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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Elon Reeve Musk is a technology entrepreneur and investor. He holds South African, Canadian, and U.S. citizenship and is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc.; co-founder and CEO of Neura

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Technocrats who are obsessed with becoming aliens in the galaxy are turning to AI (think, HAL 9000) to operate all the technological systems required to keep fragile humans alive. Mars is their first major target. What could possibly go wrong? ? TN

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(Natural News) In the name of scientific "progress," Newcastle's Freeman Hospital in the United Kingdom recently tried to pioneer the use of a surgical robot that it tasked with repairing a patient's damaged heart valve, only to have the mach

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As if we didn't already have enough to worry about when it comes to artificially intelligent machines being able to perform many tasks faster and better than humans can, potentially stealing our jobs in the future and presenting what some technolog

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TN covers a lot of stories from China because it is a full-blown Technocracy, intent on radical social engineering of all society on earth. Purposely developing and manufacturing killer robots guarantees that WWIII present an existential threat to ma

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The entire trillion dollar grocery industry is transforming before your eyes as Amazon sparks a robot war with other grocery store enterprises. Stores will be largely free of cashiers, pickers and stockers, putting millions of people out of work. Tec