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Robots and Artificial Intelligence

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Article Image News Link • Global by Daniel Lacalle

This article is thought-provoking, attempting to make the case that robotization will make the world better and create more employment. Although there are individual instances where this may be true, there are horrible pitfalls that are ignored. ?

Article Image News Link • GlobalTop Tech, Tyler Durden

Sarcos Robotics' Guardian GT has earned comparisons from Wired to Sigourney Weaver's Power Loader - the machine she used to defeat the eponymous Alien from the 1979 film: It's a robot that allows people to lift and manipulate objects weighing up to 5

Article Image News Link • Global By Tara Francis Chan

In China, punishment awaits the non-conformist and thanks to total surveillance and AI monitoring and predicting behavior, they know exactly who they are. Re-education camps are not needed any more: "discredited people become bankrupt." ? TN Ed

Article Image News Link • Global, By: Justin Backman

Technocrats will always choose a technological solution to any problem, in this case, how to kill the enemy. These weapons should be banned before they are fully armed and equipped with AI. The Army will spend over $1 billion on robots in the next fe

Article Image News Link • Global, brian wang

Fastbrick Robotics Limited (ASX:FBR) is an Australian robotic technology company developing and commercializing digital construction technology solutions, including the revolutionary commercial bricklaying machine, Hadrian X.