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Chickens and Turkeys

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Lets build a cheap and easy diy chicken coop!! We needed a bigger coop and I wasn't about to spend thousands of dollars on a large coop. This is what we came up with!

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The Frugalite - Aden Tate

With the price of eggs running at around $8/dozen in many parts of the United States, here are some ideas to save some money on them.

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Atomic Zombie Extreme Machines -

This video shows an overview of the PortaPen build. I did this for a zoom presentation on Permaculture that I was part of recently. Here is a link to our DIY plan if you would like a more detailed explanation...

Article Image by Tyler Durden

Covid supply chain snarls turned millions of Americans into "preppers" overnight. The run on toilet paper, food, guns, ammunition, and other essential items for survival pushed millions to consider preparedness for a crisis.

Article Image by Aden Tate

As 2023 shifts into full gear, this is also about the time of year that farm stores begin to put out their order forms for spring chickens.

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The Nakid Gardeners -

The price of gas rising is reflected in feed cost with our animals. In this video, we show you what feed companies don't want you to know about this hack to save money. This is a great video to learn how to save money on chicken feed.

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Beginner's Garden - Journey with Jill

Chicken chunnels are a great option for a gardener with chickens. Here's our setup, including the chicken coop, chicken run, and chicken tunnels around two sides of our large garden area. Chickens are great for weed control and pest control for our g