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Education: Private Religious Schools

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By Walter E. Block

A former student of mine has made a generous contribution to fund the Walter E. Block Scholarship at the level of $25,000 each year. Several students interested in studying the economics of free enterprise who enroll at Loyola can benefit. These fund

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Parents are fed up. As mass schooling becomes more restrictive, more standardized and more far-reaching into a child's young life, many parents are choosing alternatives.

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The escalation of Federal and state pressure against the Christian school movement is reaching a crisis stage. Day after day, some pastor or headmaster is put under new bureaucratic regulations. No longer is the battle against the independent schools

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Gulen inspired charter schools have exploded in this country. there are roughly 144 schools directly connect to Mr. Gulen a Turkish cleric located in Pennsylvania. There are a triple that amount of schools that are affiliate of the US/ Turkish charte