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Witness testimony that was to be used in court by former Guantánamo detainee David Hicks suggests that prisoners were repeatedly drugged as part of the Bush administration's "enhanced interrogation," Natalie O'Brien of the Sydney Morning Herald repor

Article Image News Link • Global, by Prof. Alfred W. McCoy

After a decade of fiery public debate and bare-knuckle partisan brawling, the United States has stumbled toward an ad hoc bipartisan compromise over the issue of torture that rests on two unsustainable policies: impunity at home and rendition abroa

Article Image News Link • Global, by Andy Worthington

Exactly 10 years ago, on August 1, 2002, Jay S. Bybee, who at the time was the assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel, signed two memos (see here and here) that will forever be known as the “torture memos.”