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Larken Rose


Larken Rose
Website: Larken Rose
More About: Philosophy: Anarchism
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Scope and Scale

Why would anyone ever give up his freedom, in favor of having a master? Because aspiring tyrants are very good at deceiving people into thinking that it's for their own good. It's sad that this ever works, since it's akin to a slave-master convincing a slave that the purpose of the institution of slavery is to serve the slaves. How on earth could a megalomaniac ever make such a ridiculous lie sound believable?

One very popular means of deception, used in an effort to justify tyranny, is to talk in really big terms, on a scale that most people can't imagine. The aspiring tyrant needs to use problems--real or made up--to make normal people think that normal people can't possibly solve them. Compare and contrast the following:

Scenario #1: In a town of a few hundred people, a guy stands up, and says, "There's a family in our town, and they're just down on their luck--good people, but they could use a helping hand. So vote for ME to be mayor, and I'll tax all of you, and give to the poor family!"

Scenario #2: In a country of a few hundred million people, a guy stands up, and says, "There are families in our country, and they're just down on their luck--good people, but they could use a helping hand. So vote for ME to be President, and I'll tax all of you, and give to the poor families!"

The only difference between the two is scale. In the little town, no one would fall for the aspiring tyrant's trap. They'd just say, "Well, we know the family; we'll just chip in and help them out; we don't need a mayor, or a new tax, or any government program." But when the exact same bad idea is done on a huge scale, millions of people fall for it, because helping that many people (millions, instead of one family) seems beyond the capacity of "normal" people.

Of course, it only seems that way. Hundreds of millions of "normal" people can help out millions of poor people, just as hundreds of people in one town can help out a few people in that town. But when giant statistics are thrown around, it creates a hopeless picture to many average people, who think, "Well, I could picture helping out one or two people, but I can't help a million poor people!" Of course, no one person has to. People in your town help a few poor people there, the next town will do the same, and so on. Everyone gets help, not from some centralized, authoritarian monstrosity, but by lots and lots and lots of people exercising little bits of compassion and charity--which adds up to a huge amount.

The template used by tyranny apologists is very predictable: "This problem is so huge that normal people can't possibly fix it, so we need government to save the day!" The politicians always say it, and it's always a lie. After all, "normal" people are what fund all "government" programs anyway. If the people can't afford to do something, then they certainly can't afford the bloated, top-heavy, bureaucracy-laden version of that same "something." The state isn't the tooth fairy. It doesn't make wealth magically appears. It takes it from the normal people. So to say that the people can't possibly afford to help all the poor, but can afford to pay taxes to pay to help all the poor--in addition to paying the bureaucrats, tax collectors, and politicians--is just mathematical stupidity.

And the politicians use the same deceptive template for many things other than "the poor." "Normal people can't possibly make sure that millions of old people have money when they retire!" "Normal people can't possibly build roads!" "Normal people can't possibly pay to educate everyone's kids!" And so on, and so on.

Each version of the lie can be specifically rebutted, but for this article, I'll specifically address just one more: "Normal people can't possibly defend themselves against an invading army!" Once again, this lie depends entirely on the scale of the matter confusing and scaring people. After all, if the Chinese army shows up at your front door, could you fend them off? Of course not. So doesn't that prove that we need "government" to save the day?

No. Again, just like with the "helping the poor" scenario, when you divide the big picture up into lots and lots of little pieces, it stops being scary. For example, if you live in a town of three hundred, and three Chinese soldiers show up to take over the town--yes, three, as in: one, two, three--will you be able to resist them? Um, yeah. Really easily. If you're a statistically average town, there will not only be a hundred armed residents in your town, but they will, on average, own three guns each--and they'd probably be more than happy to loan a gun to each of the other two hundred residents of your town. (Yes, there are as many guns as people in this country.)

So now you have three hundred armed people in your town, against three Chinese soldiers--and that's if the biggest military in the world completely evacuated its own country, just to come half way around the world to invade just the U.S. Of course, the logistical possibility of that happening is zero. The amount of wealth and resources required to ship three million Chinese soldiers over here, even if no one lifted a finger to resist them, would be enormous. And, of course. people would lift fingers to resist them--trigger fingers, in particular.

So, could you and three hundred of your fellow Americans fend off three Chinese soldiers? I'm pretty sure I and a few hundred of the people I know could. In fact, you can give the three invaders a damn tank, a dozen grenades, and three machine guns, and they'd still lose. (No, the Chinese army doesn't own a million tanks--it's about 1% of that--but we'll pretend, just to give them a better chance.) So that's a worse-than-worst-case scenario, if the biggest military on planet pulls off a dozen miracles, and gets its entire army here, if we had no military at all--no planes, no tanks, no battleships, not even a prepared or trained private militia. And in that worse-than-worst-case-scenario, the invaders still wouldn't have a prayer in hell of conquering this place.

