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GitHub has launched GitHub Sponsors, which lets you fund the development of open source software. As GitHub is the biggest repository for open source projects, this is big news for developers dedicated to creating and maintaining open source software

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Although many people throw milk away once it reaches its "best before" date, the fact is that the milk will still likely be good for several more days. In order to eliminate such waste, scientists at Cornell University are designing a "smart" carton.

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Like it or not, Augmented Reality is rapidly advancing to the point that people will not be able to tell the difference between real and unreal. Where boundaries and privacy do not exist, this will create a dystopian world. ? TN Editor

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Technocrats at the FBI are driven to collect unending streams of data on any and all citizens. Any oversight or attempts to regulate are ignored or passively resisted. Other Intel agencies have followed the same pattern. In the meantime, Americans a