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Japan - Earthquake Tsunami Radiation

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Recently, executives of EnergySolutions, the global leader in the field of treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, accepted an interview with The Denki Shimbun and expressed their intention to expand their cooperative relationships with Japanese

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On April 13, 2012 tested Nori seaweed from Japan bought in a West Los Angeles store, the same one where this reporter bought the identical item eight months ago soon after the Fukushima Daiichi meltdowns began in Japan.

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Despite the fact that the Japanese government and TEPCO were caught red-handed underplaying the severity of the Fukushima nuclear crisis, a study has found that almost a quarter of Fukushima residents hospitalized in the aftermath of last year’s deva

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Instead of building super-strong yet flexible structures to withstand earthquakes, what if you built your house to levitate on cushion of air? This is already being employed in Japan, a little less than a year after the massive earthquake and tsunami