So now are you scared of a foreign invasion? Now do you think it's some horrible threat that normal people couldn't possibly handle? I don't. It's just another lie that politicians use to try to scare you into giving away your freedom, in exchange for the enslavement they call "protection." Now, there is one gang (and only one) capable of occupying and oppressing this land. It's not because of their manpower or firepower. It's because they're the gang that the American people imagine to have the right to rob and control us. The gang is called the "United States government." In other words, the ONE gang capable of extorting and oppressing the American people is the gang which gullible Americans keep voting for, to protect them from all the gangs which pose no threat to our freedom at all. Gack.

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Comments in Response

Comment by: Britany Swinger (#048460)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 19:41:27

Only the Publisher is qualified to answer my questions – none of the two of you are qualified.

To recap my questions: Didn”t Larken Rose publish his threat, intimidation and violence to “KILL” in this website? His statements of threat to “kill” are clearly quoted.

If the justification is that Larken Rose’s threat to “kill” is directed to “rogue” officials and police, the alleged threat of tying a rope around the neck of the “Devil Incarnate” is directed to a “rogue” McElchap – the presumptive “Devil Incarnate” in the use of Metaphor -- who wants to kill his critics by using an enema of sulfuric acid!

Why is the penalty does not apply to the gander, only to the goose, when the threat is exactly the same? Larken Rose’s threat is direct while mine is not even a “threat” – it was a statement of facts in the old days that are no longer happening and could NEVER happen in the present, hence a harmless figure of speech.

You don’t react that way when you are losing the argument! To delete is not the answer when you lose an argument. You should be more innovative and smarter like me and my kind who are always striving hard in trying their best to be more reasonably convincing in winning an argument.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 14:01:54

Hey, Ernie, this is getting to be fun. Is there a maximum length to how far we can go on commenting on a particular article or letter like Scope and Scale? Or are we only limited by the size of the FP hard drive, and the Apache server strength?

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 13:56:00

All of Larken Rose's comments are general comments, and are for personal protection against rogue law enforcement officials and rogue Government officials who are using their authority unlawfully and unconscionably. As such, they are for informational purposes.

The BS comment in question is directed at a specific human being, not at a general principal that could involve any number of human beings in general circumstances.

I would like to think that BS is/was simply overreacting to something. But the fact that he/she/it has twice, now, had the opportunity to state plainly that his/her/its comment in question was NOT meant to be a personal threat, and the fact that he/she/it has NOT so stated his/her/its intent in either instance, suggests that he/she/it was intending the comment to be literal, and to be indicative of his/her/its personal threat intent against the named human being.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 13:42:55

Much better, BS. But you still didn't quite say it. Could it be that you are trying to be covertly honest? After all, since you talk about what you said as being a general figure of speech, you still didn't say that you meant it as such. You still didn't say something to the effect of your own personal meanings, like, "I didn't men it literally; I was only using it as a figure of speech."

So you see? Your true intentions are still hidden. But they are pointing in the direction that you meant it literally, not figuratively. Why? Because you have have had at least two opportunities to SAY that you didn't mean it literally... that you only meat it figuratively. But you have skirted the personal issue both times. This indicates that you DID mean it literally.

Thanks for being so forthright in your intentions and feelings.

Comment by: McElchap (#001027)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 12:53:35

Panocha & Anonymous75, you speak of metaphors and figures of speech in justifying Britany Swinger and yourselves. Do I get similar regards? I have always made my "figures of speech" obviously such, and have never intended any serious threat. I certainly do not wish to administer any kind of enema to any of the Avengers fawning around JV, no matter how anal retentive they may be. Yes, I believe whatever rules apply are best equally applied for both the goose and the gander. But the wolf at the door gets no respect from this gander! I do regret that I have been distracted, as Pure Trust noted, by the unprincipled vitriol directed at me by your group.  But I do not speak pleasant words to evil when it jumps in my face.  Even Christ used "bad mouth" addressing evil men. I was hoping the fate of Swinger would cause the Avengers to swing towards a more polite mode of public discussion that won't goad me into unpleasantries. Prove you can do it. Your effort to dig up something from last year shows a depth of animosity. Let's just all put a stop to hostile language, shall we?

