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The featured film, "Farmer's Footprint / Regeneration: The Beginning," highlights the failure of our chemical-dependent food and farming system, and how it degrades our soils, pollutes our air and water, and is the main driver of soaring cancer

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We Import the Rest of Our Food From ...There's little doubt that the US is headed into a food crisis. Here's the bottom line. While American farmers are dealing with one natural disaster after another, President Trump has placed tariffs on the tw

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Be The Keys To Long-Term Survival ...With this Spring's flooding in the Midwest decimating many crops, with millions of calves lost during the flooding, along with the recent barrage of tornadoes leaving a path of destruction from Kansas to Pennsylva

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in your fridge without "cooking" it...(Natural News) When it comes to milk, you generally have two choices: You can get fresh milk and consume it quickly before it goes bad, or you could get UHT milk that can stay on the shelf unopened for months