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Steven Anderson - Checkpoint Arrest 

Edited by Thomas Costanzo
Pages and Listings are in reverse chronological order:
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Seattle Police Announce Temporary ‘Mesh Network’ Deactivation Following Major Document Leak
11-13-2013  •  Prison Planet 
The Seattle Police Department announced Tuesday evening that it will begin temporarily deactivating the city’s massive wireless mesh network following a major document release detailing the network’s expansive web of surveillance abilities. 
Robert Lee
Letters to the Editor
Why You Are In FBI Watch List
Written by: BrutusEctos
        Elected and appointed officials run the Government. You may be disappointed for electing them to office and you start criticizing them, but you do not threatened to kill them.      You may call the Gove

Feature Article
Jury returns NOT GUILTY verdict on ALL counts in Pastor Anderson trial on 8/13/10
Morpheus Titania
   On Friday, August 13, 2010, a jury found Pastor Steven L Anderson not guilty of both misdemeanor charges brought against him. The two charges were “obstructing the highway” and “resisting an order directing, regulating, or controlling a motor ve
Pastor Files Civil Suit Against Border Patrol
08-16-2010  Pastor Steven Anderson was beaten and Tased at a Border Patrol checkpoint last year, and has since been cleared of all charges by a jury. But now he's filing suit against the officers who Tased him. The lawsuit was filed a few days before the j 
Morpheus Titania
Feature Article
Tasered/Beaten Pastor on Trial for His Beliefs and Preaching?!?!?!
Morpheus Titania
   Pastor Anderson is on trial next week for 2 misdemeanors: failure to obey an officer's order and obstructing a public highway. There will be a hearing on the constitutionality of the border patrol checkpoint on Wednesday, Dec 16, and there will be a
The Mad Shepherd and the Psychology of Intent Opinion
The Mad Shepherd and the Psychology of Intent
Jet Lacey

Is it freedom when someone demands their own rights, but would deny others the same?


Pastor who prays for Obama's death calls reporter a jerk
09-07-2009  •  Tim Vetscher ABC15 
A controversial Tempe pastor who admits he prays for the President's death got into a heated exchange with a reporter for the Phoenix New Times newspaper Sunday.

Pastor Steven Anderson and Reporter Stephen Lemons got into the argument following Sunday night services outside Anderson's Faithful Word Baptist Church near 48th Street and Southern.

Lemons and Anderson argued after the New Times' reporter began questioning the pastor about his other job, installing commercial fire alarms.

"Are you running a church and business at the same place," asked Lemons.

"I'm not running a church and business at the same place," responded Anderson.  "You are trying to make up a story.  You're a liar."

"I don't operate a business here," continued Anderson.  "I store equipment here." See RAW VIDEO of the argument

"Don't touch me,&q 

Morpheus Titania
Leonard Clark's Pastor Protest, and Anderson's Fire Alarm Business Address
09-07-2009  •  Feathered Douche-nozzle - Phoenix New Times 
Stephen Lemons declares in the comment section that he will come on the Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock show after I tore into him. 
Jet Lacey
Feature Article
Pastor Anderson on Alan Colmes Radio show
Morpheus Titania

Source: Phoenix New Times Colmes had Anderson on his radio show Tuesday, specifically to discuss the Bible thumper's "Why I Hate Barack Obama" sermon, wherein he called for the death of our Chief Executive, primarily because Obama supports abortion rights. Colmes has some of this show up on his blog. Anderson has it all up on his YouTube site in four sections, which should tell you how desperate Anderson is for attention, because Colmes makes Anderson sound like an even bigger zealoty-crackpot than he's already proven himself to be on his own time.

