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UN Watch

Today, as controversial UN official Richard Falk ended his 6-year term as human rights investigator, the UN appointed his wife and academic partner, Falk, to her own 6-year term as a human rights investigator. The couple co-direct a research institu

News Link • Global Reported By J E Andreasen
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Farm Wars

Agenda 21 is alive and well in Klamath County, Oregon. Klamath Basin water is now basically off limits to ranchers unless they get approval from the tribes, and approvals are few and far between.

Article Image, By Patrick J. Buchanan

In the last stanza of “The Battle of Blenheim,” Robert Southey writes: “But what good came of it at last?” Quoth little Peterkin. “Why, that I cannot tell,” said he; “But ’twas a famous victory.”

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In the latest debacle for the US State Department and the Obama Administration, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland was caught on tape micro-managing Ukraine opposition party strategies with US Ambassador to Ukraine.......

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After all the gnashing of teeth, beating of breasts and tearing of hair coming from Israel and its American supporters, you’d think last week’s nuclear deal in Geneva has opened the way for Iran to become a mighty nuclear weapons power.

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Colorado has been taken over by the forces of Agenda 21. Everything is being controlled, namely, food, water and private gun ownership is at risk. Here is a snap shot of what is happening to Colorado.

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