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The highest court in Europe has ordered Google to honor requests to be removed from search engine results. People may now ask the mega-corporation to delete search results in which they are listed. This ruling will not require such pages to be re

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There are a burgeoning number of ways to receive content streamed from the internet to your living room TV, and no single provider is proving significantly dominant.

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Lew Rockwell blog

Jeff Berwick has a post regarding YouTube and Statebook Facebook banning Adam Kokesh’s pages and Josie the Outlaw’s as well. I believe that everything is back up except for Adam Kokesh’s CIAbook Facebook page. Berwick suggests having a free

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Simple Justice

The video was evidence used in the case before Justice Hart, and this piece of evidence in a New York courtroom was uploaded to YouTube, and embedded in my post. As of yesterday, poof, it was gone. No notice. No letter. No email. No, questions aske

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