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Internal Revenue Service

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Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner Charles Rettig has explained to U.S. representatives that the tax department plans to issue clearer guidance toward cryptocurrency taxation soon. Since 2014, Americans have been asking the tax agency for be

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Being Libertarian

The reason that he is on the run is reportedly due to a grand jury in Tennesse that found him guilty of multiple felonies related to the IRS. McAfee has proudly declared in the past that he hasn't filed taxes in over 8 years despite his overall wea

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LewRockwell.Com - Peter Schiff

A law passed in 2015 empowered the IRS to block passports if a person owes more than $51,000. As former congressman Bob Barr put it, the IRS is starting to use this hammer.

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In a Soviet Style enforcement, 360,000 Americans will not be allowed to leave the country. The tax levy can be in dispute, it can even be in litigation or negotiation, however, the person in question cannot leave the country. Here are the new details

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On November 28, a federal judge ordered Coinbase, a company that facilitates transactions in crypto-currencies like Bitcoin, to comply with an IRS summons to identify more than 14,000 user accounts.