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 11:52:09

I recall that McElchap is such a “badmouth” that he prescribes an “enema” of “sulfuric acid” to his enemies in Freedom Forum – what is that… is that not a threat to “kill” his critics” by poison? [See McElchap’s comment in “Obama Takes Bibles From America’s Wounded Soldiers” ] 12-04-2011 at

Following the publisher’s reason for deleting Britany’s account, does this mean that he should also delete McElchap’s account for threatening to “kill” his critics using sulfuric acid?

In our “perception” of “equality, fairness and justice” that Anno75 mentioned in his comment, I am just one of those curious to know if what is bad for the goose is good for the gander as a matter of editorial policy.

Comment by: Anonymous75 (#045815)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 09:58:44

This is not to condone personal threat, intimidation and violence when posting a virulent comment which is endemic in Freedom Forum, but I believe Ms. Swinger’s explanation about her comment [see below] on vigilantes with a rope to tie around the neck of the “Devil Incarnate” [a metaphor] is perfectly in order. Publisher Ernie Hancock looks like he is over reacting.

This is probably the reason why Ernie just remained quiet when Ms. Swinger responded. Ernie did not answer her question if he was also going to delete the account of Larken Rose whose writings published in contain threats, intimidation and violence that are even exceedingly worse -- to kill government officials and shoot cops dead!

Ms. Swinger already brought this to the attention of Mr. Hancock – but was ignored – and with your permission, allow me to present as evidence what was quoted by Ms. Swinger to Mr. Hancock about Larken Rose’s threat to kill … this is what Larken Rose said: “I said, more bluntly than many ‘gun rights’ folks do,  that I want you, the public, to have the ability to kill government agents, both military and police.” Larken Rose in ...When Should You Shoot A Cop | Cop Block.

It was Mr. Hancock himself who reported this terrible threat, intimidation and violence here in this website under the title: “Larken Rose Responds To Uproar About ‘When Should You Shoot A Cop’” -- 11-14-2011  Reported by Ernest Hancock … click here:


If Ernie is true to what he explained as to why he deleted the account of Ms. Swinger because of her alleged “threat, intimidation and violence” when she posted her comment, I agree with her that Ernie should delete also the account of Larken Rose in this website because of Rose’s threat to kill.


I am not talking about Ernie’s “ABSOLUTE” right to delete any account as he wishes being the “owner” of this website – and in this regard Ms. Swinger cannot do anything about it – but I am talking about being a man who can stand on his own words, about his sense of right and wrong, of his fairness and justice he could share with compassion to anyone who is entitled to it like Ms. Swinger – not of his mean-spiritedness as a passionate R3Volutionary Libertarian in extremis most of us Libertarians of Reason condemn as inimical to our cause.


Maybe I am wrong in my perception based on what I am looking at right now that our good Libertarian publisher is an unreasonable, intolerant Libertarian in extremis … perhaps it was just a lapsus linguae on his part when he pronounced a harsh judgment on Ms. Swinger, who knows … But this is not for me but for him to clear any doubt or misimpression as to not only what kind of a publisher he is but most of all as to what kind of a man he is.


Admission of mistake is a man’s road to wisdom in his quest for greatness. --Annonymous75.



Comment by: Britany Swinger (#048460)
   Entered on: 2012-09-26 08:39:42


My comment below about vigilantes with a rope to tie around McElchop’s neck is a FIGURE OF SPEECH. That’s how they chase the “Devil Incarnate” out of their life in the Old Days. It does not LITERALLY mean that his opponents in this debate are going to grab him and hang him in a nearby tree. That interpretation of the figure of speech I used, is absolutely IDIOTIC!

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-25 03:48:22

Show us some specific individual by name, that Larkin Rose ever commented about with direct words that could be interpreted as direct threats against some identified human being.

Who is "McChop-chop?" In the comments, below, everyone can see that the slander name, McChop-chop, is being applied by the JV gang to the commenter behind the handle McElchap. And this commenter, McElchap, has freely identified himself in the past as David McElroy.

What we are seeing in the BS comment that Ernie deleted, is a direct threat against the person of David McElroy.

Now, imagine that it was not meant as a threat. Or imagine that BS just happened to become emotionally charged for a moment, and accidentally let some rough words slip out. Things like that happen to all of us once in awhile.

But this is NOT the case with BS. How do we know? Now do we know that BS meant it as a threat against David McElroy? We know it because BS ADMITS that it was a threat.

When does BS admit that it was a threat? BS admits that it was a threat when he/she/it posts a follow-up comment - one that Ernie allows just to be fair - that DOES NOT DENY the accusation that it was a threat. Rather, BS agrees with Ernie's assessment by trying to apply
Ernie's assessment to another person, namely Larkin Rose.

