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Politics: Republican Campaigns

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A Democratic outside group backing President Barack Obama's re-election bid is trying to tie Republican Mitt Romney to the oil industry, responding to an ad assailing Obama's energy record.

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The GOP candidates for president have seized on high gas prices as a line of attack against President Obama, largely saying the answer is more domestic oil drilling.

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Republican Texas Rep. Ron Paul used his only planned campaign stop in Wisconsin on Thursday to speak to a receptive crowd largely composed of college students who braved chilly temperatures to cheer on his message of personal liberty on the campus of

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Newt Gingrich likes to say he shouldn't be counted out of the GOP presidential race because he has bounced back before from low standings in public opinion polls. But the latest national poll from Gallup shows the former House speaker has hit a new l

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Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum won’t lose any core supporters for letting loose during a fiery run-in with a New York Times reporter.