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Internal Revenue Service

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Ron Paul Liberty Report

Progressives who work to end individual rights violations committed by the NSA, FBI, DEA, CIA, and other federal agencies usually overlook, or even support, the routine violations of Americans' rights by the IRS.

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Binance Holdings Ltd. is under investigation by the Justice Department and Internal Revenue Service, ensnaring the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchange in U.S. efforts to root out illicit activity that's thrived in the red-hot but mostly unreg

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Thanks to the beneficence of the Internal Revenue Service--and the fallout from COVID-19--we half of Americans who pay federal income taxes have been given until May 17 to file.

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The power to tax has long conferred the power to destroy political opponents. But in the glorious era of President Joe Biden, all previous cases of government abuse of power are being expunged, at least by the media and Biden supporters.

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Years ago, a segment of the libertarian movement resigned itself to simply trying to reform America's welfare-warfare state way of life.