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DARPA, the research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense, awarded contracts to six teams working on developing better brain-computer interface technology. The goal, according to DARPA, is to repair and enhance the senses of those with disabilities.

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This GMO operation (using CRISPR technology) is permanently changing the germline of these ants and with the specific purpose of changing their social behavior. Technocrats do not consider ethics or unfavorable outcomes that will surely occur. ? TN

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A shot of klotho, a hormone associated with longevity, seems to make mice smarter. Klotho is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. More than two decades ago, Japanese researchers discovered that this hormone plays a role in aging.

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bought guns and ammo… COLLAPSE is coming...(Natural News) When I think of workers at social media behemoths Google and Facebook, I get a mental image of people who are far Left on the political spectrum, very politically correct, and more intereste

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Alternative and Natural Healing Breakthroughs: Following a horrific accident and five years in recovery a legendary figure in research of ancient secrets releases an all natural, all powerful healing secrets of the ancients.

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