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Mind-Numbing 750 U.S. Military Bases in 80 Countries Around the World

In the last two weeks, three young Army soldiers suffered instant death while sleeping in their barracks in Jordan.  Bomb blasts injured 40 more soldiers.

"The three citizen-soldiers from different corners of Georgia all died in  weekend drone strikes on a U.S. base in Jordan near the Syrian border that also wounded more than 40 others. Families of the slain reservists said they were shocked when uniformed military officers came to their doors to deliver the news Sunday," reported Army Times.

"I just hope and pray no other family has to go through this," Francine Moffett, the young soldier's mother, said Monday through tears at the dining table of her Savannah home. "It takes your heart and your soul."

Reason reporter Mathew Petti reported, "The Killing of three American Troops Was an Avoidable Tragedy.  The U.S. base on the Jordanian-Syrian border has long been "strategic baggage."

"American blood has been drawn in a Middle Eastern war for the first time in a while. President Joe Biden has promised to "all those responsible to account at a time and in a manner of our choosing." Members of Congress have called for a harsh response, with some demanding a full-on war against Iran."

Here is the BIG question never asked by the mainstream media: why do we have some 20 military bases standing on Syrian and Iraqi soil?  Why are our troops put in harm's way? What's the point?  Who benefits? How does any of it protect America?  Answer: in reality, all those Middle Eastern countries hate us staking out our bases on their land.  It's their turf, it's their Muslim heritage, we're the Great Satan, they don't want us there.

Would you want Jihadist Islamic bases planted all over American soil?  Do you really like that we've now imported 4,000,000 America-hating Muslims into America?  Have you visited Islamic Detroit, Michigan?  It's  no longer an American city. Muslim prayer calls five times a day!  Women in hajibs and burqas.  Arabic spoken only. Arabic worm writing everywhere.  Mosques like fortresses everywhere.  No American  flags flown anywhere in Islamic Detroit.  It's a "multicultural" wonderland, but if you're not Muslim, you're not welcome.  Same in Minneapolis, Minnesota in their "Somaliland."

So why are you, the American taxpayer, shelling out trillions of dollars over the years for 750 military bases in 80 countries around the world?  Who are those bases protecting? What possible advantage does it bring our country when our southern border has become a gateway for every terrorist in the world that hates America?

In 2024, we're facing massive terrorist threats, and yet, Joe Biden invites every terrorist in the world to walk across our borders—-while, at the same time, he and/or his handlers did NOTHING to protect those three American soldiers living on a base in a foreign country that doesn't want us there.

Who thinks we need 750 bases in 80 countries?  Can you give one single, rational reason for such impositions and incursions on those  80  countries?  While we're $35 trillion in national debt, why are we wasting more money and 450,000 military personnel on those bases?  What's the point?  What's the end game?  Who benefits?

Answer: the corporate heads at the Military Industrial Complex.  They  feed on war.

Those M.I.C. guys made millions on Korea.  They made billions on Vietnam.  They made billions on Desert Storm. They made trillions on Afghanistan and Iraq in 20 years of those bogus wars.  You can bet they are licking their fingers for a full-out war on Iran.

Right now, Vladimir Putin has killed over 200,000 young kids on Russia's  side and Ukraine's side of that insane war.  Journalist Tucker Carlson sat down to have an interview with Putin.  That would be like sitting down with Adolph Hitler.  Did anyone ever interview Hitler on why he slaughtered millions of people?  Does Putin possess some kind of Evil-Power to kill that many young men and women?  My view?  Putin should be brought to trial for war crimes and hung by his toes until he  dies.  Putin equals Hitler.  All of them were sick minds:  Mao, Stalin, Mussolini.

In many ways, The United States of America faces some nasty realities. President Lyndon B. Johnson killed 2.3 million innocent Vietnamese in his 10 year war. Johnson killed 58,479 of our finest men and women in Vietnam.  All of it based on the lie of the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident."   George W. Bush pushed the lie of "weapons of mass destruction."  Bush, Obama and Trump got 7,500 of our troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Not to mention P.T.S.D. and suicides into the tens of thousands. Think of all those mothers, and their kids losing their fathers. Think of the fathers who returned with their brains and emotions in meatgrinders.

What possesses such men to kill so many young kids in bogus wars?  Where is there an ounce of morality in those corporate heads at the Military Industrial Complex?  Why do generals allow the insanity to  continue?  Why does our U.S. Congress go along with any of it?

Worse than that, we are being led by Alzheimer's patient Joe Biden who doesn't know up from down, or what day it is.  So,  when his handlers tell him to go to war with Iran, we're going to see more deaths of our finest in uniform.