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Secretary John Kerry may have made a tactical mistake when he cited Daniel Ellsberg (the man who exposed the Pentagon Papers during the Vietnam War) as an example of how one 'properly' handles exposing government secrets. Watch Matt Lee, a diplomatic

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I wrote this on Facebook as a summation of a series of tweets I sent out today and copied to my Facebook wall — including links to both the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. J. Neil Schulman @jneilschulman

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by Andrew P. Napolitano

With heart-pounding suspense, John le Carre-like intrigue and Jeffersonian fidelity to the principles of human freedom, Glenn Greenwald has just published No Place to Hide.

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The email began: "The security of people's communications is very important to me," and its stated purpose was to urge me to begin using PGP encryption so that "Cincinnatus" could communicate things in which, he said, he was certain I would be intere

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Edward Snowden, in an exclusive interview with "Nightly News" anchor Brian Williams, is fighting back against critics who dismissed him as a low-level hacker — saying he was “trained as a spy” and offered technical expertise to high levels of governm

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Michael Kinsley’s review of Glenn Greenwald’s new book, “No Place to Hide” hasn’t even appeared in the printed Book Review yet – that won’t happen until June 8 – but it’s already infuriated a lot of people.

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The man who helped bring about the most significant leak in American intelligence history is to reveal names of US citizens targeted by their own government in what he promises will be the “biggest” revelation from nearly 2m classified files.

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Intelligence analyst William Binney's revelations preceded Edward Snowden's by more than decade. Why didn't anyone listen?