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Friday's euphoric reversal, which saw the Dow Jones first tumble some 400 points before staging a miraculous 500 points comeback on no news but a rebound in optimism that just because new US import tariffs were put in place that would make a trade de

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Continuing the pattern of China countering belligerent American trade rhetoric with attempts to calm its domestic market, turmoil across global markets continued Tuesday even after Beijing confirmed that Vice Premier Liu He would travel to Washington

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By David Stockman David Stockman's Contra Co

We have been cogitating on the gross anomaly of our time: Namely, the fact that pre-tax corporate profits of $2.2 trillion (annual rate) posted for Q4 2018 were actually a tad lower than they were 7 years ago in Q1 2012, yet the S&P 500 has gained 12