Rather than admit to a harmless mistake, an accidental slip of the fingers on the keyboard, BS directly shows us the dangerous person he/she/it really is by agreeing with Ernie's assessment, and then trying to attack Larking Rose. BS is dangerous to society and this forum.

Comment by: Ernest Hancock (#001003)
   Entered on: 2012-09-24 14:48:41

(PUBLISHER - DELETED ACCOUNT! - Britany Swinger (#047504)

Ernie: I stay out of the way and allow the Freedom Forum/Comment section to be a free exchange. But there is no quicker way to get band from FreedomsPhoenix than advocating violence.

I encourage spirited debate for the impact that it has on the audience. The more determined someone is in their support of The State the better educated the audience and the more powerful the replies in the freeing of minds. But when intimidation and the threat of violence is the only arrow left in the quiver of a debater then they have lost the argument and are no longer welcome on FreedomsPhoenix.


Comment by: Britany Swinger (#047504)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 12:14:39

Surrender McChop-chop … You can’t win … you are surrounded by publicly-supported vigilantes with a rope in their hand to tie around your neck and hang you by the nearby tree until dead! That’s what they do to “Devil Incarnates” in the old days.

Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 22:16:33

You are absolutely right, Panot. But I cannot increase the size of McElchop’s brain. Only God can do that.

But he can still make himself useful by planting tomatoes and potatoes in the farm where he can go back and enjoy the remainder of his life. The city is not friendly to pee-brains, I mean pea-brains [forgive the bad spelling – it is typographical error].

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 22:14:14

Brag, like JV, you can also “save” McChop-Chop with words of wisdom instead of leaving him behind to rot in Hell because as you said his brain is only “the size of a pea.” I think he needs MORE help than PureTrust.
Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 21:54:51


PureTrust said:

“Larkin Rose is not trying to hide anything. In fact, just the opposite.”

Okay, try to make Larken Rose ADMIT that he is an EX-CONVICT… that he VIOLATED the Internal Revenue Code by cheating … by evading payment of income tax putting up some “legal excuses” that only a handcuffed mentally deranged tax-dodger would present in Court … let him say in public that “I admit the truth that I am a TAX FELON …” then you can say without lying and your nose not getting longer, that he is NOT hiding.

The reason why he is not saying this self-admission or confession of guilt in public is because he is HIDING … hiding from the painful TRUTH that he is an EX-CONVICT -- do you get it? If he is not hiding, he would have already admitted that he is an EX-CONVICT.

Up to this moment Larken Rose has NEVER ADMITTED that he had done something terribly wrong – that in his court conviction if there was anybody who has done anything terribly wrong it is the State , the U.S. Federal Government and the IRS, in general, and the cops that arrested him and threw him in jail, in particular. That’s why in an “insanity” of revenge, he wanted them all killed.

His published “philosophical” arguments that hide his criminal intentions for revenge after serving his sentence in jail, are but proofs of an incurable insanity that had afflicted him. He can fool some ignorant people like you, but he cannot fool the U.S. Federal Government and the court of law that handcuffed him and threw him in jail, and he cannot also fool a lot of the American people just like me. You have to face this truth to save your mental health.

Anyway, if you can make Larken Rose confess his wrongdoing and admit in public that he is an EX-CONVICT, instead of allowing him to cover this up with his stupid mumbo-jumbo arguments attacking the Government and law enforcement officers with vengeance, then PureTrust you can prove that you are not a liar when you said that he is not hiding.

I address this exonerating advice to you for your own good because it appears that your brain is a little bit larger than that of McElchop-chop, which is only the size of a pea. A pea-brain can only curse [badmouth] but has no capacity to argue like you do, although your arguments need to be corrected or straighten out.

I only speak of the truth … not of trash.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 20:22:40

Whatever you do or say, Larkin Rose is not trying to hide anything. In fact, just the opposite.

While he couldn't prove in court the validity of what he was doing and saying regarding tax issues, he is proving it through simple speech outside of court, proving it to all who read and listen to what he has to say, AND THEN THINK ABOUT IT.

The absolute only reason that Mr. Rose lost his court battle, was that he, in honesty, based his battle on openness, while Government based theirs on hidden deceit, as they do with virtually ALL freedom fighters who go to court with them. If Mr. Rose had taken with himself into the court battles, the info that you find under the Stop Sign at, he not only would have won his court battle, but he would have set new precedent with regard to the direct tax issues he was fighting about.

If you go to The American Republic website, you can find listed that there were "30,000 hours of personal research" that went into digging this legal stuff out. I can tell you from personal observation that there were multiple thousands of hours of backup research done by additional legal researchers, confirming the info that is behind the The American Republic stop sign.

