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The Man Who Should Succeed Ron Paul

The Man Who Should Succeed Ron Paul  
By Chuck Baldwin  
April 26, 2012  
Anyone who has been reading my columns for any length time knows that I am a staunch supporter (and, yes, friend) of Texas Congressman Ron Paul. I have written previously on why I believe Dr. Paul is the man that should be elected President of the United States in 2012. I've devoted several columns to promoting Ron Paul's Presidential candidacy. Here was my latest:
  I am also on record as saying I believe that historians will recognize Ron Paul as being the greatest US Congressman in American history. Rep. Paul has been the voice of constitutional government and liberty on Capitol Hill for nearly two and a half decades. No one in Washington, D.C., has even come close to his leadership and courage.  
That said, the disconcerting element of the 2012 elections is that Dr. Paul has already made the announcement that he will not seek reelection to the US House of Representatives. That means, if Ron is not elected President, the American people will not have his voice in Washington, D.C., for the first time in over a generation. That thought is extremely troubling. Who would be the man to whom the mantle of constitutional leadership could be passed? The answer: the man who is running for Dr. Paul's congressional seat, Steve Stockman. Like Ron Paul, Steve is a personal friend of mine, and, also like Ron Paul, Steve is a solid, courageous champion of constitutional government and liberty. How fitting it would be that a great man such as Steve Stockman would be elected to succeed the greatest congressman in US history.  
Steve was first elected to the US House of Representatives back in that great freshman class of 1994 when a host of notable conservatives were swept into Congress, including people such as the late great Helen Chenoweth-Hage, the late Sonny Bono, Steve Largent, Joe Scarborough, Bob Barr, J.C. Watts, et al.
  Steve is solidly on the right side of religious liberty issues, Second Amendment issues, life issues, illegal immigration issues, taxes and economics issues, the emerging police state issues, foreign interventionism issues, etc. In short, Steve Stockman is pro-Constitution, pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Americanism, and pro-liberty. He is anti-illegal immigration, anti-Big Government, anti-police state, and anti-warfare state. He is solid everywhere that Ron Paul is solid.
  With this background, I am honored that Steve would invite me to speak at his "Conservative Action Conference" to be held this Saturday, April 28, 2012, at the Pasadena Convention Center and Municipal Fairgrounds just outside Houston, Texas. The rally starts at 9am Central time. I will be joining notable speakers such as Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman Bob McEwen, and several others.
  To get more information on this great rally, go to:
  If you live within driving distance of the Houston, Texas, area, I invite you to attend this terrific conference. And I also hope that you will come introduce yourself to me while you are there.  
As you can imagine, big-government toadies are salivating at the opportunity to put one of their big-government cronies in Ron Paul's House seat. Dr. Paul has been a thorn in their side for over two decades. Every American who loves freedom, who believes in constitutional government, and who admires and appreciates Ron Paul needs to support Steve Stockman in every way that they can--including with their financial contributions.
  To donate to Steve's campaign or to learn more about his candidacy, go to:
Ladies and gentlemen, it is no hyperbole to say that our liberties are under intense attack. We simply no longer have the luxury of sitting back and letting somebody else fight for our freedoms. Not all of us can run for elected office, of course. But all of us can and should support those liberty-minded patriots who are running for elected office. Steve Stockman is one of these patriots. I am honored to join him for his "Conservative Action Conference" this Saturday near Houston, Texas. And I'm asking you to do anything you can to help Steve, whether you live in Texas or not. Ron Paul spoke for all of us who believe in freedom and constitutional government on Capitol Hill. Steve Stockman will do the same!  
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Comment by G Cone
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Contrast his support of the Defense Of Marriage Act to Ron Paul's principled stance against government licensing of personal relationships. 

Comment by G Cone
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You can't be serious. He appears to be a religious zealot, not an advocate for freedom. Social conservatives tend to believe only in freedom to live they way they want you to and are not generally willing to let others decide how to live. They do not believe in or understand the principle of non-aggression.