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Article Image News Link • Global, By Dave Hodges

We aren't asking the right questions. For example, why aren't the Afghans being relocated to America being taken to one of 800 known FEMA camps? The answer is very simple. Is it because the American people would be out of striking distance?

Article Image News Link • Global, by Tyler Durden

As the Biden administration peddles its plan to send door-knocking missionaries across America to spread 'vaccine awareness' (and keep track of who's vaccinated and who's not), White House-coordinated FEMA "surge teams" are being assembled to reinfor

Article Image News Link • Global, By Ryan Saavedra

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have created a plan to reopen America after the country was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, which originated in China.

Article Image News Link • Global, By Dave Hodges

Trump's idea to federally house the homeless may seem like a humanitarian gesture. However, it sets a very dangerous precedent in that the government can detain a certain noncriminal class of people. Ultimately, this is called FEMA camp incarceration