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Eight states are sending autistic, mentally retarded, and emotionally troubled kids to a facility that punishes them with painful electric shocks. How many times do you have to zap a child before it's torture?

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The infamous School of the Americas (SOA) (now euphemistically renamed the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation") has long been accused of teaching human rights violations, including torture.

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Human rights groups and opposition leaders in Canada were in uproar after the nation’s public safety minister this week defended the use of information extracted through torture “if Canadian lives are at stake.”

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The Raw Story website

Authorities took 61-year-old Mark Berndt into custody Monday for allegedly tying up the children, putting large cockroaches on their face and reportedly feeding them his semen.

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If you’re in a position to be tased, you’ve typically got one (not very impressive) advantage: the police officer or rent-a-cop trying to send 20,000 volts through your body has to be pretty close to you. But your advantage is about to disappear in a

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Inside a filthy detention center in Damascus, 9 interrogators repeatedly bludgeoned a skinny teenager whose hands were bound and who bore a bullet wound on the left side of his chest. They struck his head, back, feet and genitals until he was left on

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Wendy McElroy

The killing of Osama bin Laden has emboldened advocates of torture as an anti-terrorism technique because the operation was supposedly facilitated by intelligence gathered from “enhanced interrogation.” From this, some advocates conclude that the

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How many Americans will notice that the first paragraph of the "report" justifies CIA prisons and torture? Without secret prisons and torture "the terror mastermind" would still be running free, despite having died from renal failure in 2001.

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NY Times

The secret document described Prisoner 269, Mohammed el-Gharani, as the very incarnation of a terrorist threat: “an al Qaeda suicide operative” with links to a London cell and ties to senior plotters of international havoc. But there was more to the

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NY Times Op Ed

The internal documents from the prison in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, published in The Times on Monday were a chilling reminder of the legal and moral disaster that President George W. Bush created there. They describe the chaos, lawlessness and incompeten