The point is, Government has made it extremely difficult to get at the truth, whereas Mr. Rose is professing the truth right out in the open every day.

Mr. Rose is way more truthful than even you or I. Why? He has his name listed in Freedom's Phoenix in such a way that anyone who wants to find him can go out and find all about him rather easily. But if they want to find you and me, we hide behind our FP handles. Wake up, you Government stooge.

Comment by: McElchap (#001027)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 18:39:38

Panochatter, Britany Stinger, and Anonymous Coward: Britany has just gone public threatening my life. Appropriate law enforcement agencies will be notified about her murderous threat and the lynch mob vigilantes she speaks of. I wonder if a REAL attorney might flush you Avengers out? And Panocha, I know the Lord's Prayer full well. But I doubt you will recall that forgiveness of trespasses is contingent upon the trespasser's repenting of sins. I have NEVER seen even the slightest hint that you regret your lies and slanders. Don't talk to me about the Holy Bible, you have repeatedly demonstrated your ignorance in that area. You proudly make yourself the enemy on this site, which makes me doubt the veracity of your identity and anything you might say. You trolls offer nothing of value.

Comment by: Anonymous75 (#045815)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 15:08:32

Whatever you say or do, Larken Rose cannot hide from the truth of what he really is – an EX-CONVICT! His LUNACY is widely published, at least in this website.

His madness exposed, this tax felon is not saying anything right now. He is not ready to accept the truth or to make a confession and admit he has this “mental illness” of hating the IRS, the State and the Government which the National Institute of Health had reported has affected 1 out of 17 Americans 18 years old and over.

As for you, HE and/or SHE in Freedom Forum, there are ODDBALLS or CULTS that worship the Devil, like how you adulate a screwed up EX-CONVICT – Larken Rose who like Lucifer dreams of people killing all government officials and shooting all cops dead! I suspect you even wish you are Larken Rose receiving all these “adulations” from the “lunatic fringe”, speaking of comparable lunacy that you show every time you make a comment that is absolute nonsense.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 13:38:58

Hey, you kids. Just wanted to thank you again for helping to advertise Larkin Rose's "Scope and Scale" here in the FP forum. All your people-bashing gets readers all excited about what is going on. So, they start to look closely at what Mr. Rose says. I mean, if only one or two of you had only bashed once, just a little, people would probably have gone on their way, thinking that "Scope and Scale" wasn't all that important.

Who knows if people will agree with Mr. Rose's conclusions at the event? But with you kids slinging all the mud at him all the time, he must really be important, right? People are getting all excited by what he has to say, and are signing up for his training by the droves. Your time in the FP forum has been well spent. Thanks to all of you.

Comment by: (#047504)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 12:14:39

Surrender McChop-chop … You can’t win … you are surrounded by publicly-supported vigilantes with a rope in their hand to tie around your neck and hang you by the nearby tree until dead! That’s what they do to “Devil Incarnates” in the old days.

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 12:13:09

I don’t mean to be rude, but speaking of the Devil, I noticed McElchop cannot recite the Lord's Prayer... forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us … I can tell that this Devil incarnate is actually afraid of the Lord’s Prayer. He can only mouth the curse of the Devil in the name of the Lord, but actually cowers to hear the voice of the Lord and mortally fear the wrath of God if his worried wife forces him to say the Lord’s Prayer for his own salvation.

So what does he preach? He can only preach dirty mouthing … aside from his other choice JV and Anno75 had pointed out, of going back to his lonely home in the farm and just plant potatoes there to be useful to himself and to society. ,/p>

What is there to expect from a brain as small as the size of a pea, anyway.

Comment by: McElchap (#001027)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 10:47:08

Brag, speak of the Devil! You have NOTHING to boast about, other than your capacity to twist the truth, lie, and slander. You obviously oppose everything Thomas Jefferson and Patrick Henry stood for. And you dare to speak for God when you say I am condemned to Hell as a "demonic preacher?"  Christ shall be my judge, not you. You obviously know little of the Holy Bible, yet presume to be an authority on spiritual matters. There is a thing called "Imprecatory Prayer", found often in Psalms, whereby my namesake prayed God's vengeance upon his enemies. I pray the same against you and all fascist Avengers, unless, of course, you repent and turn away from the evil you spew in this forum. You might study the Bible to see what your vile reprobate attitude is worthy of, in Christ's words. I could quote scripture here, but you would ignore it as you reject truth and reason.

Comment by: (#047504)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 09:49:41

There is no doubt that Larken Rose is a loony – a danger to public safety and national security.

