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Joe Biden Should Be Charged With Treason For Refusing To Secure America's Borders

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Almost everyone—including Democrats—knows that Joe Biden and his family are guilty of several acts of criminality, any one of which are impeachable offenses. One thing you can know about criminals: They stick together.

Therefore, it is little wonder why America's criminal-in-chief would have no problem using his immense authority as president to facilitate and even pay Jewish criminal cabals to directly escort illegal aliens—many of them hardened criminals themselves—into the United States.

America is already beginning to experience rampant violence and mayhem being perpetrated by these criminal illegal aliens—multiplied thousands of whom operate as organized gangs, drug cartels, human traffickers and weapons smugglers.

If you were hoping that the United States would become a lawless society, you have now gotten your wish.  Some of the numbers that I am about to share with you are just mind blowing.  For example, I had no idea that police in New York City were injured by criminals thousands of times last year.  All over the nation, law enforcement is losing control and violent criminals are getting the upper hand.  We have never seen anything quite like this before, and I am entirely convinced that this crime wave is only going to get worse as economic conditions deteriorate.  Even in our capital city, crime is completely and utterly out of control.  If you can believe it, the number of carjackings in Washington D.C. was up 97.9 percent last year…

Police data show carjackings in the nation's capital spiked by 97.9% in 2023 with 958 reported carjackings last year compared to 484 in 2022, with motor vehicle theft up 82% from 3,756 in 2022 to 6,829 in 2023. Vehicle theft in the greater Washington-Maryland-Virginia area also rose by 68% last year, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau.

Vehicle theft is even worse in some areas along the west coast.

In Oakland, approximately one out of every 30 residents had a vehicle stolen from them in 2023

Robberies grew 38% last year in Oakland, according to police data. Burglaries increased 23%. Motor vehicle theft jumped 44%. Roughly one of every 30 Oakland residents had a car stolen last year, according to a San Francisco Chronicle analysis.

Other west coast cities are also experiencing unprecedented crime waves.

In Seattle, one restaurant has actually been broken into five times in the last six months 

There is no way that I would open a small business in Seattle.

Or Portland.

Or Oakland.

Or San Francisco.

Or Los Angeles.

Of course I could say the exact same thing about many cities on the east coast as well.

In New York City, police officers "are getting beaten at a record-setting pace"

City cops are getting beaten at a record-setting pace — a disturbing and dangerous trend fueled by radical protests, an influx of criminal migrants, bail reform, anti-cop rhetoric and soft-on-crime prosecutors, experts told The Post. 

The number of cops hurt by suspects surged 20% in 2022, when 4,724 uniformed officers suffered injuries in attacks, compared to 3,933 in 2021. 

But the law enforcement nightmare grew worse last year, when 4,077 cops were hurt by suspects in just the first nine months of 2023 — on pace for a record-breaking 5,436 injuries, the latest NYPD stats show. 

Of course the Biden administration has made the national crime wave significantly worse by allowing millions upon millions of migrants to come pouring over the southern border.

In fact, we just learned that police in the Big Apple have arrested a "very, very violent" migrant that shot a tourist in the leg "after opening fire in Times Square"

Needless to say, our wide open borders have also made it easy for cartels to transport drugs all over the country.

There is nowhere that you can go in the U.S. to completely escape all of this.

From coast to coast, our society is literally coming apart at the seams.

You might want to think about that, because we really are right on the brink of an extremely apocalyptic chapter in human history.

But most people don't want to think about such things.

Most people just want to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that everything is okay.


Illegal alien gangs are terrorizing major cities in our country—starting with Democratic strongholds (you know, the very ones that helped Biden carry out his demented open borders, invite-the-criminals-in policy).

FOX News reports:

Criminals posing as asylum seekers are turning American cities into war zones.

The Venezuelan gang Tren de Aragua, feared for how it tortures its victims, is setting up business in New York City, police sources reveal.

Gang members recruit migrants from shelters and as they come off buses from Texas, putting them to work in retail theft rings or on mopeds, grabbing phones and handbags and roughing up pedestrians.

"This is organized crime. It's just like the Mafia," says Paul DiGiacomo, president of the NYC Detectives' Endowment Association.


NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban warns of a "wave of migrant crime."

Migrants in moped gangs and retail theft rings, some carrying guns, are terrorizing the Big Apple, Yonkers and New Jersey.

Two-man teams snatch pedestrians' phones and deliver them to Tren de Aragua stash houses, where professional hackers make fraudulent banking transactions and drain cash from all accounts. Then the phones are wiped clean and shipped to South America for resale.

A 62-year-old woman was brutally dragged down a Brooklyn street by one of these moped thieves who made off with her purse. When you see mopeds, step back from the curb and hug the building – advice usually needed in a third-world city, not New York.

A shopper at JD Sports near Times Square was shot in the leg by baby-faced, 15-year-old migrant Jesus Alejandro Rivas-Figueroa when a security guard tried to stop him from robbing the store on Feb. 8. Figueroa whipped out a .45-caliber handgun and shot into the crowd.

