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Military Industrial Complex

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William Collins, Minuteman

The military-industrial complex remains robust. Its employment is huge, its profits gigantic, its salaries staggering. If you’ve been listening to the Republicans in Congress, you may have thought that food stamps were busting our budget. Well, no.

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commondreams, by Carolyn Eisenberg and Gael Murphy

Some readers probably heard on the news how the Democrats were hopping mad when the House Republicans voted recently to overturn the “sequester” on the Pentagon budget, enacted at the end of the year as part of the deficit reduction deal.

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Naomi Wolf, Guardian UK

What the FBI and CIA and the Pentagon are up against is that people – including Americans – are waking up to the fact that there would be no enemy if we weren't manufacturing new terrorists by taking out civilians in Pakistan, Yemen and Afghanistan.

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Bennett Voyles, The Times of India

Despite two disastrous wars, hundreds of thousands of innocent people slaughtered , and hundreds of billions of dollars wasted or stolen - all in pursuit of a loosely organised enemy that history suggests can seldom be thwarted by military means the

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Nuclear power is no longer an economically viable source of new energy in the United States, the freshly-retired CEO of Exelon, America’s largest producer of nuclear power [who also served on the president’s Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclea

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