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Cybersecurity Czar Melissa Hathaway has resigned for "personal reasons." The real story is much more interesting. Siobhan Gorman of the Wall Street Journal reports: People familiar with the matter said Ms. Hathaway has been "spinning her wheels" in the White House, where the president's economic advisers sought to marginalize her politically. Ms. Hathaway had initially been considered a leading contender to fill the cyber post permanently. She lost favor with the president's economic team after she said it should consider options for regulating some private-sector entities to ensure they secure their networks, said cybersecurity specialists familiar with the discussions.

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Cry Babies apparently no one ever told them if you can dish it out you better be able to take it! Remember all the chimp photos of bush? Though the identity of the Photoshop artist is unknown to anyone, the Christian Science Monitor concludes, disapprovingly, that “a conservative graffiti artist” is the culprit. Adds the Monitor: “Now, digitized copies of the portraits have gone viral, spiraling across Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. Predictably, the right-wing blogosphere is bursting at the seams with glee.” Even more predictably, leftists have begun to complain that the portrait is racist. According to Bedlam Magazine, for instance: “The Joker white-face imposed on Obama’s visage has a sort of malicious, racist, Jim Crow quailty to it.” The good folks at L.A. Weekly, meanwhile, tell us that the portrait “has a bit of everything to appeal to the drunk tank of California conservatism: Obama is in white face, his mouth (like Ledger’s Joker’s) has been grotesquely slit wide open an

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Washington Post

The coffee was still brewing when Chris Ann Cleland got her first reminder of the day that voting for Barack Obama might have been a mistake. For Cleland, it was another example -- one of many this day -- of the broken promises of a president who she thought would be different. Obama pledged to change a Washington culture that favored corporations and the connected and instead lift families such as the one sitting next to Cleland out of their economic funk. Rather, she said, Obama has backed billions of dollars to banks that continue to "act like they're broke" and started the country down a path that Cleland said she thinks will lead to more grief for the middle class. "He's just not as advertised," she said. "Nothing's changed for the common guy. I feel like I've been punked."

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American Thinker

In 1930's Germany, the new socialist government of Adolf Hitler (NAZI National Socialist Workers' Party) began indoctrinating children in the quasi-military organization, the Hitler Youth, to inform on their parents should they overhear discussions subversive to the policies of the Leader. As the noose was tightened, local community organizers were appointed to watch their neighbors and were told to report subversive comments to the bureaucrats above them. Neighbors informed on neighbors, some for reasons of patriotism or loyalty, some from fear. A modern inquisition ensued; a terror to free thought and expression. Increasingly harsh penalties were meted out to those who dared to dissent. The socialist governments of the Soviet Union, Fascist Italy, N. Korea, Cuba, Yugoslavia, and the People's Republic of China employed the same citizen informer techniques. Citizens of those societies were reduced to either silence or whispered discussion only among those they trusted the

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IBD Editorials

Representative Government: Some of the Democrats who want to hijack American health care are not exactly getting a warm welcome from voters back home. It's inspiring to watch our system in action. Congress tried to ram more than 1,000 pages of health care legislation down the country's throat last month, but was unable to vote on a bill before the House left for its August recess. Lawmakers might yet get away with passing what they are calling reform, but not before some members are verbally blistered by their constituents. Which is exactly the way it should be.

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 The Cash for Clunkers program will soon be responsible for a lot of 1990s Detroit SUVs being crushed in the name of Obama's economic stimulus. The following are a list of the 10 most popular trade-ins. 1. 1998 Ford Explorer 2. 1997 Ford Explorer 3. 1996 Ford Explorer 4. 1999 Ford Explorer 5. Jeep Grand Cherokee 6. Jeep Cherokee 7. 1995 Ford Explorer 8. 1994 Ford Explorer 9. 1997 Ford Windstar 10. 1999 Dodge Caravan

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Transparency Not Gonna Happen! The Obama administration is refusing to release government records on its "cash-for-clunkers" rebate program that would substantiate—or undercut—White House claims of the program's success, even as the president presses the Senate for a quick vote for $2 billion to boost car sales. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Sunday the government would release electronic records about the program, and President Barack Obama has pledged greater transparency for his administration. But the Transportation Department, which has collected details about 157,000 rebate requests, won't release sales data that dealers provided showing how much U.S. car manufacturers are benefiting from the $1 billion initially pumped into the program.

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Economic Policy Journal

John Williams, of, reports that some very quirky things helped boost the recently announced Q2 GDP number. The government lowered the inflation rate it uses in the GDP calculation to almost zero. A near zero inflation rate means the government hardly had to adjust downward its raw GDP number. Further, as Williams points out, there was no good news out of the durable goods sector. New orders for durable goods, were down 25% from the same time last year. So what did boost GDP? Barry Ritholtz reports that the trade deficit distorted the GDP. Goods imported by Americans fell by a much larger amount than the decline in our exports---which boosted GDP.

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But it keeps growing. Like a mutation. In fact, it went into overdrive this weekend with the release of a supposedly newly found alleged bith certificate showing President Obama’s birthplace to be Mombasa, Kenya.   So what might be that illustrious tipping point today? An inside job. An implosion. A self-cratering. Whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t pretty. But, strangely, you can’t look away. The circus began when Orly Taitz, a longtime chieftain of the birther posse (and a dentist), appeared with MSNBC host David Shuster this afternoon to discuss the document.   Shuster, who is no friend to the right, was actually pretty gentle with his guest seeming to be aware that he really didn’t need to do much — at all — to precipitate the train wreck. It was like he was a super-gifted weatherman who accurately predicted a 100 percent chance of meltdown. 

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Real Clear Politics

See video: From the YouTube description: "Like the old joke goes, President Obama isn't a doctor, but he plays one on TV -- giving Americans a discomforting glimpse of life under ObamaCare, with government leaders and bureaucrats dispensing medical opinions that are better left to doctors, medical professionals, and patients," said House Republican Leader John Boehner (R-OH).

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Justin Raimondo for

Well, we can relax, because the bad old days of the Bush administration, when government agencies routinely spied on the antiwar movement and other dissidents, are over – right?

Wrong – very wrong.

The indispensable Amy Goodman has the scoop: The Seattle Port Militarization Resistance (SPMR) group in Washington state thought their listserv coordinator, who went by the name "John Jacob," was one of them: a dedicated antiwar activist and self-described anarchist. They trusted him, they put him in a key position, they befriended him – and then they found out that he was a government informant.

His real name: John Towery (here’s his myspace page, and here is a photo). He claimed to be a civilian employee at Washington state’s

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( Candy for the Right Wing Fascists :) - Barack Obama's communist, marxist, influences including his family, friends, and associates. His communist endorsements and political tactics. Curious about more Obama facts not reported by the mainstream media? visit the Obama file at (unaffiliated) 

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