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Religion: Non-Believers - Atheists

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The Christian/Biblical worldview elevates man as the pinnacle of creation, whereas Technocrats debases man as being equal to or less than a common animal. This article shows the increasing hostility toward Christians who value human life and dignity.

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While much of the reaction to HBO's new documentary "Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief" has been focused on the shocking allegations of abuse and manipulation within the church, the film also examines how a struggling science-fiction

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James Morrow is widely regarded as the foremost satirist in science fiction. His new novel, Galapagos Regained, tells the story of a Victorian actress named Chloe Bathhurst who attempts to use Darwin's theory of natural selection to disprove the ex

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Conservatives have been mocked for insisting there's an ongoing war on Christmas, but now it looks like they may have simply been ahead of their time. American Atheists unveiled Wednesday the "War on Christmas" line-up on its television channel

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According to reports, Satanists will be joining a national atheist group in handing out controversial literature to public school students in Orange County, Fla. A press release from The Satanic Temple indicates that amongst the materials to be ha

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Christine Smith's Blog

I highly recommend the film The Sunset Limited to all those of thought, pondering, about the insane world most choose to live in...Be you of a faith, agnostic, or an atheist…if you are thoughtful…this film will be appreciated. I really liked it.