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Edited by Donna Hancock
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Chinese dad tries to show kids how to detonate a methane-filled sewer,...and it's on video
07-23-2014  •  YouTube 
Remember kids, when trying to detonate the methane in the sewer for fun,...use a loooooooong fuze. 
Chip Saunders
Biogas plant turns hog waste into energy
04-18-2014  •, Bryan Orchard 
Read how the US$17 million, 3.2Mw Blue Mountain biogas power generation plant in Beaver County, Utah, began generating electricity from methane gas via the anaerobic digestion of swine manure. 
Robert Lee
Bacteria brews biofuel with potential to replace high-energy rocket fuel
04-02-2014  •, By Bob Guntrip 
Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the US Department of Energy’s Joint BioEnergy Institute have engineered a bacterium that could yield a new source of high-energy hydrocarbon fuel for rocketry and other aerospace uses.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Geek Oil: Scientists Manufacture Biofuel from Algae in Minutes
12-19-2013  •  by Warner Todd Huston 
A new scientific discovery that takes algae and turns it into crude oil in minutes rather than millions of years could be the end of constant worries over "peak oil."  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
What To Consider Around The Renewable Fuel Standard
07-29-2013  • 
Congressional hearings [last] week focusing on the EPA Renewable Fuel Standard [brought] together impassioned speakers representing the US biofuel constituency, traditional fossil fuel interests, major food companies and other stakeholders.  
Robert Lee
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Magazine Article  •  Biofuel
Growing Diesel
by Dwaine Halberg
Algae for biofuel - Algae Photobioreactor
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Biodiesel production system- Everything included - $1000 (Leander, TX) in Austin TX Craigslist
07-02-2013  •  Craigslist - Austin, TX 
Selling EVERYTHING you need to make biodiesel minus the veggie oil you will need to find from restaurants... 
Donna Hancock
Biofuels From Waste —
06-08-2013  •, Nathan 
A new enzyme — capable of aiding in the cost-effective conversion of woody-waste into liquid fuel — was recently discovered during research on the tiny marine wood-borers known as ‘gribble’.  
Robert Lee
Frugal Fuels: Top 12 ways to transform biofuels using materials already around us
05-31-2013  •, Jim Lane 
Great ideas abound for new feedstocks, and novel infrastructure. We admire so many of them. Jatropha, carinata, switchgrass, sweet sorghum, blender pumps, systems-at-sea. And so much more. 
Robert Lee
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Magazine Article  •  Biofuel
Growing Diesel
by Dwaine Halberg
Algae for biofuel...
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Radio/TV Show  •  Biofuel
Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock - Radio
Host: Ernest Hancock
05-02-13 -- Steve Meunier - Dwaine Halberg, Daniel Sackett - (Video & MP3 LOADED)
Program Date:  2013-05-02
   Steve Meunier (H2opesystem) on their water purification energy system - Dwaine Halberg and Daniel Sackett (Saguaro Materials Research) on their Algae PhotobioReactors to make bio diesel.
Is Ethanol a Cost Effective Solution to Climate Change?
01-17-2013  •  John Miller, The Energy Collective 
The energy balances show that 0.78 million Btu (MBtu) and 1.13 MBtu of fossil fuels are consumed in the overall WTW lifecycles of corn ethanol and petroleum gasoline respectively (for every 1.0 MBtu of finished motor fuel produced-delivered).  
Leon Felkins
4 young people in Africa design generator that runs on urine
11/09/2012  • 
uh... yes. that's correct. It is a generator that breaks down the urea, yeilding hydrogen which is then purified and burned. 
Paulthecabdriver Farah
Kior ‘Biocrude’ Plant a Step toward Advanced Biofuels
11-11-2012  •, Martin LaMonica 
A Kior plant in Mississippi will start shipping fuel made from wood chips as planned as it chases large-scale production.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Artificial Photosynthesis Effort Takes Root
10-22-2012  •, Kevin Bullis  
$122 million innovation hub could speed the development of devices for making fuel from water and sunlight. 
Robert Lee
Whey to Go: Students Break Land Speed Record With Cheese-Byproduct Biofuel
09-29-2012  •, By Keith Barry 
Call it “The little engine that curd.” Students at Utah State University have broken a land speed record in a car fueled by the waste that remains from cheese making. 
Robert Lee
Jonathan Trent: Energy from floating algae pods
09-10-2012  • 
Call it "fuel without fossils": Jonathan Trent is working on a plan to grow new biofuel by farming micro-algae in floating offshore pods that eat wastewater from cities.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Corn Exports Shrivel as U.S. Ethanol Demand Grows
09-01-2012  •, Mike Orcutt  
As the world’s biggest exporter of corn diverts more and more of its crop to make fuel, it’s sending less to the global marketplace. 
Robert Lee
Why Amyris Is Giving Up on Biodiesel, For Now
05-10-2012  •, By Kevin Bullis 
New data show that its products cost more than $30 a gallon to make. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
NASA Wants to Launch Floating Algae Farms
04-14-2012  •, By Kevin Bullis 
A $10 million project aims to grow algae for biofuels inside plastic bags. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Sapphire Energy Raises $144 Million for an Algae Farm
04-07-2012  •, By Kevin Bullis 
But is the company scaling up its technology too fast? This week, algae-biofuel startup Sapphire Energy announced it has received $144 million in new funding, which brings its total to over $300 million. 
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
WATCH: Can Pond Scum Save You From $5 Gas?
03-25-2012  •, By James West and Tim McDonnell 
How could the slimy green muck that grows in your aquarium and washes up on the beach be a future cornerstone of American energy independence? 
Robert Lee
Custom Made Home Distillation by Reed
02-27-2012  • 
Home distillation is a simple process by which you can purify water, distill alcohol, manufacture antiseptics or produce fuel grade ethanol.  
Freedomsphoenix Readerfour
Minister praises plan to heat swimming pool from fires of crematorium
02-24-2012  •  By Rowena Mason 
A money-saving plan to heat a swimming pool with energy from the cremation of dead bodies has been backed by a senior Government minister.  
Robert Lee
Nano-Engineered Bioconstructs Perform Photosynthesis Faster Than Nature Does
12-20-2011  •  Rebecca Boyle via 
Scientists have been trying for a while now to recreate the process of photosynthesis, using sunlight and water to spark chemical reactions.  
Freedomsphoenix Reader 2
Record Food Prices Linked to Biofuels
06-21-2011  • 
Reports from the WTO and USDA show that corn supplies are influenced by biofuel subsidies and mandates. 
Freedoms Phoenix Reader 3
Was the BP disaster created in order to turn the Gulf into an algae farm?
09-08-2010  •  Farm Wars 
"This oil spill, whether sabotage, negligence, accident or design is the perfect way to advance this biofuel agenda. They will sacrifice the Gulf and all who live in or around it for this multi-trillion dollar industry." 
Barbara Peterson
Ozone Improves Biofuel Production Efficiency
08-16-2010  •  arclein 
he carbohydrates from the lignin. By exposing the plant matter to gaseous ozone, with very little moisture, they are able to produce a carbohydrate-rich solid with no solid or liquid waste. "This is more efficient because it degrades the lignin v 
Robert Klein
Bacterium eats electricity, farts biogas
04-06-2009  •  New Scientist 
Bacteria that can convert electricity into methane could help solve one of the biggest problems with renewable energy – its unreliability compared to the steady output of polluting fossil-fuel power stations. 
Jim Stachowiak
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