CHEERS to you, Brag. Keep it up, up, up!

Comment by: Ufactdirt (#044150)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 09:45:51

I join this standing ovation for Brag.

Comment by: panocha (#045223)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 09:36:53

The Brag that I know among the Avengers, had served in the military in many capacities including acting as a spiritual councilor to fatally wounded soldiers. In this comment of yours, like the knowledgeable seniors of the group acting in the defense of the public against lunatic attacks, your analytical evidence is solid.

Standing ovation for you, Brag! As a retired soldier and a lawyer, you are an excellent “preacher” in the court of law, and in the spiritual congregation of men and women in uniform.

Once again … I am excitingly impressed! BRAVO!

Comment by: brag (#045216)
   Entered on: 2012-09-22 09:08:37

REQUIEM to you … oddballs. “Freedom's Phoenix is for freedom,” said fascist McElchop-chop.

No, El Diablo…I want to remind you [I have recorded this] of what JV had drilled into your thick skull so many times and you still don’t get it: Freedom’s Phoenix is not freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk and spread the disease caused by bacterias such as Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria that kill people; it is not also the freedom of terrorists to kill and destroy either.

It is not also your freedom to speak the words of the Devil when you pretend to love Christ and mislead people to their spiritual doom.

No matter how many times you look up to Heaven and beg for forgiveness and mercy, your spiritual salvation if any, is nil … and that is your chance for redemption is like going through the hole of the needle. That’s how the Lord Almighty punishes demonic preachers who use the name of God in vain.

What I just said about the mouth of the Devil in you is in the Bible – go open the pages and look for it – the Serpent has so many tongues.

As to Split-Personality PureTrust [Kim Dryer revealed PureTrust is a she talking as a he], he or she said: “Who knows about what is in the heart of Larkin Rose.”

You want to know what’s in the heart of Larken Rose? MURDER!

You know what he said? Larken Rose in “… kill government agents, both military and police.”

He also wrote his perversion and corruption of reality in “When Should You Shoot A Cop”. Here he said “you have only two options: submit, or kill a cop.”

PureTrust also said: “In fact, it is difficult to tell what is in the heart of anyone [Larken Rose], despite what he may say and do at times.”

What did he say or do? I repeat, he said kill government agents, both military and police. What did he do? He cheated the IRS of tax money, turned himself into a tax felon, gets himself arrested, served his jail sentence and became an ex-convict. These are all in his record. I am not making this up.

Now, where have you been that you seem not to know what’s in the murderous heart and mind of screwed up people like Jareed Loughner, Unabomber, Timothy McVeigh and Larken Rose and what they did [just to mention a few]? JV, Annonymous75 and others had warned the public how dangerous this mentally-disturbed terrorist Larken Rose is. Anyone who wants to kill government officials and shoot cops dead is a dangerous terrorist.

What’s the matter with you …Just woke up from your mental stupor? This is not impossible. Rip Van Winkle woke up after twenty years in dreamland.

Comment by: McElchap (#001027)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 16:07:06

 Pure Trust, you have again offered wise counsel. Larken Rose has been verbally abused and seriously slandered by some who obviously do not share libertarian ideals in the least. It is too bad this forum does not deploy troll repellant after a certain number of irrational malicious character assassinations. As you mentioned earlier, we find ourselves getting distracted by these assailants who only seek to stifle thoughtful discussion. I know I have been thusly afflicted, and will attempt to simply ignore the miscreants, but I fear they will overwhelm the forum if no effort is made to repulse them. Freedom's Phoenix is for freedom, not fascism!

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 14:22:41

Who knows about what is in the heart of Larkin Rose. In fact, it is difficult to tell what is in the heart of anyone, despite what he may say and do at times. Sometimes we even deceive ourselves into believing that we are doing things for a righteous and just reason, while way down deep in the subconscious, we are secretly looking for a wicked outcome.

THE POINT HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT THE CHARACTER OF LARKIN ROSE. The point has always been about the points of what he says.

Forget Larkin Rose. Look at what he says. If the things he says are valid, maybe it's about time we make some changes in our lives - both in our personal thinking and philosophy, and then in our Government and way of life.

Almost ALL large governments of the world are neither GOOD nor EVIL. They are simply tools that some people within those governments use to ACCOMPLISH good or evil.

It is extremely difficult to ferret out the good people and the bad people in Government. It is so much easier to blindly say that Government is good. It is so much easier to condemn the person of someone who speaks about government, while at the same time ignoring what he says.

Since you would rather condemn people that logically looking and focusing on what is happening around you, keep your heads in the sand. We are better off with you right where you are.

