fascists because they most likely will die in the encounter, and to what result?  Sure, there would be x less 'bad guys' out there after the skirmish, but the dead would be leaving their families to fend for themselves amongst COUNTLESS bad guys masquerading as saviors, commonly known as GOVERNMENT - and this is NOT an option (at this time).

Technology has most people locked down tight enough that they can't effectively communicate to organize against tyranny without the Gestapo stepping on them.

Shooting a 'Law Enforcement Officer' for abusing the authority of his or her Office is a knee-jerk reaction and not a reasonable thought-out response.  It might have been the trick on 'them damn Revenoors' during prohibition, but these are different times and a completely different scenario.

You may be correct in your conclusion, but your delivery sucks - big time.

Where is your cry for investigation into the TRAINING and PSYCOLOGICAL EVALUATIONS these Officers you so want to shoot (or have shot if you prefer)?  Where is the 'Preventive Maintenance' in the social aspect of Community Involvement with LEOs?  If this is a factor, why aren't you Championing the Solution?

Ed in Phoenix    

Comment by Powell Gammill
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An interesting thread on this OpEd by Mr. Rose is occurring here:


Comment by Powell Gammill
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"Texas!  Only two things come out of Texas, boy.  Steers and queers.  And I don't see no . . . . "

"Tucson! . . . ."

Comment by Powell Gammill
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What I am finding equally interesting is that the TSA is quickly becoming the enforcement arm of all federal (and presumably soon state) bureaucracies whims and mandates.   They enforce through the blungeon and gun whatever order from non-TSA related agencies are ordered.   I expect to see them murdering pigs  in Michigan soon and dumping raw milk in the streets of Pennsylvania.

Comment by Catherine Haugh
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 This makes at least two (2) states now that have been ... used by the TSA in the last six months.

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