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Must we resort to coercive human population control to save our species?

The most ominous question looming on humanity’s horizon stems from overpopulation of our species planet-wide.  We humans dominate every continent with 7.3 billion of our numbers.  We overwhelm, overpopulate, over-consume, over-chemicalize and wreak havoc with everything in our path.
Population specialist Jason Brent, Las Vegas, Nevada, offers coercive population control if we hope to survive the 21st century.
(Asia sinks down into the morass of human overpopulation beyond the limits of understanding. Yet, India at 1.2 billion adds 11 million net gain annually on their way to 1.55 billion within 36 years by 2050.) Mrs. Ward’s Website photo
Why do you think we must move toward coercive population methods in America and around the world Mr. Brent?
“Since the earth is finite, both economic and population growth will cease at some point and no power in heaven or on the earth can change that fact,” said Brent.  “There are only three ways that population growth will cease---a) war, with or without weapons of mass destruction, starvation, disease and similar catastrophes; b) the voluntary action of all of humanity; and c) coercive population control.
“Voluntary action includes providing education, modern birth control, and abortion to women. It also includes raising the status of women, providing them with the opportunity to go into business for themselves, changing the cultural relationship between man and woman and everything else anyone can think of along these lines.”
(India devolves so deeply into its own predicament as to live in hopelessness, misery and despair on a level unheard of in human history, yet they add 11 million net gain annually.)  Photo by Mrs. Ward’s Website
You leave very little room for choice?  Why? 
“Either we make choices,” said Brent, “or the natural world will make choices for us.”
Brent continued, “In reality, there are only two ways by which  population growth will cease, categories (b) and (c) above as (a) will cause the deaths of billions and the collapse of civilization as we know it. No one on the face of the earth can guarantee with 100% certainty that voluntary action will reduce population growth to zero, or make it negative if that is needed, in time to prevent the ever-increasing level of population to be controlled by category (a) above. And there cannot be any doubt that an ever-increasing population will be controlled by (a) above. We can debate the chance of success of voluntary action-- 5%, 10%, 20%, 50%, or 90%, but it cannot be 100%.”
(How much more of humanity can sit at the table for food and water?  How many more will Earth tolerate?)
Choices left to humanity 
What can we do to save ourselves?  Brent responded:
First step—call one or more conferences of the best minds available to determine the chance of success of voluntary action. The answer need not be a single number, it could be a range, for example 10%-60%. Any conference called to make this determination must be free from the control of the religious fanatics and others that made the Cairo and other previous conferences abominations.
Second step—if the chance of success is anything less than 85%, 90% or 95% (or the chance of failure is greater than 5%, 10% or 15%--use whatever percent you feel appropriate) a second group of conferences must be called to evaluate the benefits and problems of coercive versus  voluntary action.
“The reason is simple--humanity cannot afford the risk of the horrific deaths of billions and the collapse of civilization caused by the failure of voluntary control. Everyone agrees that the implementation of coercive control would be very difficult, but that would be a subject to be discussed and considered at the conferences. That fact must not be used as an excuse not to call such conferences.”
(What is the point of continual human exponential growth on this planet and exponential trash tossed into the natural world.)  Photo by Mrs. Ward’s Website.
Brent continued, “Every human right except for the right to produce children is in some coercive manner controlled by society when the exercise of that right will harm other human beings,” said Brent.  “No human right is absolute except for the right to produce children. There isn't any logical or intelligent reason why the right to have children should not be controlled by society when the exercise of that right will, not merely could, cause the horrific deaths of billions and the collapse of civilization.
“Presently a substantial number of women are being coerced into having children they do not want, cannot afford, would dramatically affect their health, cause the present children to starve, and were created by rape --- no abortion, no modern means of birth control, and cultural attitudes towards women.”
(Africa, at 1 billion in 2014, expect to grow to 3.1 billion by the end of this century.  No species will survive the human mob from eating everything in sight on the Dark Continent.)
Where does the concept of human choice come into your equation? 
“Stopping population growth by coercive control will be the most horrific and traumatic event ever suffered by humanity,” said Brent.  “However, stopping population growth by (a) above will be millions of times more horrific and traumatic than stopping it by coercion.
“A few facts supporting the proposition that voluntary action is presently failing to reduce population growth to zero--a) the UN's most recent medium-variant projection  increased population by 400 million (compared with its previous population projection) for 2050 from 9.2 to 9.6 billion and by about 900 million for 2100 to 10.9 billion and b) the latest numbers for Egypt show that for the last three years the population growing at a greater rate than the previous high projection.”
In reality, Egypt at 82 million expects to add another 30 million by mid century, but they cannot feed what they feature in today’s population. They relay on imports from grain producing countries. At some point, they cannot count on those imports as Peak Oil manifests and energy costs rise beyond their ability to pay.
(Exactly how does India, China, Indochina, Africa, Bangladesh, Mexico and other overpopulated countries expect to survive their horrific numbers?)
“These results are based on the medium-variant projection, which assumes a decline of fertility for countries where large families are still prevalent as well as a slight increase in fertility in several countries with fewer than two children per woman on average,” said Brent. “The urgency of realizing the projected reductions of fertility is brought into focus by considering that, if fertility were to remain constant at the levels estimated for 2005-2010, the population of the less developed regions would increase to 9.8 billion in 2050 and  to 27.5 billion in 2100 instead of 8.2 billion and 9.6 billion projected by assuming that fertility declines.
“That is, without further reductions of fertility, the world population by 2100 could increase by nearly six times as much as currently expected."  World Population Prospects: The 2012 Revision-- Key Findings and Advance Tables issued July 2013 by the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs, Population Division.
“Only a lunatic and madman would gamble the survival of humanity on the assumption that fertility will decline when the United Nations cannot support that assumption with facts.”
(China did this to itself, instituted 1 child per woman, but waited too late. It still adds 8 million annually net gain to reach from 1.3 billion to 1.5 billion by 2050. Their nightmare accelerates.)
“Any attempt by the less developed regions to reach 27.5 billion in population by the year 2100 will result in resource wars causing the deaths of billions of living, breathing human beings and the complete and total collapse of civilization, never to rise again,” said Brent.  “Since the earth is finite, both economic and population growth will reach peaks and both thereafter will begin to decline. Once a peak is reached only two things can happen (disregarding oscillations), stay at the peak forever into the future or begin to decline at some point in time. Since humanity is using both renewable and nonrenewable resources at a rate that cannot be sustained,  the declines will begin and begin in the very near future.  
“When that happens there will be a violent struggle in which all of humanity will compete for the right to reproduce resulting in humanity being divided into two groups---those that survive to reproduce and those that do not survive to reproduce. The simple solution to prevent a massive and violent die-off and the collapse of civilization--use coercive population control to drive down the combination of population and consumption faster than it will be driven down by the lack of resources.
“Any political or intellectual leader who does not demand that humanity determine, to the best of its ability, the chance that voluntary action will fail to reduce population growth to zero, or to make it negative, if that is necessary for the survival of our species, is not only committing an act of madness and lunacy, but is also committing an act of mass murder.
“If the chance of failure of voluntary action is greater than 5%, 10%, or 15% any political or intellectual leader who does not demand that humanity compare and evaluate the benefits and problems of both voluntary and coercive action is not only committing an act of madness and lunacy, but is also committing an act of mass murder.”
(This is what overpopulation looks like up close and personal. Human dignity vanishes. Personal choices disappear. No one wins and everyone loses.) Photograph by Paulo Santos
Comments and criticisms are invited so long as they are based on math, facts and logic.  
In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation.  Take five minutes to see for yourself:
“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck
This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”
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