Comment by: Joseph Vanderville (#044376)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 11:58:35

Quite frankly, this U.S. Federal Government has NEVER been proven to be EVIL since our founding fathers established it more than a hundred years ago – otherwise the great American people would have ABOLISHED it long time ago.

Well, to be honest, some revolutionary outcasts like Timothy McVeigh, Underground Weather Bombers Bill Ayers and his wife, as well as other foreign and local terrorists had tried their worst to wipe out the U.S. Federal Government from the face of the earth because they imagined it is EVIL, but had never succeeded. What they have only succeeded in proving was what drove them to do it -- their grossly grotesque “mental illness” that the National Institute of Health had studied and reported to the public.

In spite of their intense hatred of the State and the U.S. Federal Government, they and their kind will never succeed … and so is this loony.

Comment by: Ufactdirt (#044150)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 11:54:56

It looks like the more this guy Larken Rose writes about his anger towards the State and Government and the more he crows about his mental murder of government officials and cops, the more that he is unwittingly providing more and more evidence of his “insanity”. This time he really proved his total disconnect from reality when he wrote about normal small town folks that should have passed the hat around for a dollar or a penny to help millions of “poor” people nationwide and with a hatful of dollars and pennies, to construct those “roads and superhighways” all over the country! His mind is so fogged out with hatred of Government since he was thrown to prison for tax evasion that what he is writing about – as you can read it here now -- goes banana.

When he wrote about Taxation and Robbery as the same “tyranny” that in his disturbed mind the U.S. Federal Government is committing against the American people [he repeated this in his writings], all what he did was proved his own “insanity”. Imagine a situation where Larken Rose is robbed by muggers in the corner of a darkly lit alley. Because to him Taxation and Robbery are one and the same banana, he would cry: “Help! I was TAXED!”, instead of “Help, I was robbed!” [To him it is the same it makes no difference!]

Do you think bystanders would come to his aid?

The answer is YES! They would call the ambulance where men in white uniform will put him in a straitjacket and rush him to a nearby mental hospital!

Watch for his next writing guaranteed of space at He will be giving more proofs of “insanity”.

Comment by: Joseph Vanderville (#044376)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 11:15:36

Larken Rose HAS NO MORAL STANDING to talk about TYRANNY and NORMAL PEOPLE in this insane writing published by

My dear friend Anno75 -- I just want to add something to your ad nauseam comment of this mentally-disturbed character on the loose in this website -- I also want you to know that Larken Rose has no moral standing to talk about tyranny and about what normal people can do as he does in this published writing.

First of all, in this perverted writing of NORMAL people he is crooning about, Larken Rose is NOT qualified to talk about what normal people can do. Larken Rose is an ABNORMAL person, and has never been a normal person since he became an ex-convict. Being an abnormal person, he has no idea how normal people think, or how they feel about taxes, taxation and the Government they need. He just foolishly ASSUMED that his own perversion about taxes, taxation and Government is also the perversion of normal people, which of course is not, and has never been because they are not abnormal people like him.

In this article, he talked about TYRANNY. He is NOT qualified to talk about tyranny. He never understands what tyranny means … or if he does, it is the other way around or simply so grotesque and unrecognizable that the meaning he ascribes to it is inverted or totally upside down or alien to reason and logic. Totally disconnected from reality, he becomes the “tyrant” when he abuses the State and the Government for reasons a rational mind cannot understand. For example, when Larken Rose was arrested as a tax cheat and thrown to jail, he believed – and he kept on crooning and writing about it -- that the Government and agents of the IRS who arrested him and threw him in jail are “tyrants” for depriving him of his freedom to do whatever he wanted to do including cheating the IRS of taxes or breaking the law.

In short, it is not about tyranny – that’s just an excuse of a very angry mentally-disturbed mind. Vengeance is what it is all to it. His vicious attacks of the Government, taxes and taxation -- including his violent “persuasion” of Americans to kill government people and shoot all cops dead -- are nothing but revenge for the trauma he had suffered while in prison. This is NOT coming from a NORMAL mind!

If what you are reading here – these attacks against the tyranny of the Government – is written by any of our great forefathers like John Adams, Samuel Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson or George Washington, then by all means the public should read it. But coming from a felon or a vengeful ex-convict who has NO MORAL STANDING to even write about it, you must be insane yourself if you tell me you like to read this – and worse, if you endorse or publish it to fake his disturbed mind into believing that what he is doing is not just right but angelical and marvelous!