In part one, Colmes delves into Anderson's views on homosexuals and homosexuality, and Anderson has to admit that he screwed up in one of his sermons on Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, whom he called a "faggot," and a "pedophile" who'd been arrested. While Frank is openly gay, he is not a pedophile, nor has he ever been arrested. Anderson said he had Frank co

Why do you continue to publish articles attacking Pastor Anderson? Opinion
Why do you continue to publish articles attacking Pastor Anderson?
Powell Gammill
   My response to people who complain when I approve of articles or links to articles attacking Pastor Steven Anderson who was beaten up by government goons at an internal police state checkpoint.
Pastor Steven Anderson Prays for President Barack Obama's Death
08/27/2009  •  Feathered Bastard Phoenix New Times 
Remember the crazy Tempe pastor who was Tasered by the U.S. Border Patrol back in April: Steven Anderson of the Faithful Word Baptist Church? 
Dick Rude
Here Comes A Hot, Steaming Pile of Sh*t to Stir Into the In-House Debate....
08-21-2009  •  Pam's House Blend via Raw Story 
Please, don't shoot the messenger....... 

Jet Lacey
Feature Article
MORE ACTUAL FOOTAGE!!! of Pastor Beaten & Tazed by Border Patrol
Morpheus Titania
   Pastors Anderson's court files video below   Prosecutor's and Court's Actions are in Red. Defense Attorney's Actions are in Blue. 4/16/09 Not Guilty Plea
4/17/09 2 Misdemeanor Complaints against Pastor Anderson
4/20/09 Pre-trial Conference is Scheduled
4/21/09 Rule 15.2 Disclosure
4/28/09 Motion to allow Pastor Anderson interstate travel
4/28/09 Prosecutor's request to DENY interstate travel (this is insane!)
4/29/09 Judge Romine grants interstate travel
5/7/09 Search Warrant
5/8/09 Rule 15 Interviews
5/20/09 Supplemental Disclosure
6/2/09 Officer Jones' version of the incident
6/2/09 Officer Mitchell's version of the incident (aka Mr. Smiley & Mr. Failure to Obey Me Right Now!)
6/16/09 Motion to Dismiss the Case with Prejudice
6/25/09 Judge Cora Romine Recuses herself (i.e. decides not to hear the case because of either personal bias or inability to

Feature Article
UPDATED: Steven Anderson's Dismissal Hearing
Powell Gammill
   Steven Anderson was arrested for refusing to cooperate with Border Patrol officers at an internal roadblock 60 miles inside the USA. He had a hearing to dismiss all charges. [UPDATED]

Steven Anderson speaks at Gilbert 4th of July Tea Party
07-04-2009  •  Steven Anderson 
Brave Steven Anderson gives a speech at the Gilbert Tea Party on July 4th 2009.  The pastor is fired up and talks about how big government is the ENEMY and what is the difference between Governor Jan and Governor Jan.  They are the same.  Any Politician who is in the republican and democratic party is an ENEMY of the the People of this country.  There are only 2 parties who represent the people:  The Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party.  You can get more information on Pastor Anderson at his church Faithful word Baptist Church in Tempe Arizona. 
Morpheus Titania
Pastor Beaten And Tased By Arizona Border Patrol
06-17-2009  •  cbs13 
A man who grew up in Sacramento is now sharing a traumatic story on the internet. He is a pastor who says he was beaten for exercising his constitutional rights.
"I'm crying out for mercy, they are torturing me with tasers again and again," says Pastor Steven Anderson.
This was a graphic description on YouTube.

Pastor Steven Anderson claims he was tortured during a common border patrol stop in Arizona.

Anderson grew up in Sacramento and was active at the Regency Baptist Church. His father who lives in Roseville is outraged over his son's treatment.

"I was appalled they could do that in the U.S.; beat and torture somebody who didn't resist, but just wouldn't let them search his car," says Anderson.

Anderson, who heads a church in Phoenix, was stopped at a boarder patrol check point 75 miles east of Yuma.

Border patrol says a K-9 alerted agents to the car.


