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The Generation Gap Has Been Produced: Julius Wellhausen - Part V

When we began these articles on the subject, "The Generation Gap has Been Produced" using the Georgia Guidestones with their Ten Commandments of the New World Order, we had no idea that this past Presidential election would be such an illustration of the truth of the principles that we are presenting in this series.

We have been showing that seven men are still ruling the world from their grave, as we have mentioned in prior articles from the book by Dave Brees, Seven Men Who Rule the World from Their Grave.  This is true because of the seeds of false doctrine that they planted. These men understood the concept of sowing and reaping, and they also understood the concept of faith; in fact most of these men considered themselves Christian men.  They knew that they would not be alive to see the results of their labor but were willing to plant, believing that their "world view" would produce an enlightened generation that would bring a New World Order that would eliminate poverty, hunger, ignorance and disease from the earth.  Their patience and confidence in their message was actually based on the words of Isaiah the Prophet when he spoke for God in these words, So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Is  55:11 ).



Julius Wellhausen


Like Darwin and Marx, they believed that it would be done without the supernatural, however two were theistic evolutionists, such as Wellhausen and Kierkegaard. As Darwin added the scientific ingredient to the equation and Marx the economic, our subject of interest in this article, Julius Wellhausen, added the religious element.  He believed the perfection of the world could be accomplished through the following seven principles:

1. Man is in the world through the evolutionary process based on the scientific discoveries of Darwin.

2. Since the body of man has evolved then his brain has also evolved moving from the simple to the complex.

3. Therefore since the mind of man has evolved, has not his ideas, concepts, and his understandings evolved, that is matured? Therefore man is more enlightened today than the ancients.

4. If the ideas of man have evolved, have not our idea of God properly evolved? We used to think of God as a frowning, vindictive ruler of the universe. Now we know him as a God of love. Man does need to fear God any longer.  Hence no hell or judgment.

5. Because he is a God of love, we must do away with the archaic concept of original sin. Sin is not the violation of the law of an offended God.  God cannot be offended.  Therefore we must see sin as a lack of maturity, a lack of enlightenment, a lack of proper evolution on our part.

6. As a solution to the problems of mankind, then, must we not hold to salvation by education?  Man does not need forgiveness and redemption; he needs enlightenment.  He has a spark of divinity within him that only needs to be fanned into a new flame.  This is the basic message of every liberal preacher.  It totally removes an old rugged cross for a smooth cross.

7. In pursuit of this program of the enlightenment of man as a way of salvation, we will do away with the old, ugly activities of war, hatred, famine and the like.

To give an idea as to how these seven principles have so totally dominated our culture today, there is a huge billboard on Sun Tree Blvd. in Rockledge, Florida, just West of Highway #1 with a lovely young woman looming down stating, "I teach math and 'life lessons.'  Be a Foster Parent."  This same statement could be said of public school teachers.  Because of Supreme Court rulings, they are not allowed to teach the children about God and His commandments and the Lord Jesus Christ's Sermon on the Mount which are His commandments – but they can teach "life lessons."  In other words, they can teach morality without God and the Bible.  But this is plagiarism, because any morals taught come from the Ten Commandments.  In other words, they want the benefits of the Christian religion without the author of that religion or giving him credit for the principles that He designed for the happiness of man.

When Europe, adopted the principles of modernism, "denying the faith," rejecting absolutes and embracing relativism, Europe lost its soul and they have never found it since.  America has gone in the same direction and is on the verge of losing its soul also, unless it turns back to God, before it's forever too late. It may already be too late; she may have already crossed the deadline.  Just like Europe, most of our churches and theological institutions have embraced "Higher Criticism" by rejecting an authoritative Bible, and a supernatural faith which includes the virgin birth, the blood atonement, bodily resurrection and a literal hell and eternal judgment in the lake of fire. 

But the generation gap has now surfaced to such an extent, that in the past two elections, it can be demonstrated statistically.  60% of the young adults 18-29 voted for President Obama over Governor Romney.  They made it clear that their concerns reflected the seven principles of Wellhausen stated above. 

According to the exit polls, the young people that voted for President Obama gave the following reasons why they voted as they did. Their first reason was "Gay" rights, number two was "Gay" marriage, three was abortion (right to privacy as to their own body without government interference), four was economics, "socialism over capitalism" (collective thievery). 

Let's analyze these findings. You will note that Obama got the "sin" vote.  The young people have bought the propaganda that sodomites are a gender, just like any other race of people; therefore they should have their civil rights. The same goes with the abortion issue. All arguments to the contrary, they refuse to believe that life begins with conception.  No argument will penetrate the educational system, movies, TV, internet, peer pressure or any other source of information highway that they are on.  They do not believe, or they do not care to believe, that the Word of God is the final authority on the matter of life. What does all of this mean? It means that the "Generation Gap" has been produced by a deliberate and calculated propaganda arm of the New World Order Elite. Our young people are the victims of the art of psychopolitics, a word coined in the Lenin University in Moscow (1).  In the thirties, large numbers of American students from elitist families went to Russia for specialized training.  Little did their parents realize that they would come back as "Change Agents" to go into Colleges, Seminaries, and pulpits of America in the art of Geo-politics to change America into a Marxist Socialist State. 

They in turn have deliberately brainwashed the next generation without having to take them out of the country.  Instead of moving them to reeducation camps, their "Reeducation Camp" is the local public school, College, University, movie theatre, rock concert, theological Seminary, and Protestant or Catholic Church, and of course the big one that sits in practically every home, the television set.  

Every one of these has been teaching the seven principles above in one way or another, which leads to moral chaos. Unless there is a genuine Biblical revival that sweeps over our land, it looks like our nation is destined for the same scrap heap that other nations have descended upon down through the ages.

In the school of Lenin, the Psycho-politician was taught the art of psycho-politics, which is the art of chaos.  They are to create such chaos in the nation in all areas, which includes economics, culture, religion and morals.  At the height of the confusion, when the people are so disoriented and demoralized, the communists seize the opportunity to present their solution for political stability, and for the opportunity of security, peace and economic stability, the people will accept their communist masters. America has almost come to this point.  God help us to turn back before it is forever too late.

Tomorrow: Part VI - The Sexual Revolution: Psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud


(1)    Brainwashing (A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics) Revised and Edited by Lt. Col. Gordon "Jack" Mohr, U.S. Army, Retired. (103 pages) Available for a gift of any amount to the Biblical Law Center.  Send all gifts to P.O. Box 11, Indianapolis, IN 46206.


Dr. Dixon was a pastor for nearly fifty years until he retired from the active pastorate.  He is now the National Director of the Biblical Law Center


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