What Larken Rose is dangerously obsessed about, which endangers the safety of the general public – and by the way that worries me and my family, fearful of the possibility that terror will strike again any time of the day -- gives no room for doubt that his mentally-disturbed person needs a medical help.

And maybe you too, for making comments in favor of what this guy is doing and has done – in other words, for worshiping what is purely evil!

Comment by: Anonymous75 (#045815)
   Entered on: 2012-09-21 10:17:08

Try to read this “insanity” and find out if you could stand it!

I smelled something rotten when I read this written “insanity”. I have to clip my nose close and breathed through my open mouth as I sat down before my computer aghast with disbelief of what I was reading.

Judging from this writer’s TWISTED perception of reality, there is no doubt that JV was over 100% correct when he described Larken Rose as a very dangerous “sick” person. Not just that this mentally-disturbed ex-convict wanted Americans to kill officials in the government and shoot cops dead, but he also wanted to “kill” the Government as well, if only he could! Of course he couldn’t, and perhaps this explains why his neurosis is getting worse and worse every day. Perhaps psychologist-psychiatrist Suka can explain this better than I.

In this published article, the “insanity” of this writer started with his DISTORTED perception of taxes and taxation, and ended up with an angry ABUSE of the Federal Government.

He kicked his tantrum with a perverse statement that there is no use for taxes and taxation because small town “good people” can help the “poor” and with their small contributions put together, they can build roads and superhighways, and travel to the Moon and explore the outer space – no need of taxes, taxation and the Government to perform and accomplish this gigantic feat!

Well, the reality is taxes, taxation and the Government did all these from the very beginning up to this 21st century. That is why civilization invented taxes, taxations and created a Government. So disconnected from reality, Larken Rose is not even aware what had been going on all these years … he doesn’t even know where he is now. He kept on talking what “normal” people can do without taxes, taxation and the Government. I stopped reading at this point … I couldn’t stand this insanity any much longer.

Comment by: Eimi Kratoklastes (#048413)
   Entered on: 2012-09-17 13:14:27

A very good piece, particularly the discussion about the capacity of a free people to defend themselves from apparently-overwhelming invading forces.


It reminds me of the (perhaps apocryphal) conversation between the German Kaiser and an unnamed Swiss political figure: in 1912 the Kaiser reviewed some Swiss troops while on an official visit, and thought he was being clever in asking "What would your 250,000 militiamen do in the face of an invasion by  500,000 German professional soldiers?".

The response: "Each would shoot twice, then go home."


And of course al lSwiss are proud of the Battle of Morgarten, where Stauffacher's 1500 "poorly trained" militia archers thrashed a highly-trained  Austrian invasion force (claimed by Johann von Winterthur at 20,000) that included at least 2500 knights (the "Special Forces" of their day, but also literally the "armour" of the invading force).


And of course - not for nothin' - the Afghans and Iraqi 'insurgency' (i.e., the anti-invasion irregular forces)... killing the invader, one bohunk no-GED-havin' idiot at a time. And the VC had some ideas, too.

Comment by: PureTrust (#010621)
   Entered on: 2012-09-16 16:55:51

Scope and Scale doesn't go far enough. If the Chinese army invades America, it will be because we, the people, have supplied them with the funds to invade. Our tax dollars go to the Federal Reserve Bank, which sends them anywhere that they are needed worldwide.

If the U.S. military and the combined American police force are not enough to overcome the American people, or if they turn and stand with their fellow Americans rather than fighting them, in order to stay alive and overcome freedom, the World Bank and the Power Elite would NEED the Chinese military to overcome us.

So what is the largest source of funding that goes to the World Bank? It's our tax dollars that are sent to the Fed for transfer to anywhere in the world that they think needs our strength. We would be fighting ourselves, so to speak! But, what does it matter? We are doing that already, just by killing ourselves off through abortions.

Comment by: Anonymously Yours (#028829)
   Entered on: 2012-09-16 10:53:54

Well stated Larkin, Most do not know that our revolutionary war was won with prominant support by both milias and privateers.  It would be a far better system than a standing Army and Navy.  Sadly the Tory mentality is still in favor. Why pay for a military when you can force the majority to pay and fight. All the while making money on the conflict at the same time.    

Those that generally seek political power are the ones you least want having it.  Giving a Lawyer/politician, the power to tax, is like giving a fox the keys to the hen house.  Government should be limited to the smallest possible level.   

Comment by: Inner Cynic (#048407)
   Entered on: 2012-09-16 09:30:33

Of course what people usually forget, just as in 9/11, that IF the Chinese army were to appear on your doorstep it only goes to prove that the very expensive military industrial complex you've been forced to pay into for countless decades has FAILED at its job.

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