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The civil war between Ukraine and Russia is one of the most poorly reported conflicts that I've ever witnessed. Western media has shown how much it has become an arm of big government.

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Zero Hedge

Berlin's proposed "New Alliance Treaty Organization" fulfills the vision of Woodrow Wilson who sought to use American power, treasure and blood to make the world "safe for democracy."

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I've been waiting for the hubbub to die down since the NATO conference in Vilnius, Lithuania, on 11-12 July 2023, waiting for someone -- anyone -- to point out the obvious reason for why the Ukraine's cocaine-sniffing mascot-president Zelensky, hav

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The 2023 NATO Summit at Vilnius, Lithuania, is now but a memory. If I could characterize the summit in just two words, I would say, "reality bites." And it bites both ways.

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NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was ostensibly intended to stop war between the Russian empire and the West, but the Soviet Union no longer exists, yet NATO continues to expand. NATO is not defensive, but is acting to provoke Russia thr

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The United States and other countries are debating whether to admit Ukraine into NATO which, of course, would virtually guarantee an all-out nuclear war between the United States and Russia.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

NATO's message to Ukrainian president Zelensky at its Vilnius summit was essentially, "you keep fighting and we'll keep sending weapons. But no NATO Membership." Zelensky was furious when this became clear and he lashed out. Slowly it is becoming obv

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-after a furious Zelensky blasted 'absurd' decision not to set a timeline for Ukraine to join powerful alliance Biden administration set to offer security guarantees to Ukraine But Biden has already said Ukraine is not 'ready' to join Zelensky cal

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US state media the NYT, WP, NPR, and the main TV news corporations cautiously broaches topics they refused to touch a year ago.

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