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Piketty has found that, over the long run, the return on capital is higher than the growth rate of the overall economy. In other words, accumulated and inherited wealth becomes a larger fraction of the economic pie over time. This happens more or les

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This is the first we know of a loan by the IMF, headquartered in Washington, DC, as specifying a loan in Special Drawing Rights rather than the US Dollar. It’s the start in not using the US Dollar for IMF loans, which are essentially US Govt loans.

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Toward the end of 1981, nearly a year after Ronald Reagan entered the White House, Sir Nicholas Henderson, the United Kingdom’s ambassador to Washington, wrote an annual review, including his observations of the President, and sent it to the Foreign

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Money and Markets

Campaign for Liberty, the political action group founded by Ron Paul, led the fight to audit the Federal Reserve. Now the IRS is demanding information about its donors. But no one receives a tax deduction for donations to Campaign for Liberty and the