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The most important presidential debate questions

Once again there was a presidential debate.  Once again viewers were left to guess what the candidates’ core political philosophy and principles were.  And once again, Americans will elect someone and then be surprised later by the president’s true ideology.


Some might say that at least viewers got an idea of the candidates’ leadership abilities.  But the notion that a leader is needed should scare the begeezus out of you.  It suggests that Americans don’t know where they want to go and need someone to tell them and then to lead them there.  How pitiful.  Maybe they should elect a sheepherder. 


What would good debate questions look like?  Well, they would begin with philosophy and principles and end with specific policy issues.  For example:


1.  What is the role of government?  Include in your answer how you would interpret the commerce clause and the general welfare clause of the Constitution.


2.  When should the government use force against its own citizens and other countries?  Address in your answer whether the government should force citizens through tax and welfare policies to feed the poor and heal the sick, or should those biblical injunctions be left to personal morals, voluntary action, and the kindness of the American people? 


3.  Do you consider such civil liberties as free speech, free association, and religious freedom to be of greater or equal importance to:


a) property rights; that is, the right to keep your money and other assets out of the hands of the government?


b) the right of self-defense; that is, the right to own guns?


4.  On a ten-point scale, with zero being individualism and 10 being statism, where would you place your political philosophy?  Give examples from your history to support your number.    


5.  What are the policy implications of your answers to the above on such issues as welfare, Social Security and Medicare, public education, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, abortion, prayer in school, immigration, taxes, social justice, and fairness?


Of course, this is all a fantasy.  That’s because the lamebrain media is in cahoots with both political parties to hide the fact that where it really matters, they’re all the same.  Whether they are on the right or on the left, or in the media or politics, they all rank about No. 8 on the statism scale.  The only difference between them is what special interests and constituencies they want to favor with a big, centralized, coercive, bureaucratic government--not whether such a government should exist in a supposed free country that supposedly values individual rights.  

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