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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, by HARRY PETTIT

Tiny super-strong robot 'caterpillar' with the equivalent strength of a human able to lift a 26-seat MINIBUS delivers drugs into the body by crawling inside using hundreds of hairy legs (but you have to SWALLOW it first)

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech by David Rivers

Technocrat inventions intended to solve various problems for mankind can also be easily adapted by criminal minds to be used for nefarious purposes. All of the components necessary for clandestine killer robots already exist and are readily available

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Observatories are closing in record numbers. Why? Because "they" are soon going to be arriving. Who is arriving? The fallen angels. Do not be deceived. If governments proclaim that this is the beginning of ET disclosure, do not believe them. This

Article Image News Link • Global by Brian Wang

In 2018, Canada is ranked tenth in the world in nominal GDP. It is a rich developed country. Despite having an economy that is 11 times smaller than the USA or 7 times smaller than China, Canada has world competitive or world-leading projects in quan

Article Image News Link • Global by Will Knight

When complexity of AI exceeds mans ability to understand how it operates, then the consequences of its use cannot be understood either. Technocrats create because they can, with little regard to security or consequence. The time will come that the pl