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Venezuela's ailing socialist president, Hugo Chavez, will fly to Cuba for an unknown period to undergo new cancer surgery that has shaken the South American nation before an October presidential election.

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New York Times

The financial power broker whose political career was ruined last year after he was accused of attempted rape in New York, was held overnight for a second day of questioning by police officials in an investigation into a prostitution ring accused of

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Addison Wiggin

Some of the very best Argentine steak houses are in Amsterdam, some of America’s very best rodeo cowboys are Brazilian and some of the world’s very best beach volleyball courts are high in the Swiss Alps.

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Russia Today

Kalashnikov have unveiled the latest incarnation of their iconic assault rifle, the AK-47. The company says new generation firearm called the AK-12 combines reliability with precision, and can be used with one hand.

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By Khaled Yacoub Oweis and Angus MacSwan

Syrian security forces have fired on a huge protest against President Bashar al-Assad in Damascus, opposition activists said, shortly after a Chinese envoy appealed for a halt to 11 months of violence.