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A Perfect Gift For Independence Day

A few years ago, I sadly discovered that it was next to impossible to find our nation’s great historic documents together in one volume, so we decided to fix that problem. It took us a full year to research and compile over 50 of our country’s greatest historical documents, but we did it!

Now, just in time for Independence Day, you can have these great documents at your fingertips in one beautifully bound, easy-to-read format. These are the documents that gave birth to the greatest free nation on earth. Nowhere else that we know of can you find these documents, complete in one volume, under one title. We call this magnificent collection THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.

Former Congressman and MSNBC TV Talk Show Host Joe Scarborough obtained a copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, as did Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore. Congressman Ron Paul also has a copy. Even the State Supreme Court in Tennessee ordered several copies. Pastors, teachers, high school and college students, law and history students, and homeschoolers have found THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS immensely valuable to the study of American history and civics.

Included in this remarkable volume are documents such as The Mayflower Compact, The First Thanksgiving Proclamation, the complete text of Patrick Henry’s immortal “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech, The Declaration of the Causes and Necessity of Taking up Arms, The Northwest Ordinance of 1787, George Washington’s Farewell Address, Ronald Reagan’s First and Second Inaugural Addresses, and so on.

We have also included several letters written between John and Abigail Adams, as well as letters written from Robert E. Lee. Do you remember the poem about Paul Revere’s ride? Well, it too is included in this compilation. Also included is the letter written from within the Alamo by William Barret Travis to the people of Texas. Of course, the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights are also there.

This giant compilation includes more than 50 documents, over 170 full-sized pages complete with a spiral ring binding for easy copying, and a professionally designed color cover. This volume is must-reading for every American patriot! For the price of a couple of pizzas, you can have the great documents of American history delivered to your door.

The price is $35 for a single copy, or $25 each if you purchase two or more, plus $5 each for shipping. Simply mail your check or Money Order to:

Chuck Baldwin Live
P.O. Box 10
Kila, MT 59920

And there is more: we also take credit cards. Obviously, this is the fastest way to obtain your copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. To order by credit card online, or to learn more about THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, go to:


This summer printing is a limited printing, so order now before our supply runs out!

Former Constitution Party Presidential candidate, Howard Phillips, said, “THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS is must-reading for every American. It is essential that this volume be placed in every home in the country. I read my copy daily. We require our home-schooled children to study THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS.”

Do not look for this volume in stores; it can only be purchased here. A retired U.S. Marine Corps colonel thought he could find these documents by simply going to the Internet. After searching several days without success, he ordered two copies of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. He told my secretary, “Tell Chuck he’s right. You can’t find these anywhere else in one volume. I tried.”

Here are some other personal testimonials of people who have purchased THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:
“I have begun reading through my copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS. I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical of the price before purchase, but now that I am reading it, I understand what a bargain it is! Priceless!”

-KT, Massachusetts

“THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS could save our country, if we can get enough people to order it.”

-WS, Mansfield, Texas

“I just wanted to say that I received my order and they are great! This is by far the best collection I have seen. I am a disabled Vet and would like to order 5 more to send to my children.”

-GB, Oakhurst, Oklahoma

“Good job. I’ll give my extra copy to my old high school.”

-RM, Fargo, North Dakota

“A true treasure. Thank you for compiling these wonderful historical writings!”

-KD, Wellington, Texas

“I am a deacon in our church and hope to use these books as teaching aids. Please send four copies.”

-SO, Ocala, Florida

I believe you will be just as pleased to receive your copy of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS, as were these folks.

After moving to Montana, I really thought that last year’s printing of THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS would be our last. I am so thankful that we have been able to make arrangements to continue printing THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS for at least a while longer.

Again, here is the link to order THE FREEDOM DOCUMENTS:


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Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. See Chuck's complete bio at:


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5 Comments in Response to

Comment by Ana Panot
Entered on:

 A perfect gift from JV...!

Comment by George Voit
Entered on:

When you expose a "writer" who is actually a "salesman", or uncover a pretender of mundane pursuit such as selling "reading materials" who turns out to be just a sweet talker short of a swindler whose brain is no better than of a writing charlatan, is not that a hard but brave and brainy thing to do? Using the coming Independence Day as an excuse for such a low-down ruse makes it sound like a rip-off or embezzlement.

I am not specifically referring to Mr. Baldwin who is probably in the wrong trade besides the fact that the standard of reasoning for what he is doing is below standard, but to anyone whose preoccupation is to con the public into believing some kind of a hoax.

My way of saying for JV to keep up the good work!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
Entered on:

I have to read JV’s comments twice quickly as I could, to be sure I read him right. And I have also to scan over this author’s previous writings JV was referring to. And sure I read him right.

The moral lessons I can suggest out of JV’s straight to the point comment are: Sometimes you can get a free ride fooling the public for your pleasure, until you get caught by your own folly. Somehow, sometime someone will see you through, introduce you to yourself, for you to know yourself better as to who you really are.

For instance, for you to know that to treat the reading public like a bunch of mentally retarded the way you have been accustomed to for quite some time, extract a high toll of retribution. Add to that chastisement of self-respect, the penalty of pure embarrassment.

Comment by Joseph Vanderville
Entered on:

This is PURE SALES TALK. Read it and find out for yourself. It is a perfect Independence Day swindle.

With due respect, I will tell you why …

This writing vendor is "selling" those U.S. historical documents to commemorate Independence Day, for profit – selling them like a commercial salesman that he really is, more than a writer of any significance that he pretends to be.

I talked before about this author’s superficiality as a "writer" he pretends to be [no offense intended, just stating the truth honestly and frankly with neither fear nor favor, which readers can verify for themselves as to how he writes lengthy boring subjects none of which readers did not already know] – again, backtrack to his previous writings and find out for yourself.

What I am saying is that there is no brain-matter in what he writes, and none of it even in this sales talk while pandering as a salesman… no foresight at all.

For instance, to whom is he selling those historical documents? Almost all educated Americans had already read most if not all of those documents. Most likely, only mountain people have not read any of those historical literatures. But even then ignoramus or hillbillies are unlikely buyers, first, because those documents hardly interest them, and secondly, they probably do not know how to read or have a hard time reading them.

This writer’s pitch in selling those documents is that these are important reading materials, duh … there is no issue whether or not these documents are important, that they are, is given, duh, dah… But did prospective buyers already read them? If they did, why would they buy to know what they already knew?

Some educated Americans may buy them as this salesman most probably fraudulently advertised, but who would buy those reading materials when they already read them. Who would buy them as a gift to whom when they already knew what’s in it? As a decoration or paper ornaments in their study room? Only VAIN people would do that to show that they are learned when actually they are not, because their whims and caprices betray them with those fanciful display of self-adulation, bigheadedness and tinseled narcissism.

I suggest this peddler peddles his wares somewhere else – not on this FP.com venue. Freedom Forum is a site for public discussions and discourse of important issues that affect the nation. To use it as a space for telemarketing of unmarketable stuffs to make some dirty money is to say the least, outrageous.

You can fool people sometime, but not all the time. A time will come for them to confront you – like what I am doing right now, for the interest of the public, and for the good of the commonweal.

Comment by Alicia Pepin
Entered on:


thanks for this I am a history buff.