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Follow-up on Sharia Law in Detroit, Michigan

After writing the column on Sharia Law manifesting in Detroit, Michigan, I received countless responses thanking me for exposing the onslaught of Islam into America.  Most Americans flat don’t know what to do or how to stop it.  Many fear for our future. I’m right there with you—I am scared to death.
Several wrote telling me:
From Rochelle, New York, Robert said, “Frosty, sorry, but this is a lot of hysterical fear-mongering B.S. which stereotypes a huge number of people.  Additionally, he called me a “racist” and “hate-monger.”  Actually, I respect all races and tribal groups of the world stemming from my world travels.  At the same time, because of the knowledge I learned in those travels, I stand against multi-culturalism because it represents the worst “theory” ever perpetrated onto the Western world. You notice that no one emigrates into Somalia, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, India, Bangladesh or Iraq because they want to get a taste of those multi-cultural boiling pots!
I responded,  “Muslims, since the killings at the 1972 Olympics, perpetuated on dozens of nations around the world, the most horrific bombings and killings of any tribe on the planet. Over 5,000 honor killings of their women annually (Muslims kill their wives or daughters for offences such as talking back to their husband or wearing jeans), which equals 210,000 female deaths at the hands of fathers, husbands or sons in the past 42 years.  (That’s the ones we know about. Out of a 1.5 billion Muslims, I bet tens of thousands of women suffer death and misery at the hands of husbands and fathers.) Additionally, you can follow the trail of Islamic death back from the Boston Marathon Killings, 9/11, Lockerbie, Fort Hood, Somalia killings and hijackings, beheadings in America, honor killings in America, body burnings in Iraq and worse.”
“Your piece is full of half-truths. Yes, some fanatical Muslims have committed horrendous acts of senseless violence recently, but you ignore the fact that the overwhelming majority of the world's Muslims, including those living in the U.S., are peaceful & law-abiding.
I responded, “They can’t maintain peace in their own countries as you see over 60 people suffer bombing deaths in Iraq monthly as reported by UPI.  Additionally, hundreds of thousands flee Syria from Islamic violence.  Islam manifests violence as a way of life.  As they gain more numbers, we will see greater violence in America stemming from Muslim dominance.  Look at this two-minute video from Sweden where they now have taken up residence:
Robert continued: “Yes, there are some fanatical Muslims who are determined to impose Sharia on non-Muslim countries where they live. But the overwhelming majority do not want this.”
I responded with the facts as show by this short video:
Robert said, “There are over a billion Muslims in the world, and the vast majority are not a threat to non-Muslims.”
Their prime directive out of the Koran states: “Convert or kill all non-believers especially the Jews.”  I responded with the facts as reported now occurring in Norway where 100 percent of the rapes come from Muslim men on Norwegian women:
Robert said, “A great many Muslims in America have come here to ESCAPE brutal totalitarian Islamic governments, such as Iran, and are faithful US citizens and profoundly grateful to be living here.”
I responded, “Except they bring that same violence they fled into host countries because violence remains the endemic aspect of Islam.”
Video shows that 80 percent of welfare recipients in Sweden come from unemployable Somalia immigrants:
Another American respondent Vernon said, “The American people damned themselves by letting this happen. There are many factions that want to reduce America to 3rd world status. There are many people in this land that forgot who made this country. The American citizen has been dumbed down to a pathetic level. God and morals have been replaced with selfism, socialism and an abrupt refusal of moral values.
“The public is so apathetic that they will not go out of their way to assure their own survival. Americans used to love a challenge - now they can only watch celebrity challenge on TV.
“They allow a legal system that lies to them every time they enter court to continue. They allow politicians to basically rape them of their freedoms and fortunes. They allow people to poison them in various ways and they say nothing. They are getting what they deserve.
“Muslims fight for what they believe in; and they will probably succeed. The ultimate goal is world conquest. That is fact.   The other races and religions have committed themselves to extinction unless they wake up. This is a war that has been going on for 1,400 years. It never stopped; there were only lulls in the battles.”
If you understand Islam, it remains “peaceful” as long as it remains in the minority of any country. Once it gains dominant numbers, it leans into violence like a gathering tornado about to touch down-- as shown by the videos.
This violence streams into America faster than anyone understands.   People like Robert remain self-blinded, stupid beyond understanding and naïve to Islam.   I invited him to live in an Islamic country for six months and come back with a glowing report.  Reality: no freedom of speech, no women’s rights, no choice of religion, no choice of free thought, no expression of free thought, no freedom for gays, no choice of marriage for women, no voting for women, no car driving for women,  no education for women, no going out in public wearing what you would like to wear as a woman.  The list grows bigger than another 10 pages.
Islam: a religion of peace. Fat chance!

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 From the article:

I responded, “Except they bring that same violence they fled into host countries because violence remains the endemic aspect of Islam.”   I am reminded of a scene from "Gangs of New York" where one of the more seasoned Irish immigrants tells a newbie, "We didn't bring this here with us.  And we didn't make it this way after we got here.  It was waitin' for us when we stepped off the boat."   And there is a line from the Kennedy brothers' book "The South Was Right" - Speaking of the Inhabitants of these States who immigrated from Western Europe (and likely elsewhere) "They brought their grudges with them."   I had an experience working at a fortune 500 company back in the 80's.  There were maybe a dozen old company hands who suddenly had about 100 newbies thrust upon them.  This was a recipe for trouble - and there was trouble.   I think a more sound assimilation process would have reversed that ratio; about 100 old hands would take in about a dozen newbies.  Not that this is a panacea either, but - here's one of the things that stands out:   We had an older guy who wore a leisure suit to work.  He had a nervous condition.  Two of the newbies in particular took great delight in aggravating his condition, so they could watch his "ticks".  (Shades of "I shot a man in Reno - just to watch him die")   These guys weren't Muslim.  They weren't immigrants.  I don't know what, if any, religious affiliation either of them claimed.  One was from Chicago and the other had lived in St. Louis and Detroit.  One was black and one white.   Vernon makes an astute observation:   The American citizen has been dumbed down to a pathetic level. God and morals have been replaced with selfism, socialism and an abrupt refusal of moral values.   I think his words fit these two guys.   The higher values have been replaced with materialistic aims of money and status.   Back to a proper assimilation ratio not being a panacea.  Also in the 80's, I worked in a military industrial complex facility - a large one - with an office mate who had a serious heart condition.  This place hired military retirees.  A military retiree took great delight in trying to cause my office mate to have a heart attack.  It had me climbing the walls.  I required a prescription tranquilizer as a result.  In a few days, it took effect.  JB came over to antagonize GC.  I looked at JB and just smiled.  Such was the effect of this drug.  JB  ran back to his desk and never did it again.   JB - you know who you are - and if by chance you're reading this, you were an @$$hole then, and I bet if you're still alive, you're still an @$$hole!  If you've died, you're probably the number one @$$hole in hell.  So there!   I wish Sharia adherents were the only source of this mayhem.   FWIW   DC Treybil