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The inhibition of both alkaline DNase and acid DNase has been reported in non-necrotic cancer cells at early stages of experimental carcinogenesis. On the other hand, the reactivation of these enzymes has also been seen in the early stages of spontan

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Two weeks ago, we reported that Brian Wilcox, a former member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense, had shared a report on what the Space Agency considered one of the greatest natural threats to human civilization: the Yellowstone "sup

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Serious Question: Do you think Centralized Social Media platforms like Youtube and Facebook will still be popular in 10 years? Going by the level of censorship taking place on YouTube/Twitter/Facebook " My prediction is there will be a massive shi

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Driverless Cars Coming Right Up...Many contend that self-driving trucks and cars will not happen anytime soon for numerous reasons (most of them easily refuted). One of the reasons is of lack of approval from Congress. That argument will go on the

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The human brain is unique - no other animal possesses such a large brain relative to the size of its body. It has been argued that an increase in meat consumption could have triggered the increase in size, but now scientists believe that we may h

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Intel today introduced its new Movidius™ Myriad™ X vision processing unit (VPU), advancing Intel's end-to-end portfolio of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to deliver more autonomous capabilities across a wide range of product categories

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