Morpheus Titania
Feature Article
"Ode to Border Patrol" (Baptist Pastor Beaten & Tased - 11 Stitches)
Forty Four O Nine
    Pastor Anderson wrote this poem this morning on a long airplane flight.
Letters to the Editor
Sick of the Harassing Pastor
Written by: Tanya Rowe
   I want you to know that I am writing this because I feel passionately about this pastor abusing tax payers money and security with his childish antics against the Border Patrol and other law enforcement officers. These people has a job to

Preacher Says he Was Beaten and Tortured by Arizona DPS & Border Patrol Agents
05-30-2009  • 
The April 14th 2009 Border Patrol and Arizona police beating of a Baptist Minister named Steven Anderson at a border checkpoint, may stand out as one of the most disgraceful recent examples of police brutality and official breech of authority. The supposedly trustworthy state and federal agents appear to have made a game out of how badly they could beat and physically damage and humiliate a person, and while the man's cameras remain confiscated, it was recorded on tape. There are those stories that sometimes are just so grating, so wrong, that they are like an abomination. As stories of torture at the hands of Americans grab the headlines, we are reminded that abuse of power is the ultimate betrayal of a person's character, and it defines the conduct of an agency. The frenzy to increase border scrutiny near Mexico seems to have tensions unusually high, and perhaps that factors in as one of the reasons this man of God was so completely and ruthlessly beaten and degraded 
Morpheus Titania
More Videotape Released in Alleged Border Patrol Checkpoint Beating of Preacher
05-29-2009  • 
A Baptist minister from the Phoenix, Arizona area, received numerous injuries from police during a dramatic incident April 14th that stemmed from his refusal to submit to what he considered to be, a search of his private property, and a violation of the Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that Steven Anderson is an American Civil Rights crusader. But in the eyes of some who commented on our earlier story, presumably from the law enforcement community, Civil Rights crusader equates to something short of dirty rotten thug. (Preacher Says he Was Beaten and Tortured by Arizona DPS & Border Patrol Agents - Social Perspective by Tim King The Border Patrol agents who initially stopped Anderson's car at the checkpoint in April, reportedly used a drug dog to get a "hit" on his car, which they said warranted his pulling into the secondary inspection area. The Civil Rights minded minister didn't get that far th 
Morpheus Titania
In the Future, Everyone Will Be Tazed for Fifteen Minutes
05-22-2009  •  Micheal Moore 
A Valley pastor is claiming border patrol agents beat him and stunned him with a Taser at a checkpoint, but he said he had done nothing wrong. Steve Anderson, a preacher at Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, said the incident happened Wednesda 
Morpheus Titania
Tempe pastor says border agents stopped, beat him
05-15-2009  • 
What started as a business trip to San Diego has turned Tempe resident Steven Anderson into online crusader as his emotional video detailing his detention and abuse at the hands of Border Patrol agents and state Department of Public Safety officers h 
Morpheus Titania
Pastor Tased at Yuma Security Checkpoint
05-14-2009  • 
A confrontation between a Tempe pastor and a Department of Public Safety officer is caught on tape. Tempe pastor Steven Anderson had his camcorder rolling when he was pulled over last month. When Border Patrol officers stopped his car at a border che 
Morpheus Titania
Feature Article
ACTUAL FOOTAGE Pastor Steven Anderson Beaten & Tased by Border Patrol & DPS
Ernest Hancock
   Pastor Steven Anderson - Discovery in his legal case required that his home video footage be provided him for his defense...
Feature Article
Steve Anderson at the AZ Breakfast Club 09/04/25
Morpheus Titania
   Steve Anderson is the brave Pastor who stood up to the Thugs known as the Border Patrol and DPS. Gives a live account of his experience as he asserts his constitutional Rights to a Border Patrol Check point outside Yuma Arizona. Hey Border Patr
Feature Article
Steven Anderson & Marc Victor on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano
   Steven Anderson & Marc Victor on Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano. Linked from the Anderson's Family blog,
Feature Article
Please consider donating to Steve Anderson's legal fund
Scott Decker
   What is also clear to me is that each time the State curtails my liberties under the pretense of protecting me, I feel proportionately less safe.
Tempe Pastor Steven Anderson on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch
04/22/2009  • 
Guests include Shephard Smith, Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell, Jim Bovard, Shelly Roche, Pastor Steve Anderson - who was tazed and beaten at a border checkpoint. 
Jet Lacey
Pastor Steven Anderson on the Alex Jones Show Today
04/21/2009  • 
Legal Defense Fund - Alex talks with Pastor Steven L. Anderson, brutalized by the Border Patrol for insisting they respect the 4th Amend 
Jet Lacey
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