Chicago is also being terrorized. There, professional criminals enlist migrants from the shelters to raid luxury stores at the suburban Oakbrook Center shopping mall, 20 miles west of downtown. These migrants wouldn't have a clue where Oak Brook, an upscale suburb, is, or how to get there without the criminal masterminds.

South American gangs are turning suburban malls into danger zones, explains retired Riverside, Illinois, Police Chief Tom Weitzel. "You're at one of the suburban malls... pushing your kids in a stroller" and you can get caught in the violence, he said in an interview with Fox News.

"A lot more crossing the border are criminals or have criminal intent than is being publicly said," Weitzel added.

Paul Mauro, a retired inspector of the NYPD, agrees. The claim that Venezuela is emptying its prisons is accurate, he suggested in a separate interview with Fox News.

Blame President Biden's open borders, but also the soft-on-crime Democrats in New York and Illinois, whose policies almost guarantee that migrant criminals can rob and assault without ever going to jail.

Right here in Montana, Mexican drug cartels have set up shop on several Indian reservations. And cartel violence is being felt outside the reservations.

From Infowars:

Multiple Stabbings in Montana by Illegal Alien Suspects

At least three people have been seriously injured in separate incidents involving illegal alien suspects in Big Sky Country this month.

Illegal aliens have been arrested following multiple unrelated stabbing attacks in Montana in February, according to reports.

At least three people have been seriously injured in separate incidents involving illegal alien suspects in Big Sky Country this month.

On February 4, Flathead County Sheriff's Office (FCSO) deputies were called to the scene of a crime in Kila, approximately 10 miles from Kalispell in Northwest Montana.

They encountered "an undetermined number of people in need of medical care," including at least one person suffering from stab wounds, the Daily Inter Lake reported earlier this month.

Two suspects fled the scene but were later apprehended by Kalispell Police.

Little information was released about the suspects, but Montana radio host Aaron Flint later confirmed they were both illegally present in the U.S.

"Flathead County's Sheriff's Office coordinated efforts with the US Border Patrol and Homeland Security for the deportation process of two individuals. Due to their violent behavior and immigration status, we worked with Federal officials on their removal," FCSO explained in a statement to Flint.

Flint says a spokeswoman for Flathead County also told him, "yes, the two who were handed over to Homeland Security were illegally in Montana/the US."

On February 10, two more bloody attacks involving illegal alien suspects unfolded in Bozeman, some 300 miles from Flathead County.

Andres Felipe Lara Gonzalez, 25, and Santiago Machado Echeverri, 21, were each charged with two counts of attempted deliberate homicide and two counts of tampering with evidence and each ordered held on $300,000 bail.

Daniel Greenfield writes:

Open borders have consequences. Horrific ones. 

Laken Riley is far from the first American murdered by illegal aliens. Many of these have been documented over the years. But her death is directly connected to Biden's decision to maintain an open border and free the invaders coming across it.

While Biden and the Democrats harp on their "border deal", the administration refused to stop releasing illegal alien invaders. Indeed the so-called deal added barely a week's worth of detention capacity.

Instead, Biden insisted on releasing illegals into America. This is the result.

The illegal immigrant arrested for killing a Georgia nursing student crossed the border in Texas Sept. 8 last year and was sent to a processing facility there, but was quickly released before being put on a bus to New York City, where he was later busted and set free again, his wife told The Post.

Jose Antonio Ibarra and wife Layling Franco of Venezuela entered El Paso together with her 5-year-old son, she said.

The family was then sent to the Big Apple Sept. 15, where Ibarra posted smiling, carefree pictures of himself on social media in Times Square and Rockefeller Center.

The body of Laken Riley, an Augusta University student who once attended UGA, was found Thursday in a forested part of the UGA campus after she had gone for a run.

Ibarra was arrested and charged Friday with malice and felony murder, aggravated battery, kidnapping, concealing the death of another and other charges in the killing of in the death of [sic] the 22-year-old.

It's a typical story and the end isn't too atypical either. The Biden administration keeps escorting in and releasing illegal alien invaders. A mass invasion is being enabled. Horrifying things are happening as a result.

America, arm yourselves! Your country is being invaded by some of the most evil, violent, murderous vermin known to man. Even in small towns, children should never be unsupervised and unprotected, and women and young girls should not walk or run in remote or isolated places by themselves. Even in public places, everyone should be on high alert.

The America we once knew is GONE! Societal breakdown has already begun. The criminals in Washington, D.C., have destroyed the real America—especially the criminal-in-chief Joe Biden. He should be charged with treason for refusing to secure America's borders, along with every other politician who encouraged and assisted his treachery. 

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Comment by tittiger
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My God Chuck is there a Federal Legislator that is not guilty of treason?

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One of the major points about this is that Biden isn't really doing much. In fact, he couldn't do much of anything if Congress made laws that stopped him one way or another in just about everything he wanted to do. What we need is for the States to recall their Congress people, and place honest(er) people in there, instead. The point? Let's promote recalls rather than pick on sick Joe. Besides, think of the mess we would be in if we got rid of Joe, and Kamala took over. Might be interesting to watch.

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